24 Games Like Adventure Capitalist

Games Like Adventure Capitalist Our list of games like Adventure Capitalist provides addicting incremental games where you can constantly re-invest your funds for an endless experience.

Drawing inspiration from real world capitalism Adventure Capitalist sends you on a never ending pursuit of wealth and no matter how much you assume players will find themselves never satisfied. Featuring gameplay similar to idle clicker games players will interact with the game world to generate income and then re-invest it into assets that will generate additional revenue, allowing the cycle to repeat once more.

Taking place on Earth, the Moon and Mars Adventure Capitalist is the best capitalism simulator around taking players from humble lemonade stand to ultimate tycoon with hundreds of Megabucks (starting at 1 Decillion Dollars). With its friendly, unique and overtop approach to gameplay combining with consistent updates and a listing on the Steam Store Adventure Capitalist has reached the ranks of the top idle games.

The games like Adventure Capitalist here allow you to build up your own thriving and diversified empire in a similar fashion to Adventure Capitalist. With various platforms (browser, iOS and Android) and game settings this collection will satisfy your thirst for collecting meaningless game currency.

War Clicks

Join the military ranks in War Clicks as you click your way to victory and beat your enemies in the competitive leader boards. Playable within your browser War Clicks takes the idle genre into boot camp with a military themed game based around developing your own army of soldiers, jeeps, tanks, planes and ships while compet...[Read More]

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Dungeon, Inc.

Corporations are evil, particular those that are literally a dungeon with an evil maniac boss who is content on committing fraud to maximise profit. While this might sound like your normal office job it’s in fact an idle/clicker mobile title called Dungeon, Inc. Taking on the role of Gold Production Manager you have a...[Read More]

9 User Avg (14 votes)

A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a incremental game based on simplistic design. With only text and some ASCII art to guide your adventure you’ll need to build up a thriving settlement, trade and go adventuring to discover the origins of the dark room you spawn in. Created for the web and eventually ported to mobile this open source tex...[Read More]

8.7 User Avg (10 votes)

Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker

Combining idle clicker gameplay with the beat of music is Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker, a free to play game for your iOS and Android devices. Your task is the taptastic world is to shred some cords, manage your economic growth and take yourself from busker to superstar. Players start on their quiet home town streets with a ba...[Read More]

8.6 User Avg (9 votes)


Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes lets you click or idle your way to victory in a simple browser based adventure that is packed full of features. If you’ve recently found yourself addicted to the sudden popularity of this genre and need a really deep browser experience this is one you shouldn’t miss. Starting out with just the ability to tap ...[Read More]

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8.5 User Avg (11 votes)

Candy Box 2

Candy Box 2 continues the ASCII themed adventure with a more deep role playing experience than the original. Collect your candies, beat quests, upgrade weapons, encounter NPCs, master spells, battle bosses and unlock countless secrets in this sequel. The core game elements are still there in Candy Box 2 with players startin...[Read More]

8.5 User Avg (10 votes)

Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon

Lay claim to real life properties in this real estate tycoon game that lets you own a piece of popular locations in your town and build up your very own empire of virtual property. Available for iOS and Android devices players will need to link their Facebook, Google+ or Foursquare to join in on the fun, although a guest ac...[Read More]

8.4 User Avg (10 votes)

Taps to Riches

Tap, tap and tap some more in Taps to Riches a title for iOS and Android that is all about idling your way to a small fortune. Following a familiar formula of tapping to generate resources, upgrades and advisors to help boost your revenue even further Taps to Riches joins a long list of idle mobile titles. Guided by an inte...[Read More]

8.3 User Avg (11 votes)

Game Corp DX

Game Corp DX delivers an enhanced version of the popular free to play game (Game Corp) with a large feature list there is plenty of room to manage your own gaming company without being bogged down by complex mechanics. In your Game Corp DX adventure your job is to take your simple game company from developing unsuccessful m...[Read More]

8.3 User Avg (10 votes)

Idle Online Universe

Idle Online Universe lives up to its name with a truly expansive title that has multiple idle games within a single experience. For those that love idle games the sheer variety and regular events on offer ensure you’ll be idling for months to come. Idle Online Universe starts innocently enough with players setting up ...[Read More]

