8 Games Like Grand Chase

Games Like Grand Chase Our trove of games like Grand Chase has other 2D side scrolling games with plenty of action that are easy to get into but still provide plenty of depth.

Grand Chase is one of the few games in the 2D side scrolling genre and is highly popular. Launching in South Korea like the many other MMOs currently in the market the game now has servers for a wide variety of countries.

Similar to other games in this space character control is handled through keyboard input while menu related elements use the mouse. Combat wise the game uses a more action and combo focused approach to gameplay that encourages players to combo their attacks together to create devastating special moves.

In an attempt to avoid button mashing the game does focus on careful timing and responding to enemies which allows more skilful players to advance at a greater pace than other players.

The list of games like Grand Chase in our collection here offer other games that use 2D graphics and combo focused gameplay. With a focus on anime themed experiences fans of Grand Chase will find plenty of alternatives here.

Elsword Online

Elsword Online offers a skill based free to play action packed MMORPG experience with 2.5D side scrolling mechanics at the core of the experience and comic book undertones. Like many MMOs Elsword first launched in Korea in 2007 and eventually landing to North American shores in 2011. Gameplay in Elsword centres around beat ...[Read Review]

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MapleStory is the most popular of MMO in the 2D side scrolling genre boasting a user count will into the millions of players. The game receives regular and healthy updates to keep you coming back with new content on a regular basis. The game has a huge game world to explore, one of the largest in the MMO space with countles...[Read Review]

8.2 User Avg (17 votes)


LaTale draws heavily from other 2D side scrolling titans of the genre such as MapleStory to deliver a strong fantasy MMORPG world that lives on over a decade after original release. LaTale was developed by Actoz Soft originally launching in South Korea in 2006 and saw an official release in North America in 2008 which place...[Read Review]

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NosTale (The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit) is one of the many free to play MMORPGs that has lived on for over a decade thanks to a dedicated community and it’s simple fundamentals that continue to be built upon as each year passes. Like many these foundations started in Korea in 2006 with later releases across othe...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (28 votes)

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga (originally known outside North America as Dragonica Online) brings a side scrolling experience to the MMO genre with an original release throughout 2009 and 2010. While it’s a side scrolling MMO Dragon Saga shy’s away from the standard 2D graphics and makes the leap to 3D side scrolling MMO instead....[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (32 votes)

Soul Saver Online

Soul Saver Online (previously published under the title Ghost Soul Online or simply Ghost Online) falls in the 2D side scrolling MMORPG genre with a similar aesthetic design to the popular MapleStory. Having been online since 2012 Soul Saver Online has gone through a number of revamps during that time which have left it wit...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (16 votes)


Mabinogi allows you to create your own anime life in an experience that is simply overflowing with content, features and options while revolving around social elements. For those MMO players that crave customisation, anime styling and large scale friendship groups Mabinogi has proven to consistently deliver this experience ...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (27 votes)


Dust: An Elysian Tail

Imagine an offline version of MapleStory, and you’ve got Dust: An Elysian Tail that employs 2D side scrolling mechanics and crisp action role playing to tell the story of Dust. As a warrior without memories who awakes to the darkness of a strange forest Dust begins an adventure to recover his past. Joining you on this journ...[Read Review]

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