28 Games Like Civilization

Games Like CivilizationOur collection of games like Civilization offers plenty of deep strategic experiences with an emphasis on turn based strategy titles at a grand scale.

The Civilization series is a vast franchise of grand strategy games that offer similar gameplay that revolves around building, shaping and creating civilizations from various moments in time, from past to present and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the real world players are given control over countless elements of their civilization which allows you to truly craft your own unique strategy as you mix and match elements of war, trade and diplomacy into your master plan.

With over 50 different civilizations and famous leaders taken from history the Civilization franchise offers a wealth of variety to play as and against across game modes. As a turn based 4X series players are given ample time to consider the available deep information that the game offers across mechanics to make the best possible decision for your nation.

The games like Civilization featured here have a similar focus on strategic decisions and feature turn based mechanics for fans of careful planning and decision making that utilises all the available information as you pursue a 4X strategy of expansion and extermination.

Master of Magic

Master of Magic is one of the older turn based strategy games with 4X elements being released in 1994 and since revived through the impressive game library of GOG.com. Master of Magic features a fantasy theme focused on the world of magic with the player taking control of a wizard as he attempts to take over two worlds that are linked together by special portals (known as Towers of Wizadry). These two worlds are named Myrror and Arcanus, with the latter being very much like Earth with a variety ...[Read Review]

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Endless Legend

Taking everything that they learned from their pervious 4X space strategy game (Endless Space) Amplitude Studios revisits the genre with a fantasy twist this time to create Endless Legend. Challenging players to dominate the fantasy game world known as Auriga you’ll command over a dozen factions to a number of varied game win conditions. With a standard core gameplay loop of exploration, founding of new cities, researching technology and ending the game through diplomatic or aggressive mea...[Read Review]

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Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is a sci-fi 4X turn based strategy game with plenty of depth to explore that is often considered to be one of the titans in this genre of strategic titles. Released back in 1999 the game shifts the theme of the Civilization franchise into science fiction with a setup that sees seven different ideologies fighting for control of the Alpha Centauri planet of Chiron. In addition to the base game players have a single expansion pack available (Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire) w...[Read Review]

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Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II offers a Middle Ages grand strategy experience and builds on the solid foundations established by the original game. With plenty of historical figures making an appearance you’ll be able to live out their legendary stories and carve out your own story at the same time across the European backdrop. Uniquely while Crusader Kings II launched as a paid title in 2012 the base game went free to play in 2019 with players able to access additional content through purchases. At the core...[Read Review]

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Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV continues the success of the grand strategy series developed by Paradox with another strategic challenge based on trade, administration, politics and battle. As the fourth game in the series it aims to be one of the best Europa titles yet with improvements to the core foundation of the original games that retains strategy while exploring fresh ideas. For Europa Universalis IV many of these enhancements focus on bringing the game complexity down to attract new players to the...[Read Review]

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Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations is a space themed strategy game that launched in 2003 with several sequels that built on the turn based strategy foundations of this original release. In 2004 an expansion pack to the core of Galactic Civilizations titled Altarian Prophecy was also released which added 2 new races to the game along with the addition of a campaign to provide players additional strategy choices and content. Galactic Civilizations is set in a distant future soon after humans discover the powe...[Read Review]

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Galactic Civilizations II

Galactic Civilizations II is the second game in a series of 4X space strategy games developed by Stardock that offers up an entire galaxy for players to conquer in the name of their chosen civilisation. Like the other titles in this space themed strategy title players will find a turn based experience. Released in 2006 the game later saw two expansion packs released in subsequent years titled Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Amor that further expand the game mechanics and in turn provide new chal...[Read Review]

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Freeciv is a turned based strategy game based on the original Civilization title that seeks to capture a similar level of strategic challenge with a free to play experience. Continuing to be actively developed Freeciv continues to expand it’s features, fix bugs and grow in community size with each update. The game is also operated as a completely open source model which allows all elements to be altered by players and the community as they see fit. Freeciv supports both single player and m...[Read Review]

