11 Games Like Realm of the Mad God (RotMG)

Games Like Realm of the Mad God Our collection of games like Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) has other free and online RPGs that are simple on the surface, fun and incredibly addicting.

Realm of the Mad God (or RotMG) is a MMO with role playing, roguelike and shoot'em up elements that promises a simple core adventure with plenty of mechanical depth to explore as you progress. Starting from humble browser based beginnings the pixelated art style of RotMG eventually released on the popular Steam platform where its popularity continued to thrive.

With a permanent death feature at the core of the experience Realm of the Mad God has plenty of tense moments as you blast spells with the various classes at endless streams of foes and bosses alongside other players. Along the way you’ll get to equip all sorts of items that you find (or buy) while making friends and completing all sorts of missions to grow your pool of available characters.

The games like Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) here feature other action based RPGs with shoot'em up mechanics and MMO features. In these games you’ll collect loot, battle enemies and meet other players as you follow a deceptively simply core gameplay loop.


StarBreak offers a unique 2D MMO experience by leveraging platforming mechanics and wrapping in into a science fiction universe with roguelike challenges. The result is a title that has MapleStory like elements while also having Metroidvania vibes and all the MMO staples of community, loot, quests and dungeons.In a universe where humans have been wiped out by the deadly Watcher you’ll be revived as a spark to seek revenge thanks to the powerful human developed AI prior to the extinction ev...[Read Review]

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Teleglitch: Die More Edition

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is an enhanced version of the original Teleglitch game with more levels, items, weapons and improved AI to take this challenging roguelike action game even further. Initially released in 2012 this free content expansion was released in 2013 with both available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Set in a dark future that has seen the human race expand out into the stars on behalf of the mega-corporations that dominate it players find themselves alone on a small planet at the...[Read Review]

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Heroes of Loot

Heroes of Loot plays like a classic dungeon crawler but mixes in light RPG, roguelike, shoot-em up, multiplayer and pixel graphics into the experience to create a simple but enjoyable title. Available on a wide range of platforms Heroes of Loot can be an accessible title while you are out and about or something you sit down and play for longer sessions on your computer. In each dungeon crawling attempt of Heroes of Loot players will start by selecting one of the four available characters which f...[Read Review]

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Haven and Hearth

Haven and Hearth is a free to play survival based MMORPG for Windows that challenges you to fight for survival in an unforgiving game world with permanent death if you fail in the deadly environment. Fighting off animals, hunger and even other players due to the integrated PvP mechanics Haven and Hearth should not be entered lightly. Currently under development by a small team Haven and Hearth is fundamentally free to play with the full suite of game content available to players without paying a...[Read Review]

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Overture is all about chaotic gameplay in a roguelike shell where you’ll command one of the two dozen unique character variants as you slay monsters that stand in your way and grow your arsenal of loot. With familiar mechanics that draw inspiration of the big franchises in the same genre Overture incorporates a range of ideas into a single Windows slaying based adventure. It’s all about dungeon crawling in Overture which takes place in a pixelated game world and requires players to b...[Read Review]

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Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne is an intense top down shooter that uses roguelike elements to deliver a fast paced game that offers plenty of difficulty along the way. With many paths to reach the end game and even loop the gameplay on itself you’ll be encouraged to experiment with different blends of characters, items and other mechanics to find something that is your own. Nuclear Throne takes place in a dark world in which humanity has been obliterated by nuclear events which in turn has heavily altered...[Read Review]

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Delver is a dungeon crawler with randomised levels and rogue like elements where you’ll explore dungeons as you hunt for loot to improve your chances of survival. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux Delver was in development from 2012 as an Android game (since discontinued) before a final 2018 release on the Steam platform. Delver is played in a first person perspective in a relative simple game environment that is reminiscent of the original Doom and other 90 first person shooter titles ...[Read Review]

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Streets of Rogue

Opting to give players a large array of choice and freedom in completing game objectives and wrapping it in a procedurally generated city is Streets of Rogue, a game that takes inspiration from a wide range of titles and attempts to blend them into one. It’s got stealth, bullet shooters, co-op, RPG and rougelike amongst near endless choice in it’s core design. This unique offering means that Streets of Rogue ticks a range of gamer boxes and thus attracting a broad spectrum of players...[Read Review]

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Hammerwatch is a fast paced and simple pixel adventure  where players challenge themselves to adventure from the base of Castle Hammerwatch all the way to the top. Stopping your progress are hundreds of different enemies and four unique game biomes that each hold their own variation of traps, puzzles, secrets and foes to conquer. Released in 2013 for computer gamers Hammerwatch has since expanded to console platforms and an eventual sequel (Heroes of Hammerwatch) that features similar gameplay a...[Read Review]

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Solomon’s Keep

Solomon’s Keep brings the basic fundamental mechanics of the action RPG genre and implants them on iOS and Android devices. Offering a simple and free to play adventure with a range of skills and bosses you’ll fight your way to the top of the dark tower of Solomon as your magical mage acquires randomised skills and items through the equally randomised level layouts. While this free mobile game doesn’t ever reach the heights of the top tier mobile titles in the genre it offers ample e...[Read Review]

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8BitMMO is a free to play game that connects you with players from around the world while you work together to build the world of 8BitMMO, one block at a time. The game is basically one huge construction sandbox that lets you run wild with other players. On top of the core sandbox gameplay players will also have a wealth of quests and combat to participate in while enjoying the humorous undertones of the game in general. Combat is a mixture of PvE (against lawyercats and hipsters) and PvP conten...[Read Review]

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