13 Games Like Criminal Case

Games Like Criminal Case Our assembled list of games like Criminal Case offers other puzzle games that blend hidden objects and mystery in a similar manner for a range of platforms (iOS, Android and PC).

Criminal Case (or CC) is a unique detective themed adventure that originally launched on Facebook in 2012 and eventually made its way to mobile devices (iOS and Android). The game was a resounding success across all of these platforms with millions of users solving cases and hunting down hidden objects to solve hundreds of criminal cases.

Set in fictionalised version of the real world players take on the role of rookie police officer as they climb the ranks of their police department by solving cases. With your detective partner players will go through a story centric experience as they hunt down murderers, thieves and undesirable organisations by finding hidden items across the various environments and piecing them together to solve the case. During an investigation players will need to collect the evidence, perform analysis and even engage in autopsies to obtain every last clue available before selecting the person responsible for the crime from their suspect list.

The games similar to Criminal Case here offer a mixture of free, mobile, online and downloadable games that will have you at the centre of a storyline as you solve puzzles, conquer mini games and find hidden objects.


Set in the 19th century Uptasia mixes the genres of hidden object games and economic simulation together into a single free to play adventure. The result is  an interesting mix that you probably haven’t run into before and well worth trying if you are on the hunt for a game in either of these genres but want something different. Originally available in your browser (since retired) Uptasia is now available for Windows and Android. In Uptasia players are put in charge of developing their own econo...[Read Review]

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Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes gives away its two primary game mechanics right in the title; hidden object puzzles and mysterious crimes that need to be solved. Available only for iOS with a free price tag the game is similar to others in this sub-genre. Unlike some of the other crime titles on mobile devices though Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes doesn’t limit itself to a single crime with multiple cases for you to explore and solve. Jumping into the shoes of a private detective this free ...[Read Review]

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Love and Order

Love and Order mixes dating and mystery into an enjoyable visual novel that also touches on elements from the simulation genre. Developed by Winter Wolves who are well regarded for their releases in this genre Love and Order was released in 2011 and available across several platforms consistent with their other titles. Love and Order is set within the small district of Montreal and uses the offices of the Crown Attorney authority for the majority of gameplay. This Crown Attorney relies heavily o...[Read Review]

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Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds is a multi-platform game where you’ll have to catch the criminal while uncovering hidden objects in a variety of scenes. It’s not the first such experience from G5 Games and is unlikely to be the last but it’s definitely one of the more refined offerings from the publisher by implementing lessons learned from the past similar titles. In the game you’ll be partnering up with detectives Brody Lamonte and Cathy Turino who are recen...[Read Review]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is a mixture of visual novel and crime fighting and the fifth game in a much loved franchise. Featuring familiar faces from other Ace Attorney games players will once again solve crimes through a storyline structure. While originally released for the Nintendo 3DS the game was later ported to the Android platform allowing fans to reexperience Dual Destinies on mobile devices with an appropriate game port that shifts the game to a touch and tap p...[Read Review]

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a point and click video gamer released in 2007 exclusively for the Nintendo DS platform which lets players explore the mysterious origins of a strange hotel that is said to be able to grant wishes to those that stay in a particular room. The bulk of this story adventure takes place in a fictional hotel located located deep in the heart of Los Angeles in the United States and is known Hotel Dusk. Playing as former experienced detective Kyle Hyde who has has left his New Yo...[Read Review]

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Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival is the tenth game in this franchise of mystery adventure games and continues the themes that it has established with a diverse puzzle challenge. While this is a tenth release players are not getting a watered down adventure either with an impressively eerie, dark and addicting puzzle game that actually draws from the 4th game in the series (Madame Fate) but creates a fresh journey none the less by further exploring the foundations of that game. Set in Ma...[Read Review]

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Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire (Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp) is the first full game in the franchise of detective games following the 2007 Flash title of the same name. Released in 2014 the game was funded from a Kickstarter campaign and features an adventure full of mystery, dialogue, detective work and lovable characters. Playing as Detective Grimoire you will find yourself called to a remote swamp and tourist attraction known as Boggy’s Bog after the owner Richard Remington is found mur...[Read Review]

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Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising sets the bar at a whole new level with an extremely well made and thought out puzzle adventure that you won’t just be able to breeze through. For the puzzle veteran and fan looking for their next challenge or the novice looking to level up this iOS and Android addition to the genre should not be taken lightly. Available for only a few dollars on the respective App Stores Puzzle House: Mystery Rising starts out innocently enough with players sitting on their fro...[Read Review]

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The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor challenges you to explore the mysterious house of your Grandpa on your iOS devices as you uncover secrets and locate your lost family member. Developed by Fire Maple Games in 2010 (the same minds behind The Lost City) The Secret of Grisly Manor adopts many of the same fundamentals and brings them across to a different game setting. This gameplay also has Myst like elements with a blend of puzzle, exploration and action through a point and click style interface. In The ...[Read Review]

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The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest is a classic adventure game with horror themes that was originally released in 1993 during an era of interactive movie video games which The 7th Guest pushed to a whole new level. The game has since been re-released on modern platforms which allows fans of the original and newcomers to step back in time and complete the horror adventure that it offers. This adventure in The 7th Guest centres around the mansion of Henry Stauf just outside of town who was a master toymaker that had a...[Read Review]

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Azada is a casual adventure game with puzzle elements that has some Myst like elements to its core gameplay for players to uncover through exploration. Serving as the first in a franchise of puzzle titles this first game has resulted in a number of sequels titled Azada: Elementa, Azada: Ancient Magic and Azada: In Libro respectively which all offer similar gameplay within the same general game world. Originally launched for Windows and Mac this first Azada release was later expanded to mobile pl...[Read Review]

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Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring (or simply Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring in North America) is part of the Sherlock Holmes franchise and the second in this series of adventures (proceeded by The Mystery of the Mummy and followed The Awakened). In addition to the Windows version launched in 2004 a Europe only Wii version was released in 2011 but was never made available to the rest of the world. Despite this The Silver Earring is actually the prequel to every game noted above...[Read Review]

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