2 Games Like Rocket League

Games Like Rocket League Our compilation of games like Rocket League lists other titles that use vehicles in a competitive manner or offer a unique way to play a traditional real life sport.

Rocket League launched in 2005 and grew into the most popular competitive vehicle oriented video game on the market turning traditional soccer into a rocket powered car experience. Offering both single player and multiplayer opportunities your objective in both modes is to push the ball into the goal to score points similar to the real world sport. This success has also resulted in the development of other Rocket League game modes based on real world sports including basketball and hockey.

In addition to controlling your rocket powered car to push the soccer ball players can jump to perform a mid-air hit and collect speed boosts from certain points on the field. With a competitive following the mechanics of Rocket League allow skilful players to utilise their momentum to complete a range of trick shots. Matches last only a few minutes in Rocket League which results in a fast paced online game that brings traditional sports to the virtual world.

The games like Rocket League selected below offer a mixture of destruction derby style car games and sporting titles that approach traditional sport in unique and interesting ways.

Zero Gear

Borrowing the Mario Kart formula but adding in unique game modes such as Goal, Tag and Target that utilise the core racing mechanics in interesting ways Zero Gear is a cheaper option for groups of friends looking to get some kart mania action on PC. Going beyond standard racing mechanics Zero Gear includes a wealth of acrobatic options with flips, spins, slides and boosts which particularly shine in goal mode and in turn recreates an experience similar to the popular and eSports followed game of...[Read Review]

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#IDARB is a strange but enjoyable mixture of fast paced brawl action and various sports that sees teams of between 1 and 8 players compete against each other on Xbox One, Xbox X/S and Windows 10 (with an Xbox compatible controller). Designed with eSport competitiveness in mind for your friend group #IDARB is an ideal option to add to your regular game rotations of competitive games. Customisation is one of the foundations of #IDARB (which stands for It Draws a Red Box) with players able to custo...[Read Review]

PCXbox One
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