15 Games Like Temple Run

Games Like Temple Run Our list of games like Temple Run features the very best endless running games for your iOS and Android users to get hooked on.

Temple Run started in 2011 and popularised the endless running genre which also led to sequel for the game in 2013. With billions of game downloads Temple Run is hands down the leader in this ever growing genre in mobile gaming.

Playing as an explorer running from demonic monkeys Temple Run challenges players to run around corners, jump over gaps in the terrain or slide under tree branches in hope of escape. To assist the player a variety of power ups will appear to give the player invincibility, a massive boost or help them collect coins.

These coins can then be spent on single use utilities to give players a head start in their next game or increase the potency of the available powerups. This gameplay repeats in an endless cycle as players attempt to beat their friends for bragging rights.

The endless running games like Temple Run that you'll find featured on this page offer similar addicting gameplay. In these games you'll run through all sorts of environments and experience some interesting mechanics that improve on the endless running formula.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a pixel based mobile game that has players crossing a busy street of traffic with their unique character and the equally unique pixel block world. Mixing in the classic gameplay of Frogger and adding an endless component to it has proved an addicting formula on both the iOS and Android platforms with eventual release on the Microsoft Store (Windows 10) and a web based version. With this simple formula and gameplay Crossy Road is accessible to all ages and spectrum on the gamer sca...[Read Review]

8.6 User Avg (5 votes)

Run Sackboy! Run!

Run Sackboy! Run! brings the LittleBigPlanet franchise into the endless runner space with a delightful side scrolling game packed full of collectibles. While the game has obvious appeal to LittleBigPlanet fans there isn’t a barrier to entry if this is your first taste of the franchise. Run Sackboy Run! falls into the side scrolling sub-genre of endless runners where your focus is on jumping, gliding and flying over obstacles that are presented to the player at an increasing speed. Negativitron w...[Read Review]

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8.1 User Avg (9 votes)

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition takes the gameplay from the Last Knight on iOS devices and brings it into the PC realm with tonnes of additional content while attempting to refine the experience with the additional hardware available outside of the mobile arena. Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition mixes together elements of platforming, ragdoll physics, endless runners and action into a single experience where you’ll control a knight and his noble horse as they adventure through a range of diverse...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (9 votes)

Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a simplified endless runner that has you dodging the deadly grip of zombies through predominately open fields. Opting to step away from the usually colourful and vibrant endless running titles on the market Into The Dead offers something more intense that can get your heart racing. With a world now full of the undead your challenge is to last as many metres as possible while comparing your achievements to your friends or your own past attempts at survival. Like others in the gen...[Read Review]

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Audiosurf is a puzzle and rhythm experience that lets you surf your own music by creating a track based on your favourite songs. Visualise your music in a way you never have expired before while competing against other players to achieve the highest score possible. Released in 2008 Audiosurf creates a track for players to race on based on the music that they select. From steep declines to steady rises and gentle flat rides your music collection will dictate the experience that you have in Audios...[Read Review]

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Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride challenges you to escape from a top secret lab with your stolen technology with the help of your jet pack. Despite the name of the game though this is no joyride for fun with players having to dodge electrical gates, missiles and all other sorts of obstacles in this side scrolling adventure with a secret agent inspired game theme. With a jetpack strapped to your back the gameplay in Jetpack Joyride is fast paced with control limited to tapping or holding down your finger to affec...[Read Review]

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7.8 User Avg (6 votes)

Pocket Mine

Pocket Mine is a fun and addicting endless digging game where you’ll dig deep into the earth to find treasure and artifacts. With a huge range of features packed into this free mobile experience it’s one that constantly delivers an engaging experience with new content always only a dig away. The game borrows the formula from popular endless running games but transforms it into a mining experience instead with players digging deep down into the earth that is split into 7 columns. Players can move...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (13 votes)

One Epic Knight

One Epic Knight sticks to the popular Temple Run formula pretty closely in terms of gameplay but had a few fun innovations that make it a must install for endless running fans that want something different. In One Epic Knight you’ll command a knight as he traverses into a dungeon where you’ll gather treasure, avoid traps, jump over holes in your path and destroy enemies with a sword. The introduction of interesting traps (such as the swinging axes) and enemies that will try to block ...[Read Review]

7.7 User Avg (6 votes)


Why run when you can fall? Unlike other endless runners Verticus has you falling through the sky, there are no lanes or paths here to limit your freedom with a complete 360 degrees of area for you to glide through. Verticus gives you a brief background of why it’s your job to fall endlessly from the sky to save the human race before plunging you into your a tutorial mission that shows you all the basics that you’ll need to master to get through falling in one piece. The game uses a m...[Read Review]

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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a fast paced endless running experience that will have you running across the railway tracks and even on top of trains to avoid the guard and his dog that are close on your tail. It’s a brightly coloured adventure that has you relying on faster reactions and forethought to ensure you are well positioned to overcome the randomly generated and complex levels. Subway Surfers masters all the basic mechanics that defines an endless running game ensuring that your mobile experi...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (13 votes)

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush combines quality endless running with movie themed minions to offer a good mobile experience with easier gameplay than most other alternatives in this genre. Staying true to the movie in terms of overall vibe this is one that younger fans of the movie will particularly enjoy (although it’s definitely recommended to turn off in app purchases before doing so). Unlike more traditional endless runners Minion Rush splits the game up into levels that each have their ow...[Read Review]

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Boulder Jack

Boulder Jack is a 3D endless runner game where you’ll have to run for your life from a deadly boulder. Unlike other games in the genre Boulder Jack uses a reverse camera angle hat has Jack running towards you (complete with terrified facial expressions). This gives the game a whole new learning curve for fans of endless running games as getting used to the controls will definitely take some time. While the change might prove frustrating at first it gives you a greater sense of urgency seeing the...[Read Review]

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Storm Rush

Test your concentration and skill in Storm Rush a game that challenges you to set distance records as you fly through a colourful game world of fast moving objects. Offering a quickly paced experience that instantly becomes addicting (and even frustrating) it’s a great way to kill some time and challenge your friends on the respective mobile platforms. The premise of Storm Rush is simple with similarities to the endless running genre albeit a more toned down and simplified offering while simulta...[Read Review]

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Agent, Run!

Agent, Run! Is a 2D endless runner that introduces some interesting mechanics to offer a compelling free Android runner app. Perfectly suited for fans of this addicting genre wanting something with a bit more challenge and a bit more gameplay variety that give you a sense of progression as you master the game mechanics of Agent, Run! With a simple back story Agent, Run! sets players running through up to 4 levels as a secret agent attempting to save the world (while being chased by henchmen from...[Read Review]

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Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash lets you play as your favourite hedgehog in an endless runner that feels very much like a Sonic game with boss battles, crazy track designs and all your favourite characters from the franchise within your mobile device. Sonic Dash gets all the fundamental elements of the genre down  with responsive controls, enjoyable graphics and a good amount of variety in terms of track to ensure that it competes against other endless runners on gameplay and doesn’t rely on its namesake alone...[Read Review]

5.4 User Avg (14 votes)