10 Games Like Tibia

Games Like Tibia Our collection of games like Tibia has other MMORPGs that use 2D graphics and provide plenty of MMO depth for gamers to explore.

Tibia can claim to be one of the oldest games in the MMO genre, launching all the way back in 1997 in its initial form. Despite more modern games that have released since this time with 3D graphics and other enhancements Tibia has maintained a strong player base decades after release. In typical MMO fashion Tibia is centred on taking players across a fantasy landscape as they acquire experience, levels and train various skills or spells.

With an open fantasy world for players to explore as one of the games vocations (paladin, sorcerer, druid and knight) supported by various sandbox mechanics players will set their own end game goal. Be it ultimate character customisation, mastering all quests, exploring every square corner of the game world, encountering and defeating every monster or playing the economy with hundreds of items to be found. With a harsh penalty to death and focus on PvP on some servers Tibia is a MMO that provides a hardcore experience for those that want it.

The games like Tibia on this page offer other similar massively multiplayer online games that promote player choice with a focus on games with hardcore PvP or that utilise 2D graphics to create their game worlds.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online started as a free to play browser based game that offers similar gameplay to the classic action role playing games of days long past. With the retirement of Flash and Java support within modern browsers though Drakensang Online is now entirely available through  the small game client for Windows. Opting for 4 playable classes players can tackle the Drakensang Online game world as a Dragonknight, Spellweaver, Ranger or Steam Mechanicus with further customisation for gender, ethn...[Read Review]

8.3 User Avg (250 votes)

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates has been a popular MMO since 2003 and combines pirates and puzzles (in case the name hadn’t given it away already) and despite its age has continued to hold a consistent audience encouraging regular updates to support the thousands of pirates online at any one time. The game can be downloaded through the Puzzle Pirates website or through the Steam platform With not many MMOs with a pirate theme out there Puzzle Pirates stands out in the multiplayer focused genre and an attractive ...[Read Review]

8.5 User Avg (10 votes)

AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds (or AQWorlds) offers a simple but popular MMORPG adventure with its origins as a browser based title. Now available through the Artix Games Launcher on Windows, Mac and Linux the game lives on despite the retirement of Adobe Flash that resulted in the browser version to cease. Similar to the original AdventureQuest which was solely a single player game this addition to the franchise expands into a persistent game world which allows you to meet and play with other characters...[Read Review]

8.4 User Avg (69 votes)

Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes (previously known as A Mystical Land) is a free to play MMORPG with cross platform functionality across Windows, iOS and Android. Featuring a 3D fantasy world that has familiar elements of similar titles you’ll be able to progress your account across platforms with full cross-play support. Offering a simple and accessible title on the surface as you advance you’ll uncover the underlying depth across a range of activities and mechanics that provide you with MMO lo...[Read Review]

8.2 User Avg (47 votes)

Zezenia Online

Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG with a wealth of content for players with your goal to develop your own character, gain levels, master a variety of skills, tackle countless quests and other MMO activities. Set across a diverse set of 4 continents players will quickly discover hundreds of monsters and spells as you take control of one of the 7 subclasses. Zezenia Online has many similarities to the popular Tibia MMO experience with a focus on exploration and community within a huge gam...[Read Review]

8 User Avg (13 votes)


Stendhal is a free to play open source project that seeks to build a vast world of quests, PvE and PvP content similar to other online popular adventures. With many methods to contribute to the game or simply enjoy what the creation community is designing as solely a player Stendhal has a depth of development history that has turned it into the expansive world it has in the present day. While there are still many elements left on the roadmap to complete it is already a functional and enjoyable M...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (20 votes)


Aiming to bring the MMO genre back towards story driven gameplay is Eldevin a free to play title that is packed full of game content. Offering a familiar MMO framework that sees you meeting other players, exploring the vast realm with hundreds of locations, unique creatures, distinct factions and countless quests along the way. The story behind the kingdom of Eldevin is one of a peaceful land that over the past decade has slowly fallen into chaos upon the discovery of powerful Elemental Spheres....[Read Review]

7.6 User Avg (18 votes)


8BitMMO is a free to play game that connects you with players from around the world while you work together to build the world of 8BitMMO, one block at a time. The game is basically one huge construction sandbox that lets you run wild with other players. On top of the core sandbox gameplay players will also have a wealth of quests and combat to participate in while enjoying the humorous undertones of the game in general. Combat is a mixture of PvE (against lawyercats and hipsters) and PvP conten...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (14 votes)

Ragnarok Online

In terms of classic MMO games the experience offered by Ragnarok Online ranks high amongst fans of the genre with a dedicated cult like following behind the game in a similar way to MapleStory or RuneScape and creates similar nostalgic memories for those that played the game on release in 2003. Like the other MMOs mentioned above who went through their own respective overhauls to keep their games alive Ragnarok Online experienced a 2010 overhaul known as Renewal which brought with it a massive r...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (11 votes)


Wartune is a free to play game that you can play from your browser with a blend of traditional RPG content and easy to learn turn based combat system with automated mechanic options. Originally launched in 2013 it was the premier game in the genre for some time and inspired many similarly themed titles in the browser based RPG genre since. Despite the countless copycats in the genre Wartune has continued to develop itself along with trading publisher hands a few times that has resulted in a burs...[Read Review]

6.9 User Avg (24 votes)