11 Games Like Ib

Games Like Ib Our crafted list of RPG maker horror games like Ib features simple titles that blend exploration, unique settings, mystery and psychological horror together.

Ib was created in 2012 by Japanese artist kouri using the basic RPG Maker engine. Despite being a simple game creation tool kouri was able to turn this into an incredibly puzzling and psychological experience that quickly gained a large fan base for its design.

Gameplay in Ib centres around nine year old Ib who has travelled to an art museum with her parents. After wandering off Ib finds herself trapped in the gallery after a power outage forces everyone to exit, leaving her seemingly alone in the now dark environment.

From here players explore the game world while meeting up with Mary and Garry. Ib is played from a top-down perspective with players limited to moving around the environment and examining or interacting with the various objects. Players must also overcome traps, enemies and various puzzles spread throughout the art museum. How you interact with these objects and the decisions you make can alter the flow of the game and ultimately the ending you receive.

The games like Ib selected for inclusion on this list offer similar appeal to Ib. You’ll find these free and paid games centred around basic puzzles and psychological elements while using simple game design and minimal combat where possible. For those wanting a comparable adventure with extra depth or length a number of more complex psychological games have also been included to round out this RPG maker horror games list.


OneShot is a simple free RPG Maker title that guarantees to mess with your head as you explore a dark game world as Niko. With emphasis on puzzles, exploration, permanent decisions and discovery can you lead the lost child Niko through a surreal journey? As the name implies players are intended to have only a single attempt at the game (players can only quit the game at predefined points). Waking up alone in a dark house players are quickly introduced to the sort of inventory and exploration bas...[Read Review]

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Corpse Party

Corpse Party was first released in 1996 and has seen a number of re-releases and sequels since the originals success. Like all classics though the original is the most acclaimed and also the best place to start. In 2021 a remastered version (Corpse Party (2021)) was released for modern platforms though which allows you to enjoy the original with significantly enhanced art, voice acting, audio and includes some additional chapters. Drawing from a unique alternate history where an elementary schoo...[Read Review]

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Mad Father

Mad Father is a freeware horror game that blends adventure and puzzles with extreme mystery with a masterful handmade touch. Made by Sen using the Wolf RPG Editor it joins the ranks of a several other games with similar themes and design (English translation by vgperson). For handcrafted horror freeware titles Mad Father is often one of the top recommendations and for those that dare adventure forward you’ll quickly understand why. Following the original success a remake of the game was re...[Read Review]

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The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House is one of the many free to play horror games from a Japanese creator that was made using RPG Maker. Released in 2012 and brought to English thanks to vgperson the game is one of the highly praised game in this unique sub-genre. The plot for The Witch’s House focuses on Viola, a young girl who suddenly finds herself waking up in the middle of a dark forest, with her only escape blocked by a thick row of roses. With no alternative you’ll venture into your only r...[Read Review]

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Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki comes from the Japanese developer Kikiyama thanks to RPG Maker 2003, while it has few actual RPG elements in the game it more than makes up for it with an intriguing surrealistic adventure. Since its original release a number of updated versions have also been released. The game follows a reclusive teen named Madotsuki as they travel through her strange dreams that are filled with all sorts of horrific and surreal scenes, from large monsters to strange alien looking the game definitel...[Read Review]

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To the Moon

To the Moon is an adventure game released in 2011 by Freebird Games and explores the story of two doctors on a mission to fulfil a dying man’s last wish. Having released several other games in this story driven RPG Maker niche players can expect to find a refined story telling process with To the Moon being one of the most well received of Freebird Game releases and containing dozens of hours of content. To the Moon uses a unique story premise that revolves around a technology that can cre...[Read Review]

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Palette is one of the classic games in the freeware Japanese horror genre and was released in 1998 with the help of RPG Maker 95. The game was also awarded as part of the ASCII Entertainment Software Contest which led to a PlayStation version entitled Forget me not – Palette- (not covered here). The story of Palette centres around players helping an amnesic girl referred to as B.D. Your role in this adventure is as Shianosu B. Shian a well known psychiatrist who is reluctantly coerced into...[Read Review]

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Ao Oni

Ao Oni is a freeware horror game from Japan that has also been translated into English, centred around a large blue coloured monster the game has a number of different version releases that build on the original game release. Taking on the role of a young teen named Hiroshi players explore a haunted mansion that they entered with their friends. In typical horror fashion players don’t believe the house is haunted at the start but the tables quickly turn as the doors lock behind you and your...[Read Review]

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Misao was created in 2011 with the Wolf RPG Editor by Sen and gives players a free to play horror experience with Japanese origins. Despite the basic game engine and the limitations that it brings Misao has a healthy cult following thanks to the story and atmosphere the game creates. While the original is in Japanese an English version is available through vgperson’s translations. Alternatively, a Definition Edition (paid) is available through Steam which extensively changes the original v...[Read Review]

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Claire, produced by Hailstorm Games, is a 2D horror indie adventure game. While Hailstorm Games was only founded in 2013, Claire proves to be a very impressive first game, boasting countless positive reviews. The game starts with you, Claire. You’re a little girl in bed, in the middle of the night. You then decide to walk out of your room to find your parents, only to be pulled backwards by a mysterious force as you reach for the door. You awake to find that it was a nightmare, and you’re in a h...[Read Review]

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Phantasmagoria is a game with an interesting mix of point and click adventure, horror and interactive movie that released back in 1995 during the early era of the video game industry. After achieving success on the market a controversial game sequel was released that was so horrifying it was banned in many countries and thus never saw the same light of day as the original Phantasmagoria. Phantasmagoria is also well known amongst interactive movie games and was at the forefront of technology at t...[Read Review]

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