11 Games Like Idle Heroes

Games like Idle Heroes Our selections on this games like Idle Heroes list features other Android and iOS titles that let you assemble a deadly team of heroes, guide them through a large number of levels and upgrade their abilities.

Following the gameplay formula of similar games before it Idle Heroes is a mobile based title that lets you summon heroes to help you conquer a range of campaign levels and other challenges. Like many in the genre Idle Heroes is ultimately a game about continuous improvement of your team through hero levels and items which allow you to obtain higher tier rewards and repeat the gameplay loop again

As the name suggests some elements of Idle Heroes are tied to idle gameplay with accruing of resources and battles able to happen without the players direct input, pushing the strategy towards team makeup and key decisions rather than active gameplay. With over 200 heroes available which belong to different factions there are a wealth of combinations to utilise in defining your team strengths. Training your team throughout the main campaign, additional quests, raids and dungeons is all part of the core game journey.

The games like Idle Heroes curated below feature similar mobile and browser based gameplay where you'll recruit your own units, train them and utilise them to continue a never ending upgrade cycle for increasing challenges.

Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget offers a unique mixture of RPG and fortress management allowing players to take on quests, fight in PvP and ultimately develop their ideal character in a satire fantasy world. Available on both mobile devices and your computer (either as a browser or PC/Mac) Shakes and Fidget has built an audience in the millions who have formed guilds on their journey to the top of the Hall of Fame. Shakes and Fidget opens with players selecting from the five available classes of warrior, mage...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (4 votes)

RAID: Shadow Legends

Available for mobile devices and Windows/Mac through the Plarium Play Launcher RAID: Shadow Legends is a high quality take on the gacha genre that has secured over 10 million installs in a short space of time. While not innovating dramatically on previous games adopting this formula the high production values through flashy graphics, fantastic character designs and general robust interfaces has quickly secured RAID: Shadow Legends a place in the market. Opting for a fantasy theme RAID: Shadow Le...[Read Review]

7.4 User Avg (4 votes)

Fire Emblem Heroes

Bringing the popular franchise to mobile Fire Emblem Heroes is a free to play variant of the highly acclaimed strategy and tactical franchise. Drawing characters from the entire lore of the Fire Emblem series it’s a nostalgic adventure for fans but friendly enough for newcomers to thoroughly enjoy the mobile experience too. The setting of Fire Emblem Heroes focuses in on the war between the Askr (Askran) and Embla (Emblian) nations with players stepping into the war as a powerful summoner ...[Read Review]

9 User Avg (19 votes)

Heroes Charge

Claiming the title of one of the most popular in the mobile RPG genre is Heroes Charge an iOS and Android game that has accumulated tens of millions of installs to create one of the largest communities in this game niche. Designed as a strategic RPG hero collecting game Heroes Charge features similar mechanics as you build a team of your favourite fighters to complete increasingly challenging game stages or dive into the PvP arena to prove your power against other players. The setting for Heroes...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (6 votes)

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Explore the galaxy and collect your favourite Star Wars characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a free to play turn based hero collector for mobile devices (iOS and Android). Collect your favourites from the franchise and team them up with generic fighters from each faction to create a strategy for both the light and dark sides of the force. Released in 2015 with continued updates since Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes sets players deep in the corner of the galaxy in a small cantina where holograp...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (6 votes)

Summoners War

Summoners War is an exceedingly popular mobile turn based RPG released for iOS and Android in mid 2014 with continued updates to expand on the game content and events. Having received tens of millions of downloads and in turn having millions of active players it is by far on the of the largest in its niche genre of monster gacha and strategy. Commanding a summoner is your primary job in the Summoners War universe and requires players to summon monsters onto the field of battle while making your ...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (7 votes)

Imperial Hero II

Revisiting the world of Imperial Hero this second version of the popular classic browser RPG adds a range of new mechanics and challenges for fans of the originally accessible title to dive into. Simple in design on the face of your adventure as you progress players will uncover a detailed array of role playing mechanics that allow you to customise your chosen hero for the constantly expanding difficult of enemies. Starting Imperial Hero II with a traditional tutorial hosted by Sheila players wi...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (4 votes)

Crusaders Quest

Featuring a hero pool of over 1,000 Crusaders Quest is a premium mobile (iOS/Android) hero collecting title that also blends in some basic matching gameplay to enhance your experience and deepen the gameplay mechanics. With a nostalgic pixel theme behind it Crusaders Quest is also a superbly cute and flashy adventure of 8-bit styling. Throwing you right into this pixelated action players join the side of good in an attempt to save the kingdom from a new dark threat. Playing as the mercenary lead...[Read Review]

7.7 User Avg (6 votes)


Build a team of heroes to face the deadly forces of chaos in HonorBound RPG, a turn based strategy game that lets you form your own team of unique fighters with their own abilities. Offering a dark campaign to adventure through, PvP and regular PvE events HonorBound RPG is a traditional RPG with light MMO features for the mobile environment (iOS and Android). Choosing from one of five starting characters that come from their own elements you’ll witness the power of chaos first hand as you ...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (4 votes)

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom offers players a sweet adventure full of cookie heroes as you recruit your perfect team of sweet treats to combat the growing evil threat across the fantasy land. Available for iOS and Android devices Cookie Run: Kingdom belongs to the genre of hero mobile gacha titles with gameplay split between developing an efficient cookie kingdom base and battling through PvE or PvP content. While this is a genre that has a wealth of low and high quality options within it Cookie Run: Kin...[Read Review]

5.7 User Avg (7 votes)

Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG sends players to the world of Alandria to outfit their own force of units to battle both Undead and Orc foes who are bringing darkness to your home. Greeted by the Goddess Aurelia who serves as the Goddess of War you’ll be guided through the process of developing a fighting force to push back the evil forces on your doorstep. With a familiar formula to anybody that has played an Idle RPG title players will click their mouse to perform attacks in the opening sequences whi...[Read Review]

4.6 User Avg (5 votes)