19 Games Like Machinarium

Games Like Machinarium Our collection of games like Machinarium offers other puzzle games that use various mechanics to take you on an adventure through a unique world.

Machinarium launched in 2009 and offers a quirky puzzle game that utilises a point and click interface as players explore varied landscapes to complete puzzles as the robot Josef. Set primarily in a mechanical city players uncover a plot by the Black Cap Brotherhood to destroy the city which requires you to help various NPCs without the use of written or spoken dialogue.

The unique design choice of Machinarium forces players to learn about the game world through exploration and interpreting the various images that appear in thought bubbles of the city inhabitants. This city overworld also connects the various puzzles together which offer a mixture of brain teasing challenges and logical puzzles for players to overcome. Machinarium doesn't leave players with assistance though with a multi layered hint system that offers small hints or walkthrough content for those moments players need some direction.

The games like Machinarium found here focus on other puzzle adventure games that offer something unique and outside of the box. While a number of these are point and click puzzle titles a number use different exploration mechanics across PC, iOS, Android and console platforms.


Originally a PlayStation exclusive title Journey is a mysterious, moving and impressive video game that has a relaxing effect on players as they explore the endless sand dunes and ruins of the game world. Playing as a robed figure in the vast desert sands you’ll strive to reach the mountain far off in the distance while encountering other players on the same journey without a single piece of dialogue. Players can communicate with subtle chimes and their names are also completely hidden fro...[Read Review]

9.2 User Avg (8 votes)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game that blends an impressive story and interesting list of mechanics to create an emotional journey of two brothers as they tackle a range of challenges together. The game was first released in late 2013 on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has steadily been released on other platforms following initial launch success. The story of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons closely follows the journey of two brothers with players controlling both characters...[Read Review]

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9 User Avg (30 votes)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War offers a tear jerking story adventure with a few basic puzzles to deliver an intense emotional experience on a wide range of platforms. Following the story of several characters and a dog Walt through World War I it also aims to be a highly historically accurate game with references to events, settings and weapons throughout the story based on factual evidence and tied to the collectible item system. This focus on story and factual information was intended to help p...[Read Review]

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8.7 User Avg (7 votes)


Released in April 2012 Fez is a puzzle experience like no other with its focus on game world manipulation (rotation) to solve puzzles rather than direct interaction from your avatar. With this unique premise combining with a fantastic art style and story Fez is a puzzle game that is more about the experience and overall design than delivering extreme brain teasing puzzles. For those that do consider themselves hardcore puzzle gamers that desire insanely difficult puzzles the anti-cube system mor...[Read Review]

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8.6 User Avg (11 votes)

The Silent Age

The Silent Age delivers a great blend of stylish, simple and solid gameplay fundamentals that make for an enjoyable adventure and puzzle experience. In The Silent Age you’ll take control of Joe, a perfectly average janitor and help him save the world through a side scrolling puzzle adventure that involves some time travel elements. While not your traditional hero this setting serves as part of the overall charm that the game brings to the genre. Released across two episodes in 2012 and 2014 for ...[Read Review]

8.6 User Avg (27 votes)

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story blends puzzle and hidden object games together with a beautiful hand drawn art style and delivers it to your computer, mobile device and Nintendo Switch. With over 30 puzzles awaiting you in this puzzle point and click adventure blend The Tiny Bang Story will take you around half a dozen hours from start to end depending on your speed of progress. The game is set on Tiny Planet which was once a vibrant and calm environment filled with colour, people and strange objects. That ...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (20 votes)

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey offers an interesting array of characters to build a connection with in this well received adventure game from 2000. Utilising point and click adventure game mechanics that popularised the genre during the decade of adventure gaming peak The Longest Journey holds an impressive low 90s score on Metacritic. The Longest Journey doesn’t just offer impressive characters though it also has a multi layered and complex story to really get your brain thinking and keep you mesmerised i...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (19 votes)

A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo Wii revisits the 1989 NES adventure game with a refreshed look and refined gameplay which once again allows players to own a blob pet who loves to eat jellybeans. While fundamentally similar to the original the leap in hardware allows the Nintendo Wii edition to be a vastly superior re-imagining. Not content with limiting this experience to the Nintendo Wii the game was eventually ported to additional modern day consoles and computer platforms. Focusing on a s...[Read Review]

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7.8 User Avg (9 votes)


