6 Games Like Plague Inc

Games Like Plague Inc This deadly collection of games like Plague Inc. features other games with an emphasis on simulating the spread of disease across the globe.

Plague Inc. is a based mobile title that sees players creating their own devastating plague with the goal to take over and infect the entire population. Giving players control over the elements of their ever evolving pathogen and combining it with simulation on a global scale Plague Inc. creates a unique gameplay mix.

Starting with your patient zero the direction that your pathogen takes is in your hands as you select from a range of transmissions, symptoms and abilities to enhance infection, counter attempts to create a cure and become deadly to those infected. Balancing these strategy elements with your current infected locations and plague type is the key to taking over every corner of the globe.

The games like Plague Inc. below are similar strategy titles that have an emphasis on disease creation or control and the unfortunate downfall of the human race. In these titles you’ll carefully choose infection or cure options as you seek to save or end the world in various scenarios. Platforms on this page include mobile (iOS and Android) along with PC and browser variants for those seeking games like Plague Inc: Evolved which was the popular sequel.


Infectonator is a game that sees you taking control of zombie hordes with the objective of taking over the world one location at a time. Available for free on iOS and Android with a freemium model for additional content. After infecting your way through the tutorial basics players are greeted with the world map, which is just waiting to be taken over by the zombies under your command. Each country is further split by town which each come with their own population and challenges to overcome for f...[Read Review]

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First Strike

First Strike takes strategy to the nuclear level with a mobile title that has you researching deadly weapons and launching them against countries. Available for iOS and Android (free) First Strike joins the ranks of titles such as Plague Inc where victory is a world ending scenario. Despite the dark setting those that can look beyond that will find an interesting mobile strategy title that is great in short mobile bursts while still providing some longevity to your purchase. A later release with...[Read Review]

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Infect Them All 2 : Zombies

Infect Them All 2 : Zombies is a campaign orientated game that sees you attempting to infect all the humans on each map. Available on iOS only the base game is available for free with a paid version with additional zombie champions for you to control. Building heavily on the original and borrowing much from the game assets Infect Them All 2: Zombies is more about refinement of gameplay than re-invention which might turn some fans of the original off since it looks and plays like essentially the ...[Read Review]

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Bio Inc.

Taking the mobile strategy genre down to the human body level is Bio Inc. a unique title that is all about designing the perfect disease to destroy one element of the body at a time. Despite this quite morbid synopsis the strategy is there and combines with a well-designed UI to make for a challenging unique experience. As you would expect to see in a mobile title everything is guided by the tap of a finger as you browse through game menus, collect bio points and monitor the vital signs of your ...[Read Review]

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DEFCON is a RTS title that looks into a potentially dark future with the world at large scale nuclear war and throws you into the middle of it all with a mission for your country survival. Drawing heavily from the Cold War era this game title is just as much about the psychological warfare than the missiles that fly around the globe at your enemies. Playing as a General in the safety of your underground bunker in DEFCON you’ll command your countries defences and silos as you try to wipe yo...[Read Review]

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Infection Bio War

Taking the popular formula and style of Pandemic 2, Infection Bio War has you taking over the planet with your own unique disease one country at a time. Available for free to play on your iOS and Android devices you’ll be able to cause havoc wherever you are. Each game in Infection Bio War has you naming your new disease and choosing a starting country location. For those familiar with similar disease spreading games you’ll instantly appreciate the ability to start in one of the more...[Read Review]

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