10 Games Like Roblox

Games Like Roblox Be creative with our collection of games like Roblox where you can build, create, play and share your creations with friends and other players.

Just like Roblox the predominately free games below allow you to shape and create your own virtual world or simply enjoy the creations from the community. This list features a mixture of options for Roblox fans with options where you can dive head first into crafting an adventure, learn some basic coding languages to customise your piece of an online world or select from thousands of user generated levels and content.



Fancade is one of the few mobile games like Roblox available on the market with a unique set of tools that allow you to create your own mini-games, challenges or puzzles for others. While the core quest mode of the game has you playing through the developer's own set of hundreds of puzzles that are wonderfully designed and varied Roblox fans will be interested in the arcade and build modes available. These modes are reminiscent of the Roblox community with arcade serving as a place to browse user created puzzles and mini games by featured, popular or tag.

With the likes of mini-golf, solitaire, driving and platformers the options are vast and further supported with plays and like counts for that virtual fame. Publishing a game in this arcade is open to everyone and done through the build menu which conveniently allows gamers to build on a game template kit or start completely fresh. While the mobile game creation does take some getting used to you won’t find yourself short on tools and even scripting options to create your own virtual project. [Read Review]

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Garry’s Mod

Leveraging the same programming as Roblox (Lua) Garry’s Mod (or GMod) allows Roblox fans to utilise their Roblox experience in one of the most highly rated and downloaded games on Steam. Based on the Source Engine Garry’s Mod has literally hundreds of thousands of items that can be spawned, customised and manipulated to create everything one can imagine. With the Steam Workshop that sits behind Garry’s Mod the community library is constantly expanding with new addons, models and buildings often drawing inspiration from real life or other video games.

Like Roblox the popular creations of Garry’s Mod are in a constant flux driven by the community enhancements and changing trends and nearly monthly content updates to the core game expanding on the number of available tools and items. Some notable popular experiences include Trouble in Terrorist Town, Zombie Survival and Jailbreak.

Garry's Mod also has the benefit of offering a single player sandbox mode for those that want a safe experience without online functionality albeit that is only a small part of the overall gameplay. [Read Review]

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Cubic Castles

Allowing for the opportunity to play on your mobile device or computer Cubic Castles has similar fundamentals to Roblox with gameplay that revolves around crafting, building and sharing online worlds with other players. Opting for a parkour, driving and platforming focus Cubic Castles worlds are filled with these challenges designed by other players which gives them a similar vibe to Roblox worlds although a lack of scripting and some other features makes them more vanilla in comparison.

What Cubic Castles offers instead though is more structure through mining, farming and trading mechanics which also provides a Minecraft style experience. This is in addition to player levels, avatar customisation, quests and clans that provide longer term commitments and progress for your gameplay outside the individual game worlds commonly referred to as “castles”. [Read Review]

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Kogama offers the perfect alternative to Roblox with a tagline of “Play, create and share multiplayer games” creating a familiar formula. While not as large Kogama still has tens of thousands of players and an equally diverse number of game worlds of various designs. Popular game titles are constantly changing but Kogama tends to skew towards parkour, racing, battle arenas and crafting adventures resulting in some overlap to popular Roblox worlds while also offering some different experiences. Kogama supports programming and scripting to allow further depth and interaction although is not as customisable as Roblox’ Lua language and predominately done through placement of pre-scripted world objects which does allow for an easier learning curve.

These are all promoted through the Kogama home page which covers popular, featured, hot, weekly top and most liked worlds created by players that can be joined and swapped between as you please. These creations also expand outside of these worlds with avatar customisation driven by the community that allows you to alter your visual appearance through item selling and trading on the marketplace. [Read Review]

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Having a similar focus on creativity, physics and sandbox environments Algodoo is one of the free games like Roblox on this page intended for the curious kid who wants to design, construct and explore physics through their own creation.

Not limiting itself to the computer Algodoo is also available on iOS although is best suited to larger devices such as an iPad to allow enough screen space for world creation. This creation process is done through 2D shapes, objects and tools to create unique games, inventions and experiments which use realistic physics. Supported further with the ability to paint the world, utilise ropes and gears the potential of Algodoo is limited only by player imagination. Popular creations include usable cars, basketball shooting, Tetris games, marble races and even a recreation of Super Mario.

While these worlds (known as scenes) are shareable within the community through the official website there is no direct interaction with other players making Algodoo potentially a kid safe alternative to Roblox (although certain scenes may contain mature themes such as tanks being used for ballistic physics). [Read Review]

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If you’re seeking a Lego style experience and wanting to focus more on the building of vast structures (such as cities, castles or sport stadiums) you’ll find Blockland offers just that. Unfortunately, this does come at an initial purchase cost which results in one of the few paid games on this list and also means there is a smaller community within Blockland due to this barrier to entry. Factoring in this cost and small community results in Blockland being more single player focused despite having the multiplayer infrastructure to support games with friends and other players. To offset these negatives though Blockland allows for some fantastic and realistic world design with day cycles and the ability to even alter the lighting environment for that perfect landscape. This is further supported with bots, karts, zombies, animals and various sport items which can be used to create your own playable games should you wish.[Read Review]

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Offering a basic free to play title Blocksworld features similar customisation and block programming to Roblox. Blocksworld is now available on Windows and Mac. While offering a basic suite of tools and ceasing ongoing development there is sufficient depth to draw out your imagination.

