5 Games Like Pokemon Go

Games Like Pokemon Go This collection of games like Pokemon Go lists other titles that leverage location based or augmented reality mechanics and designed to be played on the go.

Bringing the Pokemon franchise into the real world Pokemon Go launched as a free game in 2016 for iOS and Android devices. From the same team that brought you one of the original location based augmented games (Ingress) the mobile title propelled to the top of the charts in the respective iOS and Android App stores almost instantly. By creating an account and capturing your starter Pokemon you’ll start on a familiar journey to catch them all but this time your monster catching adventure takes place in your real world surroundings.

Central to the Pokemon Go experience is this physical real world movement that has your player character moving around the augmented world based on your real world movements. As you explore you’ll encounter PokeStops for items, Pokemon gyms filled with the Pokemon of other players and wild encounters that are pivotal in filling up your personal Pokedex with all generations of the franchise.

The games like Pokemon Go featured below feature similar games that really on augmented reality and your real world location as a central element of their gameplay. In these games you'll use your handheld device to unlock the mysteries of an entirely new world while progressing with or competing against others.

Walkr – Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket

Put a galaxy into your pocket and improve your fitness while doing it as every step you takes recharges your own spaceship to explore the galaxy in Walkr – Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket for your mobile device (Android and iOS). Designed to encourage you to exercise more this fitness app gamifies the exercise process as you are rewarded for every step that you take with social options allowing you to compete against others or friends with the Walkr app. The premise of Walkr – Galaxy...[Read Review]

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Landlord Idle Tycoon Business

Lay claim to real life properties in this real estate tycoon game that lets you own a piece of popular locations in your location and surrounding area as you build up your own empire of virtual property. With its sandbox design Landlord Idle Tycoon Business allows players to set your own objective although will primarily revolve around growing your wealth and stock of property. Available for iOS and Android devices players can join in on the property fun as either a guest or link their account t...[Read Review]

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Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! combines your exercise routine with a zombie themed game that encourages you to keep fit by delivering a gripping story as you run in the real world (while running for your life in the virtual world). Additionally players can help their town survive the zombie apocalypse by collecting various items while out in the wild to give you some extra purpose to your exercise routine. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign Zombies, Run is available for iOS and Android platforms, launching in...[Read Review]

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PulzAR was an early adopter of augmented reality, bringing a missile defence game to the PS Vita in 2012 making it years ahead of the competition in the AR gaming market. Relying on the use of AR Play Cards this title has players attempting to divert a laser beam to power a missile launch and destroy the incoming asteroid attack in the process by utilising the augmented reality capabilities of the PS Vita. PulzAR starts up after a number of unsuccessful attempts at diverting a large number of as...[Read Review]

PS Vita
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The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves

The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves is available through the Nintendo 3DS eShop and builds on the original released in 2012 which featured similar mechanics. Building on this original though this sequel brings with it a number of gameplay improvements, additional content and even allows players to transfer their character over from the original game. For those unfamiliar with the world of The Denpa Men they are small strange creatures that live on the radio waves of the real world. Unable to be seen b...[Read Review]

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