20 Games Like Limbo

Games Like Limbo Our collection of games like Limbo has plenty of puzzle games that also incorporate platforming and mysteriously dark game worlds for fans of puzzle solving adventures.

Released in 2010 Limbo lets players adventure through an eerie world while completing platforming and puzzles with a minimalistic art style. Set in a 2D environment Limbo uses a monochromatic art style to create a unique dark atmosphere that has allowed it to stand out in the saturated puzzle platform genre.

With the goal to rescue your sister from the unknown players embark on a mostly linear quest pushing through their own fear for the sake of their family member. With gameplay that resolves around physics based puzzles, interpreting hidden aspects of the environment, jumping over obstacles and other familiar puzzle platform mechanics.

The games like Limbo found on this page offer a similar high quality and unique puzzle experience that include platform elements, physic based puzzles and dark art directions that are reminiscent of Limbo.


Following the impressively popular Limbo is INSIDE a similar themed puzzle platform adventure that sees the player guiding a young boy through a dark themed world of danger. Along the way you’ll uncover the mysteries of this world while completing environmental puzzles in the 2.5D side scrolling game mechanics. In terms of plot INSIDE opens up with your nameless dark haired boy with a striking red shirt sliding down a steep rock face decline. Leading into a large forest area you’ll r...[Read Review]

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9.6 User Avg (9 votes)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game that blends an impressive story and interesting list of mechanics to create an emotional journey of two brothers as they tackle a range of challenges together. The game was first released in late 2013 on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has steadily been released on other platforms following initial launch success. The story of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons closely follows the journey of two brothers with players controlling both characters...[Read Review]

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9 User Avg (30 votes)


Braid is an indie title that mixes the puzzle and platform genre with the unique element of time manipulation to create an interesting adventure of a daring princess rescue. Originally launched for Xbox 360 Braid was later ported to other platforms with the same core gameplay. In Braid players take control of Tim as he attempts to rescue the princess from a monster that awaits at the end of your puzzle adventure. The relationship between you and the princess is vague at the start of the game but...[Read Review]

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8.9 User Avg (9 votes)


Machinarium offers a unique and addicting puzzle adventure game across a number of platforms that utilises a point and click control scheme and a world without dialogue. Originally released for Windows in 2009 the game quickly expanded to mobile and console platforms allowing all gamers to explore the story adventure of Machinarium. You’ll start off solving puzzles in Machinarium but quickly get engaged in the story and almost forget that you are playing a puzzle game with the unique setting tha...[Read Review]

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8.5 User Avg (34 votes)

Never Alone

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) takes an interesting setting and transforms it into a compelling video game focused on story and puzzle gameplay across a total of 8 game chapters. With a strong atmosphere blending with puzzle and platform mechanics Never Alone tells an insightful story of Alaska Natives that itself had development input by Indigenous people. Following initial release the game has grown the number of available platforms while also releasing a single expansion pack, Never Alone: F...[Read Review]

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8.5 User Avg (16 votes)

Ibb and Obb

Ibb and Obb is built around the premise of being a co-operative puzzle game for your PlayStation 3 and accordingly is available through the PlayStation Store. While Ibb and Obb can definitely be played alone the design and mechanics makes this a significantly harder experience as control of both characters will be in your single hands which becomes increasingly difficulty as the puzzles intensify throughout the core levels and constantly evolving game world. As the name suggests Ibb and Obb is b...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (10 votes)

Oscura: Lost Light

Oscura: Lost Light combines puzzle elements with some old school platformer mechanics to create an adventure that sees you moving across a dark setting to refresh the light that has been lost. Released in 2015 the game has similarities to Limbo released half a decade earlier although is much more than just a clone of this popular title. The game also serves as a prequel to other Oscura games (Oscura and Oscura: Second Shadow) by exploring the origins of the world and the fate of the lighthouse k...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (11 votes)

The Swapper

The Swapper is a puzzle game that is all about cloning yourself in an endless cycle in order to explore the eerie abandoned space station that you find yourself trapped within. With this dark atmosphere of The Swapper the visuals and atmospheric elements are just as strong as the unique core puzzle mechanics and adventure experience. In The Swapper players get the chance to explore a futuristic research facility and space station known as Theseus without much initial context and who, what, where...[Read Review]

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8.1 User Avg (10 votes)

Year Walk

Playing as Daniel Svensson as he visits his lover Stina and engaging in the Swedish traditional of the year walking is an abstract adventure with light horror and puzzle elements appropriately named Year Walk. Designed for iOS and later coming to Windows/Mac and Wii U your journey sees you attempting to do the risky affair of a Year Walk after Stina warns you against it, having had her cousin die from such activity in the past. Said Year Walk requires players to take Daniel Svensson to head to a...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (14 votes)

