8 Games Like Fallout Shelter

Games Like Fallout ShelterThis assortment of games like Fallout Shelter features titles that let you design a multi-story settlement as you care for inhabitants and manage resources.

Fallout Shelter started as a free mobile title before being made available on other platforms and allows Fallout fans and non-fans to build their own Vault. Playing as the Overseer you’ll co-ordinate your resources, dwellers and room layouts in order to maximise efficiency and keep everyone happy. Proving to be more than just a simple spin off title Fallout Shelter has gone from strength to strength with consistent updates and was a memorable way to wait out the release of Fallout 4.

By rescuing people from the wasteland or matching up your current dwellers you’ll grow your small vault into a larger population with growing needs. Each dweller has their own SPECIAL stats, just like the larger Fallout franchise which flows right into the resource generation mechanics of the game where these stats directly impact their effectiveness at generating a certain resource. To complicate matters in Fallout Shelter players will also need to deal with fires, radroach infestations and raider invasions.

The games like Fallout Shelter below offer similar settlement based gameplay where you’ll control your settlers to maximise resource generation, deal with issues as they arise and ultimately craft your ideal shelter.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included challenges you with space colony simulation across varied procedurally generated worlds that each offer their own distinct fight for survival. From food, warmth and even oxygen as your resources under constant threat you’ll need to guide your colonists to survive and in time thrive to a civilisation that is self sufficient and safe from external threats. Released in 2019 for Windows, Mac and Linux this space adventure has some similar survival mechanics to Klei Entertai...[Read Review]

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Tiny Tower

Build your tower into the sky with Tiny Tower a free to play mobile title for iOS and Android devices developed by NimbleBit. Commanding your virtual citizens (known as blitzens) you’ll build floor after floor in order to attract new ones to your tower and continue to grow in an unending cycle of building floors. Like any building your starting point is the lobby where new blitzens will arrive and ask to be taken to one of your floors. Provided there is a residential floor and available ca...[Read Review]

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Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is all about strategy, survival and zombies with your objective to return society to the glory days before the zombie apocalypse devastated the cities of the world and left them in ruin. With the series starting as a free browser experience the franchise has added significant depth since those early days and now made itself available across Windows, Mac and mobile platforms (Android and iOS). In Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville your objective requires you to utilise ...[Read Review]

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This War of Mine

Most video games that explore a war theme have you take on the role of a soldier in the middle of the battlefield that is fully equipped with weapons and armour. This War of Mine though flips the switch entirely as it puts in you in charge of a household of civilians simply trying to survive a brutal war with what minimal supplies they can scavenge from their immediate surroundings. Making an array of decisions players will seek to keep their civilians alive for as long as possible as they battl...[Read Review]

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Sheltered puts you in charge of your own family (two parents and two children) as you try to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world from your underground shelter. Focused on careful resource management and ultimately survival can you lead a family through these difficult times? With a family to care for each step outside into the wasteland is a necessity albeit a dangerous gamble that might not see you return home. To help you build this connection with your family to really drive home the im...[Read Review]

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Mega Mall Story

Create the ultimate mall in Mega Mall Story, a title for Android and iOS from the Kairosoft team that was later brought to Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Serving as a paid game players are challenges with expanding from simple fast food locations to impressive sushi restaurants all while attracting an increasing number of visitors to spend their money within your mall boundaries. Well known for their abundance of tycoon management titles Kairosoft is no stranger to the genre and...[Read Review]

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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Be the lord of your own medieval castle and make it the most efficient one in the vast kingdom of players by accepting and assigning your subjects to their ideal duties. Through optimisation comes success with Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom allowing players to build a castle of their dreams, crush enemy invaders and conquer the whole fantasy world from their pass of operations. Available for Android and iOS players can experience Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom for free as they grow a fortress to...[Read Review]

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Craft The World

Craft The World is a sandbox game with strategy elements for PC, Mac and iOS whereby players will be creating their own dwarven colony from humble beginnings. Mixing elements from a range of titles in similar genres Craft The World’s overall experience is a gaming treat and offers replayability at the same time. Craft The World puts you in charge of your own dwarf society that grows from a single dwarf to a thriving community of adventurers (often 12-14 depending on your level completion t...[Read Review]

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