9 Games Like Mario

Games like Mario This list of games like Mario features computer, console and mobile platform titles that have you jumping around mythical worlds, collecting coins and squashing foes.

Mario is a diverse media franchise with its success primarily attributed to the various video games with the Mario name. From party games to role playing and the main platforming titles Mario is a character that has never shied away from a challenge. Other familiar faces of the franchise include Luigi and Princess Peach as they deal with Bowser and his evil ways alongside other minor villains.

While the core platforming gameplay of the franchise has evolved since the first Super Mario Bros for the NES in 1985 a number of cornerstone mechanics have remained the same. These mechanics include progressing through mostly linear level designs to defeating a broad range of enemies, collecting items and using power-ups to alter your abilities. Over time the Mario platform games have also transitioned from the 2D to the 3D world to offer greater freedom alongside progression in video game hardware.

The games similar to Mario below offer both the classic 2D and modern 3D platforming options. In these titles you’ll stomp on enemies, collect coins, use vital power-ups and all the other staples of the Mario franchise.


Braid is an indie title that mixes the puzzle and platform genre with the unique element of time manipulation to create an interesting adventure of a daring princess rescue. Originally launched for Xbox 360 Braid was later ported to other platforms with the same core gameplay. In Braid players take control of Tim as he attempts to rescue the princess from a monster that awaits at the end of your puzzle adventure. The relationship between you and the princess is vague at the start of the game but...[Read Review]

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Psychonauts is a unique and beautifully presented game that follows the adventures of Raz, a boy who has powerful psychic abilities and explores dream like worlds. Despite a lack of initial success on release the game has acquired a cult like following and has since expanded well beyond its initial release platforms with modern versions of the Psychonauts adventure and an eventual sequel. Pyschonauts takes place in a fictional summer camp that acts as a secret training ground for the US governme...[Read Review]

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Available for PS4 and Windows Effie explores the tale of Galand as he retells it to the next generation in front of warm fire. You’ll find inspiration from platform adventure games of eras long past throughout the gameplay design with platforming, combat, exploration and puzzles featured to various degrees. On one hand it is a return to a simpler time in gaming but comes with a few modern upgrades to make it an attractive 3D platformer for genre fans. Opening with Galand telling the story ...[Read Review]

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams follows on from the 1987 platforming title with a 2009 re-imagining of the world that blends it with a modern take on the platform genre in general. Taking place in a twisted dream world it’s also an incredibly unique, colourful and varied adventure that awaits players. Born form a Kickstarter campaign Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams started on the intended Windows platform before success allowing it to shift to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms (most rec...[Read Review]

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Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles brings the Mario formula to the open source arena with a project started back in 2003 to feature familiar 2D platforming gameplay for computer gamers. Playable on Windows, Mac and Linux the variety of this project now extends far beyond Mario inspired game mechanics and while active development has ceased for over a decade at this point it still sees regular downloads and is fairly complete free to play experience despite the lack of current development. With much love po...[Read Review]

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Dust: An Elysian Tail

Imagine an offline version of MapleStory, and you’ve got Dust: An Elysian Tail that employs 2D side scrolling mechanics and crisp action role playing to tell the story of Dust. As a warrior without memories who awakes to the darkness of a strange forest Dust begins an adventure to recover his past. Joining you on this journey to discover your origin is the sentient mythical Blade of Ahrah and its guardian, a Nimbat (similar to a fairy creature) named Fidget. Your journey starts at the town of Au...[Read Review]

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Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey is a platform adventure for the Nintendo Wii that centres on the popular Disney character of Mickey Mouse as he attempts to fix the damaged game world with his magical paintbrush. Eventually leading to a sequel the experience emphasises the usage of paint and paint thinner to directly alter the game world around you which features levels inspired by the range of animations and characters in the Walt Disney universe. While still holding an E for everyone game rating players will find ...[Read Review]

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Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is a popular indie title that offers 2D side scrolling where you’ll use your trust shovel and carefully timed jumps to conquer a diverse range of landscapes and situations. Born out of a Kickstarter campaign for the Steam, Wii U and 3DS release the success of Shovel Knight has seen it expanded onto a range of other modern platforms along with various 2014 game awards. Later campaigns of Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment and King of Cards built on the original story are no...[Read Review]

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Super Androix

Imagine if Mario had randomised levels and you have Super Androix a game with simple presentation that offers challenging platform gameplay for Android that never grows old. Exclusive to Android Super Androix is a simple free title that is intended to be played over short game bursts as you guide your large green, blue and pink blob man through levels by jumping and running over platforms and enemies. Super Androix is not shy about hiding it’s Mario inspiration with mechanics that anyone t...[Read Review]

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