11 Games Like Spore

Games Like Spore Our collection of games like Spore mixes evolution simulation and god games to give you a diverse list of great video game titles.

Spore offers a unique experience due to the wide range genres it contains within a single video game. The core gameplay elements of this experience though mostly revolve around life simulation, evolution, strategy and elements of other god games. Spore has drawn attention in particular for its huge amount of customisation which allows you to create anything you can imagine using the available tools.

Ultimately in Spore players take their own personalised species through the chain of evolution. The gameplay of Spore is split up into several different stages of life from a single cell to a space age race capable of exploring the entire galaxy with the goal to reach the centre. Each of these stages is open ended as to how you achieve advancement to the next stage of evolution with aggressive and peaceful options which determine your ongoing special species traits.

The games like Spore below have a focus on evolution simulation and sandbox gameplay that incorporate all of the genres that are present in Spore. For fans of space exploration and colonisation in particular we have also included a number of games like Spore's space stage.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program has you leading your own space program in a realistic single player sandbox environment that offers a wealth of space themed challenges to overcome. Whether you are a fan of the sandbox genre or have a keen interest in space travel you’ll find an enjoyable adventure as you lead the space program of the humanoid like green aliens referred to as Kerbals. With realistic physics underpinning everything within Kerbal Space Program it’s highly likely the game will also...[Read Review]

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Black & White 2

Black & White 2 is a sequel to the first popular god game in the series and expands on the core gameplay with the addition of real time strategy elements to expand on the original challenge. Praised as offering something unique Black & White 2 continues to have a small dedicated fan base decades after its release with plenty of nostalgia for those that played it upon original release date. In Black & White 2 players again take on the role of a god and use their divine hand to interac...[Read Review]

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Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution (Species) explores evolution simulation as it gives players all the tools necessary to control the forces of natural selection within their own little world. Focused on simulation rather than traditional gameplay Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution first released as an Early Access title in 2018 captures the true essence of evolution and gives you a front row seat. The development of Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution aims to be an accurate evo...[Read Review]

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Endless Space 2

Revisiting the wide darkness of space yet again with a turn based strategy game is Endless Space 2 that offers the same science fiction setting of the original while expanding on the universe and strategy options. Released in 2017 for Windows and Mac it’s been five years since the first Endless Space 4X strategy title with the sequel seeking to offer similar addicting one more turn gameplay and self describes itself as a “strategic space opera”. Endless Space 2 takes place in a...[Read Review]

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Creatures Exodus

Creatures Exodus was released in 2004 as a compilation package of Creatures Docking Station and Creatures 3 and features primarily the same adventure as this base game and DLC combo on their initial release. Marking the pinnacle of the franchise the Creatures Exodus bundle is the most advanced version of the popular evolution simulation series to date. At the core Creatures Exodus offers similar gameplay to previous games in the series with players focusing their attention on hatching creatures ...[Read Review]

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Eufloria offers strategy gameplay in an artistic wrapping with the result being a fantastic relaxing game that offers just the right balance of difficulty and presentation. Available on a range of platforms (starting on Windows) the game is uniquely satisfying, relaxing and challenging with the success leading to other platform releases and eventually the HD release. Set in a space like environment your objective in Eufloria is to overtake the universe with your seedlings which grow from the tre...[Read Review]

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Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures lets you create your own army of strange creatures from and then test them out in a real time strategy environment. Offering an experience unlike any other Impossible Creatures has a captivating and unique game loop that revolves around creating your own units and testing them on the battlefield. Impossible Creatures was released in 2002 and developed by Relic Entertainment which does mean the fantastically unique game design is offset by some technical limitations of the ti...[Read Review]

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Osmos is a relaxing puzzle game available across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices released in 2009 that explores a simple premise although layers it with an increasing sense of difficulty. Using simple mechanics and great core game design Osmos has captured plenty of praise for its enjoyable, atmospheric and in time challenging gameplay loop for computer and mobile players. The premise of Osmos is simple with players advancing through each of the game levels on offer by increasing th...[Read Review]

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Evolva offers a unique action experience that revolves around evolution and was released in 2000 for Windows. Continuing to be available through GOG.com those that experienced it on release or newcomers that want to adventure into one of the most unique titles in the genre. In Evolva players take control of four powerful Genohunters that can alter their DNA by absorbing genes from their fallen foes which in turn grants different abilities. This race of Genohunters was created by humans in order ...[Read Review]

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Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire is a sci-fi strategy game with 4X elements that will have you conquering a large universe with military force, economic power or diplomatic negotiations. With elements of real time strategy also present the game seeks to combine the two well known strategy niches of RTS and 4X gameplay into a single challenge. Sins of a Solar Empire is set in the distant future and has you at the head of a space exploring race that are looking to expand their empire deeper into the stars t...[Read Review]

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No Man’s Sky

Explore the vastness of space in No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure with elements of survival and exploration that lets you explore the galaxy while encountering all sorts of strange life forms. Originally launched in 2016 on PC and PS4 with an Xbox One release in 2018 No Man’s Sky had a rocky launch but with long term commitment from the developer No Man’s Sky has terraformed from a broken promise into a worthy space exploration game. The basis for No Man’s Sky is explora...[Read Review]

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