16 Games Like Alter Ego

Games Like Alter Ego Our selection of games like Alter Ego features other simulated life games where you’ll get to have control over your destiny with other thought-provoking adventures.

Alter Ego was a unique text based role playing game that aims to simulate real life decisions and the impact of these choices. Originally launched in 1986 the game lives on through a number of modern re-releases with the same core gameplay. Guiding your alter ego through life the game encourages players to take different pathways across multiple playthroughs to understand the ripple effects of your decisions across an entire life.

To start players will craft their own alter ego identity by answering a series of questions which will directly impact players initial starting stats. These stats include things such as intellect, social, confidence, gentleness and more which can greatly impact on your game experience as you'll have to make choices that leverage your strengths. From here players engage in various decision tree scenarios that can result in stat gain, skill tests, relationships and jobs. With each decision time will also slowly elapse which opens up a broader range of scenarios that challenges players to advance from infancy to old age unscathed from the various pitfalls of life.

The games similar to Alter Ego focus on other games where you control the life of an avatar, explore a text based adventure or deal with the psychological impacts of key life events.


Seen is a free to play Android title that sends you back to the days of high school as you engage in an interactive story of love with multiple attempts available to explore the branching stories. Playing as Mark Blythe (or a name you select yourself) you’ll fall in love with Nicole Tyler, a fellow student that you’ll have to pursue while also learning more about the other main characters of Mike, Jake, Jenny and Vale. These supporting characters add more depth to your Nicole orientated story as...[Read Review]

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The Sims 3

Taking the next leap in the life simulation video game genre The Sims 3 continues to deliver as one would expect from this old and reputable franchise. With a fresh set of visual designs pushing your virtual world to new realistic levels combined with the leap into new platforms The Sims 3 on release is truly the ultimate life simulation experience of the era. However, with a wealth of expansion packs already available and more content packs to come it’s not shy on asking players to open t...[Read Review]

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The Sims Castaway Stories

Based on the Sims 2 engine The Sims Castaway Stories provides an accessible title optimised for laptops that provide a similar but trimmed down adventure of the core Sims franchise. Offering players endless gameplay potential with a free play sandbox mode a linear storyline option is also available that guides you through a series of structured events. Serving as the the third game in the laptop optimised series of games known as The Sims Stories franchise The Sims Castaway Stories sends players...[Read Review]

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Digital: A Love Story

Released in 2010 Digital: A Love Story lets you step right into developing an online relationship with a girl as you also attempt to uncover information relating to the recent downfall of several AIs. While the story is more linear than similar titles the impressive writing, plot and setting ensure this indie visual novel is likely to be among the must play list for fans of the genre. Digital: A Love Story is a free to play adventure available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Describing itself ...[Read Review]

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Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots is a uniquely text orientated experience that is filled with over 300,000 words of story and world building making it one of the largest text based adventure games currently available. It’s a science fiction themed adventure that blends novel with the interactive and delivers plenty of surprises along the way for players to uncover. Written by Kevin Gold the game is entirely text based with players given complete control over every single element of the game world. As the name s...[Read Review]

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Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is a continuation of the Virtual Families series of life simulation games developed by Last Day of Work. In this sequel you’ll find familiar gameplay to the original Virtual Families title with a focus on living out your dream life within your computer as you adopt a tiny person and their family. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House utilises a mixture of pay structures with the Windows and Mac version a paid product (with free demo available) in compariso...[Read Review]

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Second Life

Second Life is a free to play online life simulation game designed to appeal to fans of the virtual world genre that want to go a step deeper with enhanced customisation and a real world inspired economy. Developed by Linden Labs Second Life has been online since 2003 for Windows and Mac with regular core releases occurring on 6 monthly cycle. With the added possibility of turning your game time into real world dollars Second Life has been able to maintain a thriving community of nearly a millio...[Read Review]

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The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay puts the creative power of The Sims series into your hands with a trimmed down version for iOS and Android devices that still retains the mechanics and vibe of the franchise despite the shift in platform and price tag. If you’re an avid fan of The Sims or just a fan of life simulation games in general then you’ll no doubt love the experience on offer as you create your own virtual life in your portable handheld device. Customisation is at the heart of The Sims FreePlay much lik...[Read Review]

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Life Quest 2

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Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives: The Game combines The Sims style gameplay with the popular television series to create a story based adventure spread across 12 episodes which tie closely to the first two seasons of the franchise. Fans of The Sims series will feel right at home with the style of gameplay on offer which is clearly inspired by EA’s popular franchise from the character customisation to the house design and the relationship management although it comes with the added touch of housewife s...[Read Review]

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Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a popular and unique life simulation game developed by Last Day of Work that allows players to take control of their own virtual family in a real time setting as they struggle with the challenges of daily living. Like other games from this developer the game is played in real time which means your simulated characters will be sleeping while you sleep, eat while you eat and live their lives alongside you. While this does mean that gameplay is slowed down in comparison to other...[Read Review]

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Kudos 2

Kudos 2 is a fun casual life simulation game developed and published by Positech Games with a stat heavy focus that will see you balancing a wide range of numbers that tie closely into how you live your virtual life and the relationships you explore. It’s a fully fledged life adventure that gives players control over a variety of situations and blends nicely with the level of depth and customisation built into the Kudos 2 experience. The game has the same premise as the original Kudos titl...[Read Review]

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Depression Quest

Exploring the dark side of life and the struggles of depression in the modern world Depression Quest is a tale contained within the over 40,000 words of game writing that explores everyday experiences and encounters with a shadow of depression hanging over players. Your ultimate goal in Depression Quest is to make it to one of the several endings available which are based on how you’ve managed your depression throughout the game and thus encourages players to attempt the game multiple time...[Read Review]

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Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life has lots of similarities to the The Sims series of games and is also the first (of two) game in the Singles game series. The game was released back in 2004 with top of the market graphics at the time which has enabled the game to stand up to more modern standards despite being over 10 years old at this point. Despite this the games mechanics aren’t quite as deep as the original Sims franchise which results in shorter play cycles and more micromanagement. In gene...[Read Review]

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Experience an interesting and unique storytelling adventure in Lifeline, a game that has you responding to a seemingly real person on the other side of your phone or computer. Serving as the first of a number of entries in a text based game franchise players will explore the story of Taylor as they help them survive a ship crash with branching story lines based on two decisions at a time. While the lack of graphics may not sound appealing on first glance once you find yourself in the game and re...[Read Review]

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Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella (Ciao Bella: la Bella Romanza) blends life and romantic simulation games to create a fun and bubbly game experience with a story structure at the core. In Ciao Bella players are put in charge of Elena and must get her through her hectic life in one piece as you manage all facets from health, culture, family, work and harmony. In order to achieve this you’re given complete control of Elena’s actions as you build out her career, spark a relationship with boyfriend Elio and m...[Read Review]

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