7 Games Like Mystic Messenger

Games like Mystic Messenger This collection of games like Mystic Messenger features a host of alternative visual novel games with similar designs, settings, price tags and experiences for browsers and mobile devices.

Released in mid-late 2016 for iOS and Android Mystic Messenger is a female orientated visual novel experience where players take on the role of female character who downloads a strange app which embarks her on a strange journey which centres around the charity organisation RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association).

While your ultimate focus is on inviting guests for the third official party of RFA members players will uncover the truth of RFA and explore one of many character paths that are available. In total there are 6 such routes available which are split between the game modes of Casual Story, Deep Story and Another Story.

Other game elements include a chatroom and text message functionality where the of gameplay, conversation and decisions are made. Within each route players can unlock at least one good ending, a normal ending and several bad endings which encourages replay-ability like many of the visual novel games available out on the market.

The visual novel games like Mystic Messenger curated here focus on other browser and mobile games that use unique story telling mechanics to set themselves apart from the other games within the genre.


Cibele lets players take control of a 19 year old girl as they explore love through the online medium. Start from the point of meeting in an online game and from there create a relationship that becomes more intense with each chat and phone call. Following this journey of Nina players will move between their desktop, the on...[Read Review]

8.8 User Avg (5 votes)


Seen is a free to play Android title that sends you back to the days of high school as you engage in an interactive story of love with multiple attempts available to explore the branching stories. Playing as Mark Blythe (or a name you select yourself) you’ll fall in love with Nicole Tyler, a fellow student that you’ll have ...[Read Review]

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Digital: A Love Story

Released in 2010 Digital: A Love Story lets you step right into developing a n online relationship with a girl as you also attempt to uncover information relating to the downfall of several AIs. While more linear than similar titles the impressive writing, plot and setting ensure this indie visual novel is among the must pl...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (14 votes)


Analogue: A Hate Story

With over 50,000 words of content, Analogue: A Hate Story offers up plenty of visual novel gameplay, depth and story to explore. Focusing on the likes of relationships, generational societies, the human relationship with computers (transhumanism), LGBT, cosplay and marriage there are multiple themes underpinning the vast ra...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (7 votes)

Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots is a uniquely text orientated experience that is filled with over 300,000 words. It’s a science fiction themed adventure that blends novel with the interactive and delivers plenty of surprises. Written by Kevin Gold the game is entirely text based with players given complete control over every single ...[Read Review]

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Depression Quest

Exploring the dark side of life Depression Quest is a tale contained within over 40,000 words of everyday experiences and encounters with a darker tone attached. Your goal is to make it to one of the several endings which are based on how you’ve managed your depression throughout the game. Whether you’ve been im...[Read Review]

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Experience an interesting and unique storytelling adventure in Lifeline… a game that has you responding to a seemingly real person on the other side of your phone. As a solely text based game players will explore the story of Taylor as they help them survive a ship crash with branching story lines based on two decisio...[Read Review]

7.3 User Avg (15 votes)