5 Games Like Overwatch

Games Like OverwatchOur compilation of games like Overwatch features high quality multiplayer first person hero shooters that let you command a variety of characters with their own skills and combat roles.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s step into the first person shooter arena, going into a 2015 beta with a 2016 release and eventual sequel. Focused on party based competitive gameplay and the use of various heroes that bring their own abilities and roles to the field of battle Overwatch borrows but also enhances mechanics from the games before it. The underlying setting for this fast paced and varied shooter is a futuristic Earth where artificial intelligence has created global conflict on a mass scale that sees players battle on futuristic but familiar maps across the globe.

Gameplay pits small teams of players against each other on a diverse roster of maps and game modes with varying objectives. With options like assault, control, escort, capture the flag and death match Overwatch requires players to use both direct and tactical combat options. In order to participate in these battles players select from one of the available characters who broadly fall into the roles of damage, tank and support who have their own abilities to support this playstyle.

This list of games like Overwatch features the best available titles in the first person hero shooter genre where players can experience similar class or loadout diversity in tactical game modes.

Block N Load

Block N Load blends sandbox with the class based shooter to create a strategic 5 on 5 FPS where you’ll get to remake the environment to meet your needs while also playing as a host of colourful characters. With the ability to reshape the game maps every single time you play Block N Load offers more map variety which is limited only by the creativity of players. Gameplay in Block N Load is split into two distinct game phases; the build phase and then the attack phase. During the first of th...[Read Review]

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S4 League

S4 League is a stylish fast paced shooter with sci-fi and MMO elements at the heart of the game experience. With a catchy techno soundtrack combining with small map designs it offers a less tactical approach to the genre where you can jump into a game and instantly be in the thick of action. This highly stylised and quick paced experience has made S4 league a popular casual option but also goes beyond the casual crowd at the higher levels of skill due to the high mechanic skill cap associated wi...[Read Review]

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Paladins (previously Paladins: Champions of the Realm) joins the growing number of free to play hero shooters on the market with their own unique take on the known gaming formula. With a setting that blends together fantasy with that of ancient technology the Paladins setting is unique while also similar to that of other hero shooter options. The base setting for this PvP focused shooter is the Realm which serves as a medieval universe and home for familiar races like dwarves, elves, dragons and...[Read Review]

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The wacky Plants vs Zombie themed shooter is back with a sequel that introduces new characters and plenty of single player content for those that don’t want to solely focus on the multiplayer scene. With Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 players can expect a similar overall experience as you take control of various plants and zombies in third person while conquering the objective focused gameplay. Game design wise most of the core features have remained the same with Plants vs. Zombies:...[Read Review]

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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 released class based shooter that is now available to play for free. Despite its age Team Fortress 2 continues to command a large community of active players across game modes that ensures you always have a match available and new items to collect for your preferred class option. Supported further with cosmetic options, the Steam workshop and an abundance of game statistics Team Fortress 2 is a title that is well above the expectations for a 2007 released video game. De...[Read Review]

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