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Victoria II

Set within our own universe but allowing players to influence their own historical events is Victoria II, the second game in the Victoria franchise and developed by Paradox Development Studio. The game spans approximately 100 years from 1836 to 1936 and tilts towards economics or diplomacy rather than solely about war although this is still an option for those that want to take the difficult path and go against the grain. Featuring a number of improvements over the original Victoria title such a...[Read Review]

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Making History: The Great War

Making History: The Great War is the first game in the acclaimed Making History franchise to move away from World War II and instead go further back in time to explore the challenges of World War I. Offering the same impressive depth of other Making History games players will unlock a wealth of decision points that lead to equally diverse strategies and challenges. While set within the World War I era this title does let you shape some of the game story and potentially change the course of histo...[Read Review]

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Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares adds another title to the MoO franchise with a similar framework of turn based strategy set within a vast universe. Released 3 years after the original Master of Orion II seeks to improve on the well received first game while offering the same level of 4X depth. One area in particular that has received some attention over the original is the addition of a detailed game plot which provides some much needed context and lore to the universe you are battling for...[Read Review]

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Space Empires V

Space Empires V (SEV) returns to the 4X turn based genre for the fifth time with a 2006 released title developed by Malfador Machinations. Leveraging familiar game mechanics across races and technologies will adding in some small adjustments throughout players will once again be challenged to take over an entire galaxy with Civilisation style gameplay. Space Empires V is not simply an upgraded version of its predecessor though with many gameplay improvements altering the game in a number of ways...[Read Review]

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Endless Space 2

Revisiting the wide darkness of space yet again with a turn based strategy game is Endless Space 2 that offers the same science fiction setting of the original while expanding on the universe and strategy options. Released in 2017 for Windows and Mac it’s been five years since the first Endless Space 4X strategy title with the sequel seeking to offer similar addicting one more turn gameplay and self describes itself as a “strategic space opera”. Endless Space 2 takes place in a...[Read Review]

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Space Empires IV

Space Empires IV is part of the popular and long running 4X space strategy genre which has players attempting to achieve galactic conquest through turn based gameplay that utilises 4X fundamental gameplay. With a galaxy at your fingertips it’s an expansive game experience in line with the past titles that focuses on the explore, expand, exploit and exterminate framework of 4X. Space Empires IV (and the other games in the series) are often compared to the popular Civilization franchise with...[Read Review]

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Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III re-energises the series with an offering that keeps the high fantasy theme of past titles but refines the 4X and turn based strategy elements for something fresh and different to the franchise. Released in 2014 you’ve got single player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay all in one as you take control of your own race. Thrown into a leadership role as you explore, interact and fight your main goal is to expand your empire out of necessity of survival with threats from every...[Read Review]

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Galactic Civilizations III

Marking number three in the franchise Galactic Civilizations III once again returns to space with a premium 4X turn based strategy game offering that builds further on the marks of its predecessors. Launched in 2015 for Windows this Galactic Civilizations edition allows for near endless variations as you mix and match game settings to create your intended challenge. Galactic Civilizations III embarks on a story a decade after the war against the Dread Lords with their allies mostly being extermi...[Read Review]

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The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is a real time strategy game that features a 4X style of gameplay with additional elements of city building that combine to create a diverse economic challenge. Released in 2007 Rise of an Empire is the sixth in the long running and popular series of The Settlers and seeks to bring together many of the different elements that the series has explored into a pinnacle adventure. Most notably this comes across in a reduction of overall combat and simplifying the core ...[Read Review]

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Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War is the second game in the Total War series to take place in a Medieval setting and is the overall fourth game in the highly tactical strategy series. Just like the previous instalments in the series the game combines turn based and real time elements as you make your way across the map through conquest and allegiance. Fans of the original Medieval: Total War will enjoy the familiar setting as players once again battle across Europe, the Middle East and Africa using medieva...[Read Review]

