9 Games Like Age of War

Games like Age of War This list of games like Age of War offers strategy games that explore the advancement of the human race with lane and tower based strategy titles that requires you to carefully manage your resources for victory.

Age of War is a highly popular browser based game with tens of millions of plays across various browser game hosting websites that sees players going from humble caveman and into the future in a strategy setting. Your objective in Age of War is to destroy the enemy base while defending your own at the same time by calling into battle various units with your limited resources.

Once summoned these units will move across the screen automatically and attack any enemy units that they encounter which requires you to select appropriate counter units to your enemy. With each successful kill players earn experience and gold to advance towards the next age which unlocks new powerful units and special attacks. Each age of advancement Age of War introduces new melee, ranged, power units and defensive turret options to add new strategy depth.

The games like Age of War on this page feature similar progression based mechanics that see players advancing through different periods of human history and titles that employ a push orientated battle mechanic system with emphasis placed on free to play games (mobile and browser based).

Stick War: Legacy

Bringing the popular web game into the mobile environment Stick War: Legacy is a side scrolling strategy game that requires you to manage your resources and summon powerful units to conquer the statue of your enemy. Now expanded beyond the original Stick War flash game franchise the iOS and Android game versions throw players a wealth of content variety that each brings their own challenge around the simple core mechanics. Offering many methods to explore this content the mobile game Stick War: ...[Read Review]

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Spellbinders sees players joining in on the war of the Titans as they fight for bragging rights on the summoning battlefield with PvE and PvP content available. Pick your Titan from the ancient powers and send your units to face off against the opposing Titan in a 3 lane battle on your mobile device that focuses on strategy and a more defensive style than most in the genre. Ideal for short games but also addicting over the longer sessions Spellbinders is a strategy game which incorporates both s...[Read Review]

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Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals has you battling your way across randomly generated circle maps as you chase down ultimate conquest in the 6 available game modes. Beneath it’s deceptively simple graphic design you’ll find a treasure trove of strategy, laughs and challenge waiting to be unlocked while encompassing the easy to learn lifetime to master mantra of a good strategy title and tracking your stats every step of the way. Available as either a single player, co-operative or competitive st...[Read Review]

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Tower Conquest

Build up a powerful fighting force of your favourite cards in Tower Conquest a game about managing resources and carefully timing the summoning of units to defeat opponents. With 5 different factions that have over 70 unique characters, heroes and towers there is plenty of strategy to engage in for Tower Conquest as you unlock and level them up to support your broader grand strategy. The fundamentals of Tower Conquest offer a solid tug of war summoning game which is ideal for fans of the genre. ...[Read Review]

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Rise of Legions

Rise of Legions is primarily a tug of war competitive strategy game which integrates deck building into the core experience allowing for you to collect cards, craft your deck and use it to crush your enemies. Supporting multiple game modes across solo, duo, PvP and PvE Rise of Legions has content for all sorts of players although its primarily a PvP deck builder. Your objective across these game modes is to destroy the enemy base by summoning units, creating unit spawners and capturing the tower...[Read Review]

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Cat War2

The cats are gathering and going to war against the Dog Kingdom in the mobile game known as Cat War2 for Android devices. Allowing players to command an army of cat inspired units the task of victory falls onto you as you fight through a number of stages and boss battles on behalf of the cat society on your handheld device. Marking the second game in the franchise of cat vs dog warfare the game sees a number of improvements over the original, most notably in the UI and graphic departments which ...[Read Review]

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Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild is a tower defence lane based strategic title offering for mobile devices that has you controlling the creatures of the jungle as they fend off all sorts of lumberjacks that seek to carve up your habitat for profit. Available for both iOS and Android devices the gameplay of Lumberwhack is optimise for the mobile environment which means simple core mechanics while retaining enough depth to give you a sense of progression across game levels. Playing as Koko Kornelius p...[Read Review]

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DomiNations combines traditional real time strategy games such as Age of Empires and Rise of Nations with the more modern mobile genre that is dominated by the likes of Clash of Clans in an attempt to offer great strategy challenge on mobile devices (iOS and Android). The result is a unique variant of the mobile strategy genre that achieves some of it’s objectives but doesn’t quite reach the peak of capturing real time strategy on mobile. Your overarching objective in DomiNations is ...[Read Review]

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Serving as a spin off title to the popular Rise of Nations title, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a real time strategy game that attempts to blend the worlds of fantasy magic and technology together into one. Despite the change in setting the game stays closely to the original Rise of Nations experience although does shed some of the deeper 4X and turn based elements which purists of the original may hold dear. The game is not just a trimmed down version though and instead uses this space fo...[Read Review]

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