8 Games Like Gangstar Vegas

Games like Gangstar Vegas Explore more open worlds on your mobile device with our list of games like Gangstar Vegas, featuring free and paid free roam games for iOS and Android.

Marking one of Gameloft’s most popular mobile titles, Gangstar Vegas joined a long list of Gangstar games (Crime City, Kings of L.A., West Coast Hustle, Miami, Rio and City) on mobile devices. The franchise known for its sandbox style gameplay on mobile devices lets players explore various cities through third person while also driving cars, completing missions and taking out potential rivals.

While all of the Gangstar titles offer similar gameplay Vegas expanded the game world dramatically, making it the largest one yet as players followed along with the story of professional MMO fighter Jason Malone. Additionally players can engage in street races, acquire property, enter fighting tournaments, rob banks and participate in various Las Vegas inspired mini-games. After originally launching as a paid title Gangstar Vegas is now free to play.

The games like Gangstar Vegas collated below offer other free roam gameplay with a focus on mobile devices (iOS and Android). These titles allow you to explore the game world at your own pace as you complete the main mission and various side activities as you see fit. Given the free price tag attached to Gangstar Vegas emphasis has been given to other free to play open world titles while games within the Gangstar series have been excluded.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Exploring the Wild West with a touch of the supernatural, Six-Guns: Gang Showdown is a freemium free roam title for mobile devices. With third person shooting, a wide game world, various missions, lots of challenges and a lengthy story to follow along with you’ll be immersed in the game experience. First impressions o...[Read More]

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APB Reloaded

If you’ve ever wanted to blend Grand Theft Auto with a MMO experience then APB Reloaded may be your solution. The game was originally a paid title but more recently has gone free to play. In APB Reloaded players explore the city of San Paro which is over run with crime and criminals. This game world is entirely persistent a...[Read More]

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7.7 User Avg (22 votes)

Urban Crime

Urban Crime is a free iOS game from Gameloft that aims to capture the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto and other open world experiences. The game is a spin off from Gameloft’s popular open world Gangstar series also for mobile devices except that it comes with a free price tag instead of being a paid app. Urban Crime takes plac...[Read More]

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Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands brings a high quality RPG experience similar to Skyrim or Fable to your smart phone device (iOS and Android). The game is also available on Windows and Mac. The game offers both very impressive gameplay and visuals that is well above what you would expect from a mobile game and it also comes at a ten...[Read More]

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Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox throws you in a variety of sandbox environments and lets you run wild with campaign, story, multiplayer and various challenges. From racking up as many dollars as possible to getting behind the wheel of a car in a race or devastating the town from inside a tank Payback 2 – The Batt...[Read More]

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Grand Gangsters 3D

Set in the world of Sin City Grand Gangsters 3D promises a city of freedom as you get behind the wheels of cars, shoot down AI characters and complete a number of missions across the city landscape. Grand Gangsters 3D builds its gameplay around missions which are access from various points across the map. With the slow game...[Read More]

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Real Gangster Crime 2

Real Gangster Crime 2 marks the second free to play Android game from the Good Thoughts Affect development team. With similar gameplay but improved elements over the original there is a game for both a new player or fan of the original. Real Gangster Crime 2 wastes no time in getting you into the game as players spawn next ...[Read More]

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Rope Hero: Vice Town

Experience nearly a dozen quest lines in Rope Hero: Vice Town a game that has you swinging around the town with realistic physics and a large range of weapons to use. Rope Hero: Vice Town caters to all devices with some basic options around graphic quality and density of traffic that ensures even the less powerful devices w...[Read More]

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