15 Games Like Kingdom Rush

Games Like Kingdom Rush Our assortment of games like Kingdom Rush offers other tower defence games that will test your strategy skills on a number of platforms.

Kingdom Rush takes the popular and long running tower defence game into the medieval era and mixes it with some light humour to deliver a casual, deep and rewarding strategy game. The Kingdom Rush franchise has been highly rated across all of its available platforms since its launch in 2011.

In Kingdom Rush players will build up their towers from four options (archer, mage, barracks and artillery). Each tower comes with its own strategic strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully considered when developing an appropriate strategy for each level or challenge.

With great variety in enemies and level design Kingdom Rush will keep players on their toes, even those that consider themselves veterans to the genre.

The games like Kingdom Rush that are on this page also belong to the tower defence genre and promise a strategic challenge. You’ll also find a number of free and low priced options that you can play directly in your browser or on your smartphone just like the original Kingdom Rush.

Crazy Kings

Offering long term tower defence gameplay Crazy Kings has you questing across a massive game map to rid the world of the kings that have gone crazy. With strong tower defence fundamentals combining with a card based progression formula Crazy Kings is ideal for the player looking to play in short bursts while also constantly upgrading their strategy and deck of available cards. Crazy Kings has the fundamentals of tower defence locked down with hundreds of game maps for players to advance through ...[Read Review]

9.6 User Avg (14 votes)

Iron Marines

The developers of Kingdom Rush have taken their impressive development of mobile strategy into the realms of science fiction with Iron Marines. Set deep into the galaxy you’ll experience real time strategy, up-gradable units, heroes to join your team and just a dab of humour. Taking place on three different planets there are a total of 21 core missions available in Iron Marines which will also slowly grow your fleet of available units. Each of these missions comes with a varied objective a...[Read Review]

9.1 User Avg (12 votes)

Garden Rescue

Moving the tower defence game genre into the garden patches Garden Rescue is a multi platform title. As the name suggests Garden Rescue has you defending your very own backyard garden from a range of pests that want to eat your precious strawberry patch. Standing in the way of these beetles, ants and other forms of pests are your array of other plants that bring their own powerful attacks and utility to the garden paths. With a range of plants at your disposal its time to defend your garden from...[Read Review]

8.6 User Avg (9 votes)

The Milky Way Defender

The Milky Way Defender offers a high quality tower defence experience for your iOS device. Protect your cows from the invading aliens across multiple worlds with carefully devised strategy. It’s a game pack full of tower defence features to ensure any veteran of the genre is well looked after. In terms of game mechanics The Milky Way Defender is exactly what you would expect. On one side of the screen you’ll have aliens (known as eyeliens) coming out of their space ship to capture your delicious...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (8 votes)

Sleep Attack TD

Joining the growing tower defence market on mobile devices and supporting itself with a subsequent Steam release Sleep Attack TD provides an experience with strong tower defence fundamentals while incorporating some unique mechanics that might it ideal for the veteran wanting something that will use a little more brain power. This primary twist mechanic is the ability for players to control the battlefield paths by turning segments of the map to create new pathways, chokepoints and moving towers...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (13 votes)

Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc

Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc combines defensive strategy gameplay with great anime inspired graphics and a number of RPG features to offer a potent mix of strategy that is fun, fast and deeply satisfying. Set in its own dimension the game explores the story of Mindy Akumori a weak girl inflicted with amnesia. Trapped within a building filled with Sakura Platforms that allow teleportation within the dimension this adventure explores the journey of Mindy as she struggles to regain her memories...[Read Review]

8.2 User Avg (10 votes)

The Creeps!

The Creeps! follows a classic tower defence style but has a very unique charm to its gameplay that has propelled it to one of the most popular in the genre on iOS devices. Tower defence games are perfect for iOS devices and are still one of the biggest genres in the app store. With popularity comes good and bad games though and thankfully The Creeps! leans towards the good side. Fans of the genre will quickly jump into an old rhythm and newcomers won’t have any trouble grasping the game mechanic...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (11 votes)

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten blends the fundamentals of tower defence gameplay with RPG loot collecting and level up systems to offer something very different while also giving you a storyline to experience. Players will assume the role of the royal librarian turned plague victim (default name, Azra) who is thrown into a dark pit with the other victims of the plague. Here the player is beckoned by an eerie voice but after resisting Azra discovers a power that allows her to som...[Read Review]

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7.8 User Avg (4 votes)

Royal Defense

Royal Defense will put your tower building skills to the test against hordes of trolls on behalf of the dwarf kingdom. With the impressive level design and 3 distinct difficultly levels there is more than enough content to enjoy for the price point. In each level of Royal Defense you’ll be tasked with defending your headquarters by building a range of towers that bring their own strategic advantage to the battlefield. Some will be able to slow down enemies, annihilate ground troops or are perfec...[Read Review]

7.6 User Avg (5 votes)


Ninjatown is one of the few tower defence games available on the Nintendo DS and was released in late 2008 and intended for a younger demographic. Despite the small competition in the market Ninjatown offers a refined although somewhat generic tower defence experience with a unique presentation that make it viable for both young and old seeking some casual strategy based gameplay on their DS device or wanting a multiplayer variant of the genre. Set in the once peaceful town of Ninjatown which is...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (12 votes)

Garden Defense

Garden Defense is a casual tower game that takes place in the garden of a suburban house in Lindencroft. In order to survive you will have to plant a variety of plants to fight off the evil invading bugs. The game is a step up from your normal casual experience so it creates a great balance for players who don’t want a casual game but don’t want something that is extremely taxing in terms of gameplay either. Garden Defense is set in the suburb of Lindencroft which has recently come under attack ...[Read Review]

7.2 User Avg (13 votes)

Evil Defenders

Available for free on mobile devices and as a paid title on Steam Evil Defenders offers an impressive tower defence experience with an emphasis on multi layered difficultly, vast technology tree to upgrade and a lengthy campaign adventure. It’s a mixed approach that sees some minor changes between game versions but are otherwise fundamentally the same experience. Starting with a basic level called the River Pass which also serves as your Evil Defenders tutorial you’ll be taken throug...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (19 votes)

Castle Creeps TD

Castle Creeps TD combines the likes of card collecting and traditional tower defence in a fantasy realm. In order to advance through the horde of game levels you’ll guide your hero units, upgrade towers and fight a range of opponents. In Castle Creeps TD your core towers are the cannon for area damage, the bow for a fast attack speed, infantry to hold the enemy in place and the magic tower to penetrate tough armour. Your enemies are a range of fantasy creatures with the likes of ogres, gob...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (19 votes)

PixelJunk Monsters

Originally for Windows, Mac and PlayStation 3 PixelJunk Monsters offers tower defence mechanics while putting players closer to the ground with their own character to control throughout the strategy gameplay. With the success of this unique take combined with the challenge on offer the game was later released on other platforms under the PixelJunk Monsters: Deluxe name which bundled an expansion pack (Encore) with the base game. At the core of your experience you’ll find the gameplay in Pi...[Read Review]

6.5 User Avg (17 votes)

Steampunk Defense

Explore a steampunk themed tower defence title with Steampunk Defense. Fight off an evil invasion as you aim to protect your peoples freedom on iOS and Android. Presentation in Steampunk Defense is a fairly standard experience with players finding themselves on an island landscape with individual campaign icons that represent the game levels. Each level has a reward tied to it a fuel cost and a difficultly option (which alters the aforementioned reward). Once within a level tower defence fans wi...[Read Review]

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