14 Games Like Terraria

Games Like Terraria Our collection of games like Terraria offers sandbox, exploration, action adventure, side scrolling and free games similar to Terraria.

Originally released for Windows in 2011 the sandbox action adventure offered by Terraria has since expanded to a wealth of console and mobile platforms. Spawning inside a randomly generated 2D game world the possibilities for adventure alone or with friends in Terraria is endless. With the ability to shape the game world, craft tools to survive and battle bosses the Terraria adventure is diverse.

Starting from the basics players will explore their immediate surroundings to gather basic resources such as wood and copper ore to advance their crafting abilities and build a structure of safety from the elements and monsters. To continue this progression players will need to explore new biomes and increasing depths of their random world while fighting a range of enemy types and random events. In time players can eventually attract NPCs to their cause who will assist you from your base of operations.

The games like Terraria featured here offer a mixture of free, online, 2D and 3D adventures that will satisfy your thirst for discovery and progression in a random world alone or with friends.


StarBreak offers a unique 2D MMO experience by leveraging platforming mechanics and wrapping in into a science fiction universe with roguelike challenges. The result is a title that has MapleStory like elements while also having Metroidvania vibes and all the MMO staples of community, loot, quests and dungeons.In a universe where humans have been wiped out by the deadly Watcher you’ll be revived as a spark to seek revenge thanks to the powerful human developed AI prior to the extinction ev...[Read Review]

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Dig-N-Rig is a 2D mining game based in the future that challenges players to find and manage resources through unique rig building mechanics which create hours of fun and challenge as players master the possibilities of the available game tools. Created in a similar manner to Tag: The Power of Paint and Narbacular Drop Dig-N-Rig has student game development origins which does show through in the basic 2D graphical style of the game but generally doesn’t detract from the unique mechanics at...[Read Review]

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Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included challenges you with space colony simulation across varied procedurally generated worlds that each offer their own distinct fight for survival. From food, warmth and even oxygen as your resources under constant threat you’ll need to guide your colonists to survive and in time thrive to a civilisation that is self sufficient and safe from external threats. Released in 2019 for Windows, Mac and Linux this space adventure has some similar survival mechanics to Klei Entertai...[Read Review]

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A Valley Without Wind

Not content with replicating video game experiences offered before it A Valley Without Wind explores a different path by mixing together a range of genres into a single action, strategy adventure title which was further refined in the sequel. Your objective in A Valley Without Wind is restore order to the world as you save it from its own self destruction at the hands of an evil overlord in a post ice-age style era. Fundamentally A Valley Without Wind is a 2D side scrolling game with a healthy a...[Read Review]

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Starbound is a 2D side-scrolling game that weaves together creativity, adventure, exploration and action into a galactic adventure. Not limiting itself to a single world Starbound encourages players to explore multiple procedural generated planets where you’ll find varied resources, inhabitants and other challenges. While Starbound features a number of sandbox design features the core experience still provides significant structure for those that want an overarching purpose to their advent...[Read Review]

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Junk Jack

Junk Jack

Junk Jack is a sandbox adventure title that has its roots in the mobile space where the first game was released in 2011 (now known as Junk Jack Retro). This 2013 version of Junk Jack serves as a sequel with a similar core gameplay loop while also expanding the series to computer and the Nintendo Switch. Offering a randomly generated game world for players to explore while you craft, build and hopefully survive in a pixelated game world. The core gameplay of Junk Jack focuses on exploration, with...[Read Review]

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Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox adventure and has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest and most loved games of all time culminating in the sale of the game by its independent developer to the behemoth Microsoft for a large sum. Not only has Minecraft itself had significant success but it also spawned a wave of copycat titles inspiring a whole new genre of blocky sandbox games that either adopted the Minecraft formula fully or offered their own spin on the Minecraft adventu...[Read Review]

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Mixing elements of crafting, rogue-like and platforming together to offer a 2D survival game Magicite is a challenge that can be enjoyed in shorter gameplay bursts and with friends while exploring underground dungeon challenges. Set in randomly generated dungeons Magicite will have players collecting resources from trees, ores and enemies in order to craft better equipment to survive and advance through the increasing threats that the game world throws at players. Ultimately you end up with a ga...[Read Review]

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Growtopia is a 2D creative sandbox experience designed primarily for multiplayer and social building for your mobile devices (both iOS and Android). Following the success of Growtopia on the mobile platforms the game was brought across to Windows/Mac and consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch) with predominately the same experience albeit optimised for devices as appropriate. At its core Growtopia is a multiplayer sandbox and platforming universe of endless worlds that players can populate...[Read Review]

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Crashing into the sandbox role playing genre Crashlands takes players on a crafting adventure where you’ll progress your available arsenal of weapons while you fight and even tame a diverse roster of alien beasts. Originally an exclusive title to PC and mobile the game was later ported to a number of console platforms allowing all gamers the opportunity to push through the survival story driven adventure. Crashlands opens with players hurtling through space on a delivery contract with thei...[Read Review]

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Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game is a free to play 2D adventure game and serves as the prequel to the similarly titled (but paid) Treasure Adventure World. While not as expansive as the subsequent World release which polished the experience in several areas it serves as an opportunity for players to trial the core experience before purchasing the enhanced version. Treasure Adventure Game is the product of Stephen Orlando who spent 2 years creating this massive adventure game which is massively impressive...[Read Review]

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SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig blends mining, action, sandbox and platforming into a single player adventure where you’ll hunt for ores and equipment to improve your digging potency. Originally for the Nintendo 3DS the title has seen steady releases on other platforms and in 2020 was one of the first games included as a Google Stadia title. Your journey in SteamWorld Dig requires players to adventure beneath the old town of Tumbleton to find what is lurking below. Commanding the steam powered robot known ...[Read Review]

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Craft The World

Craft The World is a sandbox game with strategy elements for PC, Mac and iOS whereby players will be creating their own dwarven colony from humble beginnings. Mixing elements from a range of titles in similar genres Craft The World’s overall experience is a gaming treat and offers replayability at the same time. Craft The World puts you in charge of your own dwarf society that grows from a single dwarf to a thriving community of adventurers (often 12-14 depending on your level completion t...[Read Review]

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Goliath blends action adventure combat mechanics with sandbox crafting elements to create an interesting quest driven title. Goliath will have you stepping into your own robotic creations as you jump from fragment to fragment in the varied game worlds. With a variety of these robotic behemoths to craft and utilise some of which directly counter certain enemies Goliath ensures you’ll be trying them all out to some degree. The setup for Goliath sees players crash landing into an unknown and ...[Read Review]

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