9 Games Like Super Smash Bros

Games like Super Smash Bros This compilation of games like Super Smash Bros features other fighting platformers that offer 4 player action with a large roster of heroes and maps.

The Super Smash Bros series started in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 with subsequent games on the GameCube (Super Smash Bros Melee) and Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, among other modern titles for Nintendo platforms. Featuring characters from various Nintendo franchises such as Kirby, Link and Pikachu the formula has remained mostly the same with an expanding roster that has up to 4 players entering the arena battlefield to brawl against each other with their chosen character.

While broadly referred to as a fighting game the experience of Super Smash Bros is a unique offering with victory awarded based on launching your enemy off the map rather than solely depleting a limited health pool. Other changes from more traditional games in the fighting and brawling genre is the addition of team battles, items and simplified attack/combo systems that make the overall franchise approachable as a casual party title while remaining the depth to support a competitive scene.

The games like Super Smash Brothers below have a similar focus to the popular franchise with party focused titles that place emphasis beyond dealing direct damage which adds additional strategic layers.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Bringing some of your favourite characters together to battle against each other PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale offers a Super Smash Bros like experience with a number of video game favourites. The game originally supported cross platform gameplay across PS Vita and the PS3 console although as of 2019 all online functionality has been retired limiting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to local multiplayer or single player game modes. Using the traditional 4 player maximum formula per matc...[Read Review]

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Fight for free in Brawlhalla, a game heavily inspired by Super Smash Bros and available across all major platforms and mobile devices. Growing rapidly from its open beta started in November 2015 Brawlhalla challenges players to knock opponents off the game stage by applying damage to weaken them first. This objective stays the same regardless of the core Brawlhalla game mode you’re engaging in. Be it the 1v1, 2v2, 4 player free for all or the 8 player variant you’ll have to rely on y...[Read Review]

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Move or Die

Experience constantly changing game modes in Move or Die a game designed for the party game niche with a range of multiplayer methods supported. Offering a fast paced game for friendly and sometimes not so friendly competition all of the modes in Move or Die revolve around players not stopping for an extended period of time which quickly creates chaotic fun around 20 second matches. Supporting online, LAN, couch and Steam remote play options Move or Die is one of the best titles in the genre in ...[Read Review]

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Rivals of Aether

Bringing Super Smash Bros and indie development together Rivals of Aether has players calling on the powers of nature to battle against other Rivals in fast paced brawling. In addition to 1v1, 2v2 and free for all games modes Rivals of Aether includes a story mode that provides background to each of the fighting Rivals. Players can also fight against waves of fighters in an abyss mode if they are seeking a real challenge or a co-operative option instead. Across all these game modes the action is...[Read Review]

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Opting to take familiar platforming mechanics from other games but implanting 4 player competition is SpeedRunners, a title that is all about blasting through various levels with random players or friends in an attempt to be first across the finish line across the available game platforms. Supporting 4 players SpeedRunners features platforming with grappling hooks, an interactive environment and plenty of power-ups along the way as well as you dash past your opponents. With these mechanics and g...[Read Review]

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Killer Instinct

Marking the third game in the Killer Instinct this 2013 release served as a free launch title on the Xbox One, eventually also coming to the Windows 10 platform. Allowing players to play for free with a rotatable free character list while unlocking additional fighters. This freemium model design stands out as unique amongst other fighting games and had the bonus effect of ensuring there was a sizeable audience outside of the usual core hardcore fighting game fans. More recently a Steam version h...[Read Review]

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TowerFall Ascension

Competitive archery makes a comeback in arena style through TowerFall Ascension. Supporting local play and a single player campaign you’ll command one of up to 4 archers on various maps as you attempt to one shot your opponents. With the lack of online multiplayer TowerFall Ascension is designed for the party game niche and fills this market perfectly with its intensely satisfying combat where each kill feels satisfying and particularly so when your victim is sitting alongside you. Gamepla...[Read Review]

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Lethal League

Mixing fighting games baseball bats and almost squash like rules is Lethal League, a game about hitting a ball at continually increasing speeds to knock out your opponent. Allowing up to 4 players to face off in the various game arenas the simple design of the game can quickly become utter chaos. Your main goal of each match is to hit the baseball sized metal ball into your opponent to knock them out. By hitting said ball it will change to your colour allowing it to deal damage to enemies (1 hit...[Read Review]

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Few sporting experiences have been translated over to video games and even less have done so in a successful party manner. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure dodges that trend though by bringing the sport (and popular high school past time) of dodgeball to the party game scene. It’s a battle royale brawler crossed with dodgeball where only the most dexterous, skilled and sometimes lucky player will stand alone as the winner. With both single player, local multiplayer and co-operative options ...[Read Review]

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