Fundamentally Blocksworld has similar mechanics to Roblox with a focus on producing worlds full of items and sharing these with other players or browsing through the community worlds yourself. Blocksworld offers a diverse range of blocks to achieve this which is then assisted through action blocks to create common functionality such as wheels, sensors and motors. Going one step further is the in-game scripting for complicated designs, while this doesn’t reach the heights of Lua coding language it is more accessible and can thus be a great alternative for those that find coding in Roblox Lua a little too daunting. [Read Review]

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Growtopia is one of the few mobile apps like Roblox and is also available on consoles with the sandbox community experience available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Notably Growtopia supports shared progression amongst some of the supported platforms allowing your progress to carry over. Attracting downloads of the original iOS and Android versions in the tens of millions the size of Growtopia competes directly with Roblox and ensures a diverse range of worlds, mini games and other creations to play. Growtopia is however a 2D based experience rather than the 3D worlds offered by Roblox.

Like many of the other online games on this page Growtopia is fundamentally about building your own virtual space with a large number of block types that you can gather or trade. Uniquely the vast majority of these are grown on trees using specific recipes and referred to as splicing. Utilising this mixture of blocks and vacant space the community has created a range of mini games which primarily revolve around simple parkour challenges, car races and PvP arenas given the mobile and web-based origins. [Read Review]

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For the Roblox fan that enjoys a role-playing game with some basic combat, item collecting and dungeon exploration Trove is a strong option. Featuring a similar aesthetic that is based around blocks Trove is a comparable sandbox MMO albeit more focused on your character’s progression and combat making it more one-dimensional in comparison to the constantly expanding library of Roblox games. That is not to say that Trove isn’t a fantastic high-quality MMORPG but its appeal is limited to certain subset of Roblox fans.

Trove does still offer an element of player customisation though with Trove Clubs which are special private areas where players can come together to craft a unique environment. Through a permissions systems Trove ensures that only appropriately ranked members can freely edit the private world and ensures that visiting guests can enjoy your creation without damaging it.

Other notable features of Trove include a great avatar customisation system with multiple loot levels and over a dozen core classes that offer their own playstyles to provide core gameplay variety. [Read Review]

FreeMacPCPS4Xbox One
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Imagine if instead of being in control of a single world and sharing your creations with others that you were granted control over an entire MMO universe. This is the experience that 8BitMMO makes a reality with obvious appeal to Roblox fans thanks to this creation element being at the heart of the MMO gameplay (with appropriate anti-griefing systems in place). While 8BitMMO lacks scripting or similar functionality the extended building beyond a single world instance offers an alternative path for virtual world creation.

With the 100% player built world on offer you’ll be able to create your own home, craft a dungeon, raise a town or create your own art in the 2D world. Customisation also extends beyond the virtual world to your character with the likes of clothing and accessories to stand out from other 8BitMMO players. [Read Review]

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a sandbox physics MMO that lets players create their own levels from a range of building tools and code while sharing them with other Roblox players. The game has been online since 2005 and has become a popular (and creative) hangout for teenagers and young children.

The possibilities in Roblox are truly endless with plenty of different gameplay experiences created by the community which in turn has allowed Roblox to continually attract and retain a large number of users to the Roblox website. The core element of Roblox revolves around being creative and designing your own worlds out of blocks, Lua coding language and your own imagination. With this coding players can script Roblox blocks and other items to perform certain actions which allows players to create their own virtual games such as racing, roleplay, battle royales, platforming adventure and everything in between.

This Roblox system lets the creatively minded player create some amazing worlds and put them in front of thousands of players to enjoy (and provide feedback). On top of these virtual worlds players can also socialise with other Roblox users, customise their virtual avatar (accessories, animations, faces, gear, emotes and clothing) or participate in the market and trade currencies (Robux and Tickets).

Are there any games like Roblox? What games are better than Roblox?

As you can see from our curated list of alternatives above there are many games similar to Roblox currently available across a range of platforms although most have a slightly different focus than Roblox. Better will always be a subjective topic and depend on the features of Roblox that you find the most enjoyable be it socialising, world building, scripting or avatar customisation.

For example, those that want a continuous virtual world experience may find 8BitMMO to be better than Roblox. Alternatively, if you want a larger sandbox environment and more available tools to play with then Garry’s Mod may be the ideal option although the game is not free to play like Roblox.

Are games like Roblox safe for Kids? Is Roblox a dangerous game?

Due to the focus on user generated content and interaction there is some risk involved in Roblox (as with any online game) although in the vast majority of instances this will be blocked by the Roblox team or their automated tools. Accordingly, it is rare that children playing Roblox will be exposed to inappropriate content although the risk can be heightened if they actively seek out content or players that are operating against Roblox guidelines (this is not unique to Roblox however and applies to Internet access in general).

The primary lines of defence in the instance of Roblox is the chat filters to prevent personal information and profanity and the report system that allows quick action on any undesirable or rule breaking account. Parents can further customise and disable social and game access through the official Roblox parental controls.

Like any online game designed for children the best result for both parent and child is often to experience the game together to get an understanding of what exactly Roblox is, where parental controls should be set and the possible benefits Roblox can provide through learning, building and socialising. More information is available on the corporate Roblox page for parents.

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