11 Games Like Rocket League

Games Like Rocket League Our compilation of games like Rocket League lists other titles that use vehicles in a competitive manner or offer a unique way to play a traditional sport.

Rocket League is one of the most popular vehicle oriented games turning traditional soccer into a rocket powered car experience instead. The success of the title led to Rocket League also developing a basketball inspired game mode referred to as Hoops and an ice hockey themed Snow Day mode. Offering both single player and multiplayer modes your objective in both modes is to push the ball into the goal and score points. Game modes include variations from one vs one to four vs four with options for both ranked and casual games.

In addition to controlling your rocket powered car players can jump to perform a mid-air hit and collect speed boosts from certain points on the field. While both of these can facilitate moving the ball across the field the momentum you can also be used to destroy enemy cars, which will respawn after a short time. Lasting for a few minutes matches players are awarded points at the end of each match based on their actions which can be used for car customisation.

The games like Rocket League selected below offer a mixture of destruction derby style car games and sporting titles that approach traditional sport in unique and interesting ways.


#IDARB is a strange mixture of fast paced brawl action and various sports that sees teams of between 1 and 4 players compete against each other on Xbox One and Windows 10. Customisation is one of the foundations of #IDARB (It Draws a Red Box) with players able to customise their pixel characters, team logos and even the the...[Read Review]

PCXbox One
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FootLOL: Epic Fail League

Giving you a host of deadly weapons and placing you in front of a football field is FootLOL: Epic Fail League. Unlike other football titles this wacky title won’t have you controlling the players but instead be indirectly influencing the result by using items like mines to literally blow up the field. The game gives a...[Read Review]

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SoccerRally 2 World Championship

Bringing the mixture of soccer and card to mobile devices is SoccerRally 2 World Championship a title solely for iOS devices that has you entering tournaments, completing challenges and competing against others. For those that want to explore other car based sports SoccerRally 2 World Championship also includes options to c...[Read Review]

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Heavy Metal Machines

Opting for an action packed game centred around car battles Heavy Metal Machines offers up something akin to a MOBA with car theme. Set within a world of madness Heavy Metal Machines features a healthy roster of machines and pilots for players to command in 4v4 style matches which centre around delivering the bomb to the en...[Read Review]

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Zero Gear

Borrowing the Mario Kart formula but adding in unique game modes such as Goal, Tag and Target that utilise the core racing mechanics in interesting ways Zero Gear is a cheaper option for groups of friends looking to get some kart mania action on PC. Going beyond standard racing mechanics Zero Gear includes a wealth of acrob...[Read Review]

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Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

Return to the origins of Rocket League on the PS3 with Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARP Battle-Cars), the first car orientated game to be released by Psyonix. Similar to the game that came after it SARP Battle-Cars is a soccer video game that introduces vehicles into the mix. Playable alone or with othe...[Read Review]

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Lethal League

Mixing fighting games baseball bats and almost squash like rules is Lethal League, a game about hitting a ball at continually increasing speeds to knock out your opponent. Allowing up to 4 players to face off in the various game arenas the simple design of the game can quickly become utter chaos. Your main goal of each matc...[Read Review]

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Twisted Metal

Offering intense vehicle combat is Twisted Metal (PS3) which reboots the Twisted Metal franchise that first launched on the PS2. Twisted Metal features both a story campaign and multiplayer combat (4 player split screen and 16 player online). Just like the first game central to your story is the Twisted Metal competition ru...[Read Review]

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Mario Strikers Charged

Changing up the basic soccer formula to be more intense is Mario Strikers Charged, a Wii title that builds on the original GameCube experience, Super Mario Strikers. Offering similar gameplay to said GameCube title players will find themselves commanding various Nintendo characters onto the pitch as they fight for control o...[Read Review]

WiiWii U
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TagPro offers free online multiplayer capture the flag gameplay and has proven itself as an addicting game with a steady audience of players since its 2013 release. TagPro utilises a simple concept but is incredibly addicting and has many hidden intricacies that can not only keep the game interesting in the long run but als...[Read Review]

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Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball places you inside various dodgeball arenas and game modes against other players (or bots) as you catch dodgeballs and throw them at your enemies. Focusing on fast gameplay and trick shots it is available across Windows, Mac and Linux. Gameplay is deceivingly simple on the surface as player...[Read Review]

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