12 Games Like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

Games like PUBG Our games like PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) list offers alternative battle royale titles where you'll fight to survive against others and be the last one standing.

Launching in 2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG or PUBG: Battlegrounds) is one of the original battle royale experiences and spent several years at the top of the genre. Like other games in the genre PUBG has players dropping onto a large island where one hundred players fight to be the last person or team standing. Dropping with nothing the initial minutes of each match are hectic as you scavenge the area for weapons, vital equipment and vehicles to traverse the island quickly.

With a constantly shrinking area of safety on the island players are forced into an ever decreasing game area which encourages conflict and encounters to dwindle the player count down to the final player or team of players. Following the initial battle royale mode for Windows PUBG has since expanded to console and mobile devices, added team deathmatch and arcade modes and offer first and third person modes.

The games like PUBG selected below focus on other short round based multiplayer battle royale titles where players face off against opponents on PC, console and mobile to be the last survivor.


HAWKED opts to explore a treasure focused theme within an extraction and looter shooter framework that leaves players with a colourfully relaxed option in comparison to some others on the hardcore side of the genre scale. This colourful action also comes with a free to play price tag allowing players new to the genre to test the waters without a purchase and is equally capable as being both a first foot into the genre or potentially even your main game. The foundation of your HAWKED gameplay adv...[Read Review]

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Cuisine Royale

The first battle royale game of its kind Cuisine Royale combines the typical experience of the genre with a host of kitchenware and food to be discovered, looted and equipped. Intended as a joke by the developers of the upcoming World War II shooter Enlisted the game quickly gained traction and a reasonable community that warranted it’s own development process. Thankfully though due to the similar themes to their planned title Cuisine Royale started from a solid foundation of shooting mech...[Read Review]

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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown takes a darker fantasy twist to the growing popularity of extraction based shooters on the video game market which have players putting their equipment at risk in the hopes of taking down bounties and expanding their resource pool. First released in 2018 as an early access title Hunt: Showdown was an early addition to the genre and notably one of the few at the time bringing this experience to the console market. Within Hunt: Showdown players take on the role of a bounty hunter wi...[Read Review]

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Contagion offers co-operative and PvP game modes set within a number of zombie infected environments and combined with first person shooter gameplay. With a healthy dose of maps, game modes and weapons underneath the generic setting Contagion has provided a popular framework for fans of the FPS zombie sub genre to sink their teeth into while avoiding infection from the zombie horde. Contagion offers 4 different game modes at the core which are all multiplayer focused but bring something differen...[Read Review]

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Infestation: The New Z

Infestation: The New Z offers another iteration on the open world survival genre with close ties to The War Z and Infestation: Survivor Stories games before it to offer a familiar experience in a reset game world. Like these games that predate it players will explore the free to play world as they co-operate with friends and battle through PvP to ultimately survive in the harsh game world. Ignoring the rocky history that this franchise has had with countless development issues and decisions that...[Read Review]

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Starting its life as a cooperative sandbox survival experience (known as Save The World) Fortnite has since grown to also include a highly popular (and free) Battle Royale experience. Available across vast range of platforms Save The World continues to be a paid title while Battle Royale launched as a free to play experience. While Save The World has since taken a backseat to the incredible popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale although both game modes are still offered for a mix of both PvP and ...[Read Review]

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Warface offers free to play shooting with classes and co-operative modes with an ever expanding number of maps. Originally launched in 2013 on Windows the game has since expanded to a range of console platforms alongside an Android spin off version. Despite operating in a highly competitive genre Warface has continued to grow and develop it’s offering which centres around the high quality first person shooter core with a free to play price tag that offers both PvE and PvP. Regardless of yo...[Read Review]

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Focusing on zombie survival the free to play multiplayer game known as Unturned spent 3 years in Early Access before its final release on the Steam platform in July 2017. Since release the game has not only proved popular in its core gameplay but also the Arena mode which is similar to battle royale titles such as PUBG. In November 2020 the game was expanded to consoles with releases on PS4 and Xbox One as a paid experience. Regardless of the game mode players opt for the same basic premise rema...[Read Review]

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Darwin Project

Shrinking down the battle royale genre to a 10 player battle on a smaller map is Darwin Project, a game that feels as close to the Hunger Games as a gaming experience has offered yet. After a brief launch as a paid title Darwin Project evolved into a free to play battle royale to ensure it was able to capture an appropriately sized audience to support it’s take on the battle royale formula. Set in a post apocalyptic and dystopian future where an Ice Age is fast approaching a new project ha...[Read Review]

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Rules of Survival

Moving the constantly growing battle royale genre into the mobile arena Rules of Survival was an early entrant into the mobile battle royale market allowing it to capture a committed audience. While other big names in the genre such as Fortnite and PUBG have since moved in Rules of Survival continues to be a popular title for the mobile audience and offers an experience most similar to PUBG with a realistic themed shooter and various vehicles. Subsequent to the mobile success of Rules of Surviva...[Read Review]

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Grand Battle Royale

Bringing across the popular battle royale formula to the mobile universe is Grand Battle Royale a game for both iOS and Android gamers to play for free. Offering the same massive multiplayer online arena style of games that have come before on other platforms Grand Battle Royale aims to offer an experience akin to those larger budget titles. Spawning into the game world in a random location Grand Battle Royale follows the format of similar titles with players acquiring melee weapons and guns lit...[Read Review]

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Escape from Tarkov

Using a realistic military shooter as its base and adding layers of deadly difficulty is Escape From Tarkov, a title under development by the Russian studio of Battlestate Games. The core premise of Escape From Tarkov has players scavenging instanced maps for resources while avoiding the threats of other players and AI which in turn can be used to improve your own gear to take on greater challenges. Starting development in 2012 Escape From Tarkov was first shown to players through a 2016 alpha a...[Read Review]

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