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Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire is a sci-fi strategy game with 4X elements that will have you conquering a large universe with military force, economic power or diplomatic negotiations. With elements of real time strategy also present the game seeks to combine the two well known strategy niches of RTS and 4X gameplay into a single challenge. Sins of a Solar Empire is set in the distant future and has you at the head of a space exploring race that are looking to expand their empire deeper into the stars t...[Read Review]

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Expeditions: Conquistador

Expeditions: Conquistador is a historical turn based strategy experience with a focus on tactical role playing gameplay that will take you to a time long past. Released in 2013 players will also be required to balance their resources as they advance through a branching story adventure that requires you playing as a Spanish conquistador who embarks on an expedition in the early 1500s. While this story is fictional it draws real world inspiration and features real world location which adds an impo...[Read Review]

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March of the Eagles

March of the Eagles adds another grand strategy title to the growing collection of video games published by Paradox Interactive with similar mechanics and style. Set during the Napoleonic Wars March of the Eagles was originally intended to be a sequel to AGEOD Napoleon Campaigns it slowly took on a life of its own during development. Due to the setting play focuses on the major European powers of the 1805-1820 era which includes the likes of France, Ottoman Empire, Sweden, Russian, Great Britain...[Read Review]

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Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a turn based game with some core similarities to the popular Civilization series albeit with a fantasy theme instead. Released in early 2012 by Paradox Interactive the game has since been expanded with a number of downloadable content pieces that build on the race and unit foundations of the core game to add additional strategy variety. Set in the same universe as the Majesty series of games from Paradox Interactive known as Ardania which features all manner of f...[Read Review]

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Call of War

Bringing your strategy game experience deep into the second World War players will need to master the tactical Risk inspired gameplay of Call of War if they wish to find victory in the clash of Allies and Axis. Similar to the game that came after it from the same developer (Conflict of Nations) you’ll be taking control of vast units, clashing against dozens of players and customisation your nation through technological enhancements. The result is a multiple approach to victory that lets you craf...[Read Review]

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Eador: Genesis

Restore a universe split into shards across the Great Nothing in Eador: Genesis an experience that walks the line between Heroes of Might and Magic and the Civilization series to offer a turn based strategy framework. The level of depth and steep difficultly beyond the simple base mechanics will keep you engaged for hours on end as you jump from one shard to another optimising and tweaking your strategy to conquer the broken game world piece by piece and eventually inspired a sequel also based o...[Read Review]

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Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II continues the strategy based Total War series and takes you back to Rome once again with a large number of improvements over the original Rome adventure and other titles in the franchise. The game was released in late 2013 and takes the Total War series up to a total of 8 large scale strategic games. Total War: Rome II is set during 272 BC with the main campaign spreading 300 years from that starting point although players can continue beyond this if they wish. Unlike the prev...[Read Review]

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If you love the Risk board game and wanted a browser based game like Risk then AtWar has come to the rescue with it’s take on the strategy game. Allowing you to play against others on a wide range of maps be prepared to put your strategic mind to the test as you compete within the community for tactical war prestige. The strengths of the AtWar formula start before even making a strategic decision with accessibility and the control over the settings of each game providing the foundation for...[Read Review]

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Conflict of Nations

Earth is the backdrop of your campaign in Conflict of Nations a free to play game with deep strategy and conquest which builds on the developer’s past experience in this genre. Officially referred to as Conflict of Nations: World War 3 as one may expect from the name the focus is on the modern warfare of the current day with players having access to a wide range of modern units to control the land, sea and skies over your opponents. This is in stark contrast the previous title from the developer...[Read Review]

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Master of Orion III

Master of Orion III is the third game in the popular space strategy franchise that has consistently delivered a 4X strategy style game with similarities to the Civilization series albeit at a galactic scale. With the complexity of the franchise mechanics it can be a steep learning curve for new players although experience in other grand strategy games will serve you will on the single player and multiplayer challenges ahead. Unlike previous games in the series Master of Orion III introduces a nu...[Read Review]

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