4 Games Like Bubble Witch Saga

Games Like Bubble Witch Saga Burst colourful bubbles in our list of games like Bubble Witch Saga for your browser and mobile device that you can play for both short and long bursts of time.

The Bubble Witch Saga series is a collection of games developed by King that utilise bubble shooter mechanics in a magical game world. While not a new genre of video game King brought its high production values and vast number of levels from their other games to make Bubble Witch Saga one of the best experiences in the genre. This success ensured the franchise grew from the original Bubble Witch Saga to Bubble Witch 2 Saga and to Bubble Witch 3 Saga which featured predominately the same mechanics but offered new exciting levels and power ups for players.

These bubble shooter mechanics see players firing off coloured balls to create matches of 3 or more in order to clear them from the game board. This allows players to achieve their objective for that level be it clearing the top layer or freeing something trapped within the colourful bubbles themselves. Players can also use power ups or swap the current colour of orb with point bonuses for combos of bubbles of matches.

The games like Bubble Witch Saga and its sequels on this page ensure you’ll have hundreds and hundreds of levels to conquer on your mobile device or in your browser with bubble colour matching.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles takes the idea of memory bubbles from the hit movie Inside Out and brings it your mobile device (iOS and Android). Shoot and match memories across the 1,000+ levels with power ups from your favourite characters from the film world. Fan of the storyline and characters or not Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a welcoming addition to the growing Disney themed mobile games. The game opens up with Joy greeting the players and introducing them to headquarters, placing a new happ...[Read Review]

8.8 User Avg (14 votes)

Bubble Mania

Offering up over 700 levels of challenging and colourful bubble match gameplay, Bubble Mania is not shy on offering up a wealth of levels to its player base of over 10 million app downloads. Despite the large number though Bubble Mania is not shy on offering significant challenge within the first hundred odd levels. With an original release date in 2015 Bubble Mania proved addicting enough to grow from its initial 60 odd levels receiving continuous updates for several years. Starting at the appr...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (14 votes)

Angry Birds POP!

The Angry Birds franchise combines with the bubble match genre in Angry Birds POP! a game that integrates the mechanics of both into a high quality mobile title and familiar Angry Birds characters. With a healthy amount of downloads across both the iOS and Android platform Angry Birds POP! Is one of the more popular titles in the bubble popping genre which means players can expect to find regular events and new levels (currently over 4,000) with regularity. While it’s a similar experience ...[Read Review]

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Bunny Pop

Bunny Pop offers up over 200 bunny themed levels where you’ll shoot bubbles and make matches of 3 or more of the same colour. It’s a familiar formula but done with a cute aesthetic and bunny theme which is maintained from start to finish. Available for iOS and Android it’s a high quality offering released in 2017 which has seen continued updates to the respective Apps to fix bugs and slowly expand the games available number of levels. Each such level in Bunny Pop requires players to free e...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (5 votes)