9 Games Like Star Stable

Games Like Star Stable Our selection of games like Star Stable lists other pony games where you’ll breed, race and manage your own horse or other animal in an online game environment.

Star Stable is one of the biggest virtual horse games around with a massive 3D world that players can explore on horseback while solving mysteries and making friends. Combined with the massive community of players, a customisable home stable for your horses and countless adventures Star Stable is one of the great online horse games.

Starting your adventure by choosing a horse from countless breeds players will grow with their horse as they become a more experienced rider over time. The island of Jorvik will facilitate this growth with an island full of fascinating locations, characters and quests just like a traditional MMO adventure. Once your skills have been developed players can then show off these skills by entering all sorts of races and competitions to prove themselves as the champion horse rider against other Star Stable players.

The games like Star Stable selected below offer more online horse games for girls or other titles that have you managing animals. In these options you’ll get to adopt a horse, ride them, customise your own avatar, compete against other players and even breed horses together.

Horse Farm

If managing your very own customised horse ranch is a dream of yours then Horse Farm by Upjers will allow you to live out this fantasy. From constructing the necessary buildings to pampering your horses and even inviting guests for a dream holiday at your farm. Horse Farms is available to play within your browser, mobile device (iOS and Android) and more recently added to Steam as a Windows install. Designed for the horse lover Horse Farm gives you control over stables for your horses while also...[Read Review]

7.4 User Avg (11 votes)

The Endless Forest

In The Endless Forest players can explore a beautiful and peaceful game world as a deer while encountering and interacting with other players. The game is available as a free to play adventure through a small downloadable Windows client and while it lacks overarching goals or objectives The Endless Forest is a relaxing sandbox style experience. While it doesn’t support speech or text players are able to communicate through the Forest Action system which lets players complete basic actions to com...[Read Review]

8.8 User Avg (76 votes)

Feral Heart

Feral Heart is one of the few games around that lets you assume the role of an animal in a MMO style world. Paired with role playing elements that let you customise your character and explore a diverse world Feral Heart is a free to play adventure that lets players connect with others using their lion or wolf avatars. This MMO formula forms the foundation of your adventure with the world of Feral Heart open to players who will have plenty of fun as they make new friends, explore a large open wor...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (195 votes)

WolfQuest: Classic

WolfQuest is a video game originally available for Windows and Mac that simulates wolf ecology and allows players to experience the life of a wolf living in Yellowstone National Park in both single player and multiplayer game modes. WolfQuest has a broad history of development and while it originally started as a free game has since transitioned into multiplayer paid game titles and mobile apps for iOS/Android Players can still play the final free version of WolfQuest (version 2.5.1) as a single...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (54 votes)

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a virtual world for children that incorporates real animal and plant facts into fun storylines that are supported by National Geographic educational content. Ideal for the curious child gamer Animal Jam also offers a range of social and game mechanics within its virtual world locations to encourage engagement with a child, tween and even teenager audience. Given the audience in mind Animal Jam avoids offering outside advertising in its game experience supporting itself through prem...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (404 votes)

My Horse

My Horse lets you live out your dream of horse ownership by providing gamers the opportunity to care for a realistic horse on their iOS or Android device. Similar to other games in the animal care genre My Horse allows players to undertake a diverse roster of horse activities which include caring, grooming, feeding and in time competing in horse competitions. With this wide list of options and the realistic simulation from the impressive game graphics you’ll find that My Horse helps to bri...[Read Review]

8.4 User Avg (16 votes)

Wildlife Camp

Start your own Wildlife Camp adventure with nearly a dozen different animals to interact with, care for and train within your own camp. Available for Windows and released back in 2010 Wildlife Camp offers a range of mechanics, cut animals and an expansive list of items for you to collect and use in this animal management game. Revolving around the player discovering various animal species and nursing them back to health from their injuries or other illness Wildlife Camp is a game that slowly bui...[Read Review]

8.4 User Avg (15 votes)


Dogzer is a free to play browser based game targeted towards dog lovers worldwide with the ability to adopt, raise, train and even breed your own virtual fur friend. Blurring the lines between social network and MMO Dogzer lets you undertake these activities with your own virtual dog while participating in a large community of other dog lovers within your browser. With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from there is plenty of choice when you start your Dogzer adventure and ensures yo...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (73 votes)


Horzer offers similar gameplay to Dogzer, except that it trades dogs for virtual browser horses. If you’re seeking a game that lets you train horses, compete in equestrian competitions, be part of a community and have a horse related job you’ll be able to do all that and more in the browser based experience of Horzer. When creating your account you’ll get to pick from two dozen initial horse breeds that have their own stats which can dictate the area of Horzer that you focus on...[Read Review]

7.3 User Avg (24 votes)