Lume is an interesting take on the puzzle adventure genre and is set in a strange cardboard filled world that stands out from other adventures. If you are up for a unique experience that you can enjoy on either your computer or handheld device (iOS) then this paper world delivers plenty of adventure based discovery across several hours of game time. While short and a simple affair the appeal of Lume is its rewarding story premise and the unique art style that it employs. Many of these themes ret...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (11 votes)

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk offers a unique adventure and world for players to explore across multiple platforms. Featuring a striking visual design which is paired with a journey of inventory based puzzles The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk is an enjoyable adventure title for fans of adventure gaming. The game itself is actually a return to the world of Asposia which players may have previously explored in The Inner World which was released in 2013, approximately 4 years ...[Read Review]

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7.6 User Avg (16 votes)

Odd Bot Out

Odd Bot Out offers players a puzzling mobile journey across a minimalist game world of challenges. Available for both iOS and Android devices players will help the small robot known as Odd after he fails the standardised robot test and needs a helping hand from the player. Released by Martin Magni who is also the creative mind behind Mekorama players will find a similar stress free and creatively focused gameplay across the 100 levels that require player mastery of blocks, electricity, motors, w...[Read Review]

7.6 User Avg (13 votes)

Another World

Another World (or Out of This World in North America) was originally released in 1991 and is considered a classic in the platform and adventure genre for its innovation in cinematic effects on release. Since this original release the game has been brought to countless other platforms as a 20th anniversary edition that allows newcomers and original fans alike to once again step into the mysterious other world. In Another World players are Lester Knight Chaykin who is a young and widely regarded p...[Read Review]

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7.6 User Avg (10 votes)

Axel & Pixel

Axel & Pixel is a point and click adventure game that is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows which was released in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Focusing on offering a surreal and bizarre adventure Axel & Pixel stands out amongst other titles within this genre. While there is plenty of beauty to explore in the dream like world that players explore there is also plenty of threat to be found and overcome. As the name might suggest Axel & Pixel follows two main characters that bot...[Read Review]

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7.5 User Avg (12 votes)


From the same studio that brought you Machinarium comes Botanicula, a similar point-and-click game that boasts intricate and captivating graphics along with a calming background soundtrack. Originally a computer based adventure Botanicula was paired with an iOS and Android release a few years after its original development. The story of Botanicula is centred on five adorable “tree creatures” that resemble a big walnut, an onion, a lanky mushroom, a twig and a hovering feather who are...[Read Review]

7.3 User Avg (9 votes)


Limbo is a 2D puzzle platform title that takes the genre into a darker setting than usual. Leveraging this dark setting to create an emotional tale of a young boy while also adding challenge and puzzle like elements to the otherwise basic platforming Limbo features fantastic and unique game design that you won’t soon forget. Creating this atmosphere primarily through visual presentation Limbo takes place entirely in a black and white game world. It’s similar to film noir style with the way...[Read Review]

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7.3 User Avg (21 votes)

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising sets the bar at a whole new level with an extremely well made and thought out puzzle adventure that you won’t just be able to breeze through. For the puzzle veteran and fan looking for their next challenge or the novice looking to level up this iOS and Android addition to the genre should not be taken lightly. Available for only a few dollars on the respective App Stores Puzzle House: Mystery Rising starts out innocently enough with players sitting on their fro...[Read Review]

7.2 User Avg (40 votes)

The Whispered World

The Whispered World plays like the classic point and click adventure games of previous decades and pairs this familiar mechanic with an impressively unique game world that utilises 2D hand drawn animation and art. Combining fantasy themes with a touch of steampunk players will guide a young clown through an adventure as he seeks to understand the source of his recurring dreams. In The Whispered World players explore the dream like world of Silentia as a young and sad clown known as Sadwick. Play...[Read Review]

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RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition(realMyst) is an enhanced remake of the original Myst adventure that brings the franchise into the Unity engine. Allowing players to explore familiar locations in full 3D you’ll also experience significantly enhanced game models and textures that capture 20 years of video game progress since Myst was first released to the world. RealMyst is the same adventure at the core with players once again taking on the role of an unknown protagonist after they stumble upo...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (56 votes)

Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Atlantis: The Lost Tales will take you on a fantasy adventure centred on the lost city of Atlantis while mixing in time travel and a general sense of mystery into a puzzle adventure. Playing as the young Seth who is the hero of your story Atlantis: The Lost Tales is the first in a long series of adventure games with a similar theme that challenge players with an array of puzzle types with adjustable difficulty options. In addition players will find a living story that blends a familiar setting w...[Read Review]

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