7 Games Like Candy Box

Games Like Candy Box This assortment of games like Candy Box features other incremental games that use ASCII art are playable in your browser or have RPG elements to their gameplay.

While a simple game Candy Box gained a large internet following with its unique approach to the incremental genre which it combines with ASCII art. The game was made available for players to experience within their browser in early 2013 with a sequel (Candy Box 2) later in the year which featured a similar style and approach. Unlike other games in the genre that rarely introduce new mechanics during progression Candy Box takes players on an adventure of unlocking new secrets and has a more defined “end” than similar titles.

At the centre of this incremental title are candies which players generate initially at a rate of one each second. While this is the only mechanic that players start with and gives the impression of a sparse experience players will slowly start to unlock other features such as the ability to perform quests, buy items and other RPG elements.

The games like Candy Box that have been collected below fall into the incremental and idle genre and are primarily browser or mobile based. These selections have been chosen based on their depth of mechanics and in particular the mixture of RPG like features. Games that use ASCII art have also been included for those that want more games with this unique visual style.

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes lets you click or idle your way to victory in what started as a simple browser based adventure (since retired) that is packed full of the usual genre features. If you’ve recently found yourself addicted to the sudden popularity of this genre and need an idle game that offers that endless gameplay loop that you crave with accessibility across platforms Clicker Heroes may just meet your requirements. Starting out with just the ability to tap monsters to death you’ll slowly generate ...[Read Review]

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8.8 User Avg (14 votes)

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a unique city building experience that has players control their own group of dwarves in a challenge of survival and strategy that incorporates rogue-like elements. Utilising a unique ASCII art style you’ll be tasked with guiding your dwarven settlement throughout a randomly generated world where the unknown awaits you. Available for free across Windows, Mac and Linux Dwarf Fortress combines simulation, strategy, management and adventure into a single title that has grown...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (31 votes)

Space Lich Omega

Space Lich Omega takes inspiration from similar ASCII art based RPG titles like Candy Box and A Dark Room but puts a demon spin on the equation with players venturing deep into the church labyrinth to battle demons and exploring the various paths through the mountain at the same time. Available for free to play within your browser Space Lich Omega is an accessible title that utilises mouse based mechanics as you click to visit locations or the simple buttons on screen that activate certain inter...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (12 votes)

The Ensign

The Ensign serves as the prequel to the classic text based adventure known as A Dark Room from the same developer (Amirali Rajan). Using a similar text approach, ASCII characters for map exploration and mystery the game is an iOS title that is a fitting prequel although doesn’t quite reach the same level of depth as A Dark Room. Set within an unnamed planet players step into the role of an alien who belongs the species known only as the Wanderers who have long been travelling the stars. A ...[Read Review]

7.9 User Avg (10 votes)

A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a incremental game based on simplistic design that throws continued upgrades at players through expanding mechanics. Originally a browser based title (available for free) the game was later packaged into a paid product for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch which provides a full ad free experience that is event playable offline. With only text and some ASCII art to guide your adventure you’ll need to build up a thriving settlement, trade and go adventuring to discover the orig...[Read Review]

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Crank is a simple active based game of progression which revolves around holding down a crank to generate power and slowly upgrade your own power systems and computer software for new mechanics and additional progress. In classic incremental style Crank starts of slowly and builds up over time allowing players to reach new levels of upgrades and unlock additional game features within their browser. Similar to games like A Dark Room Crank is all about discovery of mechanics after starting with a ...[Read Review]

7.3 User Avg (11 votes)

The Gold Factory

The Gold Factory is an incremental game that pays homage to the games that inspired it right on its credits page and features the same ASCII art game world as those inspirations. Borrowing ideas from the likes of the exceedingly popular Candy Box and A Dark Room this title takes the genre in some interesting and fun directions that make it well worth a playthrough for fans of this niche genre. Players start within the ASCII art world with only a factory and the cloudy skies above them. In time p...[Read Review]

6.5 User Avg (12 votes)