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Can you build a business empire and become a Billionaire? That’s the challenge you’ll experience in Billioniare, a game for your iOS device that mixes the clicker genre with business management. Starting with a small amount of capital the game has you competing with your friends and well known personalities. Can you increas...[Read More]

8.2 User Avg (12 votes)

Century City

Combining city building and tapping action is Century City, it’s a genre that many love to hate but Century City might just turn your attitude around. Available on iOS and Android devices you’re guaranteed to get hours of tapping out of the experience. Century City’s formula is nothing new with players sta...[Read More]

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Dig for gold and treasures in Must-a-Mine a fun idle clicker game that will take you all the way to the core of the Earth. Available to play in your browser, iOS and Android. In Must-a-Mine players must dig out layers of Earth which have increasing density and thus require more clicks or digging power to overcome. To assist...[Read More]

8.1 User Avg (8 votes)

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols aims to be more than just your average clicker game with a nice amount of depth and strategy that will constantly keep bringing you back to farm gold and defeat bosses. Crusaders of the Lost Idols is easily one of the most deep idol games around with plenty of RPG like features built into the cor...[Read More]

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Idle Town

Make the town around you in Idle Town a clicking game that with investment can idle itself to an impressive money generating city. Available on iOS and Android players can tap their way to riches. The premise of Idle Town is simple with players tapping on the large coin in the middle of their city to generate a steady strea...[Read More]

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Tap Titans

Clicker games are all the rage on mobile devices at the moment. They are super addicting and offer simple gameplay that lets you escape the world for bite sized pieces of gameplay. Tap Titans is one of the newest games in this genre and aims to combine some light RPG features into the mixture to keep you upgrading your hero...[Read More]

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CivCrafter combines idle clicking with an entire civilization. Will you be able to guide your civilization through battle and economic struggles with the touch of your finger? Gameplay in CivCrafter centres around three core resources, food, wood and stone which players can choose to collect by tapping the appropriate icon....[Read More]

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Pocket Mine

Pocket Mine is a fun and addicting endless digging game where you’ll dig deep into the earth to find treasure and artifacts. With a huge range of features packed into this free mobile experience it’s one that constantly delivers an engaging experience with new content always only a dig away. The game borrows the formula fro...[Read More]

7.8 User Avg (13 votes)

Candy Box

Candy Box is an incremental browser video game that uses the likes of ASCII art to tell a unique story about collecting candy, lollipops, swords and much more. Filled with hidden mechanics, discoveries and cheats for those that don’t want to wait Candy Box has become a popular past time for many and led to the develop...[Read More]

7.6 User Avg (8 votes)

Virtual Beggar

Start from the ground floor and build up to the top in Virtual Beggar, a tap filled game where you’ll get to create a business empire on your device. Players will be greeted with the Virtual Beggar tutorial upon first game load which runs you through the basics of giving yourself coins (by tapping the screen) and hiring wor...[Read More]

7.5 User Avg (15 votes)

Bitcoin Billionaire

Now you can make fake billions on your iOS or Android device with Bitcoin Billionaire, an endless tapping game where you’ll be able to make a fortune and turn your run down space into something over the top. Starting out your billionaire adventure you’ll get to heavily customise your avatar with a range of hair styles and c...[Read More]

7.2 User Avg (12 votes)

Make It Rain: Love of Money

Have you tested your ability to make it rain? That’s exactly what Make It Rain: Love of Money lets you do as you’ll swipe your way to riches and invest wisely to improve on passive earnings. It’s a simple game that draws a lot of inspiration from the popular clicker genre but changes the core mechanic to swiping dollar bill...[Read More]

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Doomsday Clicker

Having spent years developing the necessary technology to survive the destruction of the world the time has come to profit. Doomsday Clicker is a mobile title where you’ll serve as the supreme leader of the new world while blending idle game mechanics, clicker games and base building. Ultimately your goal in Doomsday ...[Read More]

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Plantera is a simple farming game that combines incremental games with farming simulation, it’s simple design is reflected in the low price and will keep you entertained for a few hours as you make an efficient farming operation and idle your way to riches. Plantera starts innocently enough with players having a small...[Read More]

5.7 User Avg (7 votes)