World of Goo

World of Goo relies on physics based puzzles to deliver an impressive and addicting puzzle experience across a large range of platforms. An award winning experience World of Goo is an indie puzzle game developed by a small two man team that explores the physics that globs of goo can go through. Underpinning this goo based adventure is the World of Goo Corporation who is the current leader in the Goo and related products with pieces of this tole to players through a number of in game cut scenes a...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (6 votes)


Nihilumbra blends puzzles and platforming gameplay together in order to deliver an interesting and dark adventure game originally for iOS and now available on a range of platforms. Entering the game world as Born, a creature that comes from the nothingness that is the Void you’ll adventure out into the foreign land and advance through the story to understand yourself. The Void wants you back though and chases you relentlessly around the world, refusing to stop until you rejoin the nothingn...[Read Review]

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7.9 User Avg (9 votes)


NightSky brings you a puzzle adventure game mixed with some action elements to deliver a well paced game of challenging physics in a dark theme. Combining these core mechanical challenges with a visually intriguing experience and uniquely dark game world NightSky is an attractive 2011 video game experience around a simple core framework. While there is not a significant story to be found in NightSky it still manages to grip players with the unique atmosphere that will have you wanting to push fo...[Read Review]

7.9 User Avg (8 votes)

A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo Wii revisits the 1989 NES adventure game with a refreshed look and refined gameplay which once again allows players to own a blob pet who loves to eat jellybeans. While fundamentally similar to the original the leap in hardware allows the Nintendo Wii edition to be a vastly superior re-imagining. Not content with limiting this experience to the Nintendo Wii the game was eventually ported to additional modern day consoles and computer platforms. Focusing on a s...[Read Review]

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7.8 User Avg (9 votes)


Closure is a puzzle and platform game which revolves around the concepts of light and darkness for its puzzle designs throughout the story. This light and dark focus also extends to the atmosphere with a mysterious world underpinning your adventure across an abandoned carnival, run down factory and the swampy forest. The mystery of these locations is significantly enhanced with a world that is entirely black and white and even more so when you come to terms with the primary puzzle mechanic of re...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (8 votes)


Lume is an interesting take on the puzzle adventure genre and is set in a strange cardboard filled world that stands out from other adventures. If you are up for a unique experience that you can enjoy on either your computer or handheld device (iOS) then this paper world delivers plenty of adventure based discovery across several hours of game time. While short and a simple affair the appeal of Lume is its rewarding story premise and the unique art style that it employs. Many of these themes ret...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (11 votes)


Outland is a downloadable platform title for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which available through their respective online portals amongst a Steam release version for computer based gamers. Marketing itself as a Metroidvania Outland sticks to the formula set by predecessors in this genre with a few additions and exclusions to make it a unique journey. One such refinement is the faster paced experience that plays out through the puzzle and platform level blend alongside consistent combat. Behind...[Read Review]

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7.6 User Avg (7 votes)

Another World

Another World (or Out of This World in North America) was originally released in 1991 and is considered a classic in the platform and adventure genre for its innovation in cinematic effects on release. Since this original release the game has been brought to countless other platforms as a 20th anniversary edition that allows newcomers and original fans alike to once again step into the mysterious other world. In Another World players are Lester Knight Chaykin who is a young and widely regarded p...[Read Review]

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7.6 User Avg (10 votes)


Vessel is a puzzle game with steampunk elements that focuses on physic puzzles based around liquid and challenges players to overcome a diverse roster of challenges. The game was released in 2012 and has proven to be popular among puzzle fans and the media for its unique mechanics and simulation of fluids. In Vessel players will be jumping into the shoes of M. Arkwright who is an inventor of Fluro which is also one of the core mechanics in your puzzle adventure. This Fluro was created in order t...[Read Review]

7.3 User Avg (9 votes)


Launched as a Wii U exclusive title and eventually brought to a range of other video game platforms (including mobile devices) Typoman offers up a dark aesthetic with a unique focus on spelt words as puzzle mechanics and to provide information to the player. With this unique setting comes a number of challenging puzzles that will require players to alter their thought process compared to similar puzzle platformers. Typoman starts with players as a simple O shape and then rolling down the hill to...[Read Review]

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7.2 User Avg (15 votes)

Selma And The Wisp

Offering up control over a colourful wisp as you lead the innocent Selma through various environmental obstacles is Selma And The Wisp a game with basic platform elements, adventure and discovery around each map screen. Opening with Selma alone in her room with a monster under the bed the player guides the bright wisp to Selma, giving her hope amongst the darkness and a way to safety from the unknown monsters that stalk her. This is where your bond with each other begins with Selma following you...[Read Review]

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5.5 User Avg (6 votes)