12 Games Like Battlefield

Games Like Battlefield Our collection of games like Battlefield features alternative first person shooters that offer large scale maps and include vehicle combat as part of their core experience.

Battlefield is a long running series of first person shooters which focus on large scale battles, customisable battlefield roles and vehicles to carry troops or engage directly in battle. The first game in the series (Battlefield 1942) launched in 2002 and since that time the series has grown into a huge franchise with countless games and expansion packs which have continued to advance game mechanics.

While some of the games in the franchise have offered a campaign story the focus of the Battlefield experience has long been on the multiplayer arena. Opting to focus on larger scale maps than similar FPS games to take full advantage of vehicle options Battlefield offers large lobbies of players to fight against and alongside. A class system has also been at the centre of the series since its inception that gives players pre-determined roles on the battlefield that they can switch between based on what their team or the situation calls for.

The games like Battlefield that this page offers are the best and most popular in the FPS genre and have a similar focus on large scale battlefields and vehicles across both historical and futuristic settings.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free to play vehicle focused MMO available on multiple platforms with players able to drive their own tank into combat against other players. First released in 2010 the core game has since expanded to several spin off titles that have included mobile variants of the World of Tanks formula. This success also led to the releases of World of Warplanes and World of Warships that featured similar gameplay focus albeit with a different vehicle at the players command. With a focus o...[Read Review]

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War Thunder

War Thunder pushes the MMO space into an exciting direction with an impressive World War II centred offering that lets you take control of vehicles in large scale combat. With a free price tag, impressive visuals and plenty of gameplay depth War Thunder is a game that delivers diverse vehicle based combat to a large community of players. Originally released in 2013 War Thunder continues to evolve itself and release on modern hardware to ensure it stays relevant in the highly competitive multipla...[Read Review]

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World of Warships

World of Warships brings naval action to your computer screen like you’ve never seen it before with a spin-off Blitz version for mobile devices and Legends for console players to enjoy. If you’ve become hooked on the land based World of Tanks and air based World of Warplanes this next evolution of the franchise will not disappoint and unlocks the seas for players to battle each other. As the name suggests World of Warships brings naval action to the “World of” franchise a...[Read Review]

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Offering large scale squad based combat in the multiplayer online shooter genre Enlisted is a console and Windows title that pairs infantry, aircraft and vehicles into a single battlefield. With similarities to the likes of the Battlefield franchise players who like to experience largescale realistic World War II combat will find familiar squad mechanics and teamwork within this free to play shooter with MMO progression built on top. The primary unique premise of Enlisted though is the ability t...[Read Review]

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Titanfall 2

Revisiting the Titanfall universe with Titanfall 2 players can experience the game in both single player and multiplayer as they once again command a massive mech on the field of battle. Serving as a sequel to the original challenge players will find a familiar setting for the mecha style exoskeleton war that your pilots are fighting in with a range of new scientific advancements giving you new and familiar upgraded tools on the battlefield. For this adventure Titanfall 2 is set in a region of s...[Read Review]

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World of Warplanes

Coming off the success of World of Tanks Wargaming moved into the plane industry with their similarly designed MMO, World of Warplanes. It’s got all the features that made their original game so popular but changes up the vehicles that you’ll be piloting and instead takes you into the skies as you dogfight and dive bomb your enemies. Just like the first MMO from Wargaming it’s a free to play experience that sees you grinding through the history of aircrafts in PvP maps. In World of Warplan...[Read Review]

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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a free to play experience that puts players behind the wheel of powerful combat vehicles as they tackle a range of PvP and PvE content. Drawing clear inspiration from the “World of” franchise that dominates the free to play vehicle combat market this experience has solid foundations and plenty of innovation up its sleeve at the same time. Choosing to focus on vehicles from all the way back to 1950 but also including modern day behemoths there are plenty of vehicles...[Read Review]

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PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a free to play shooter that aims to capture the feeling of massive combat engagements as players literally battle over the surface of a planet. Pairing this with combat classes and vehicles you’ll find a huge amount of variety and player choice as you battle against hundreds and sometimes even thousands of players for territory control. Reviving the PlanetSide franchise this second version of the franchise leans even harder into the massively multiplayer online first person...[Read Review]

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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the 2013 addition to the popular first person shooter franchise and delivers the strong single player plot and solid multiplayer that the series is known for alongside the usual array of yearly updates to once again kick off the next Call of Duty franchise cycle. Call of Duty: Ghosts also served as an early release title for the next generation of consoles at the time (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). In terms of the campaign you’ll find a fairly standard Call of Duty experie...[Read Review]

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Titanfall is a first person shooter for Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One that pushes the genre into a different direction by introducing large mechanical machines into the FPS combat environment. With plenty of variety in the gameplay this 2014 addition to the FPS genre sets a new standard for high mech based action and deadly multiplayer which lead to a sequel in late 2016. Featuring basic single player campaign elements that introduce you to the setting of the world while providing an extended t...[Read Review]

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Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) is a team based shooter that takes place within the popular Star Wars universe and seeks to revive the franchise which hasn’t been seen since 2009 with a modern reboot. Including the familiar array of heroes, vehicles and multiple troop types there are plenty of recognisable elements for both the casual and hardcore fans of the franchise which results in a Battlefield like experience with a Star Wars theme of all your favourites. While the game does offer a nu...[Read Review]

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Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots lets you step into your own war machine on your mobile device or PC as you battle it out against other players in quick matches to earn prestige, currency and ultimately advance your mech abilities. Offering a wide range of robots for you to take into battle and a steadily growing community of robot drivers Walking War Robots is one of the few games offering this sort of gameplay particularly in the mobile space. Matches take place on a variety of open maps in 6v6 domination b...[Read Review]

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