7 Games Like Town of Salem

Games Like Town of Salem This assortment of games like Town of Salem features other unique multiplayer games about deceiving other players, alliances and lying.

Town of Salem was released in late 2014 and is based on the long popular party games of Werewolf and Mafia that require players to outsmart each other through deceiving tactics. Set during the Salem Witch trials Town of Salem is designed for up to 15 players. Each player is given a random role which broadly falls into the three primary alignments of Town, Mafia and Neutral that each have their own goal to achieve.

Within these three alignments Town of Salem also offers 33 unique roles that have different objectives and abilities. Given the large number of roles not every role will appear in each game, ensuring a large replay value (hosts can also limit the available pool of roles). Roles include things like the bodyguard that can protect a town member to the mafia forger that can rewrite persons will which is dropped upon death.

Gameplay is split into a series of phases which revolve around discussions with other players, voting, judgements and a night phase where the main action (attacks and skills) are mainly utilised.

The games like Town of Salem below have a similar focus on multiplayer games about deception. In these titles you’ll have to either uncover the truth or hide the truth from other players depending on the role you draw. This list is also a good starting point for people seeking games like Mafia and games like Werewolf which are the original party games that featured this style of gameplay.

Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit

Joining the ranks of social games that revolve around deduction Throne of Lies offers a 3D experience for up to 16 players. Inspiration is taken from the popular games of Werewolf and Mafia that fans of the genre will be familiar with but the level of depth (and enjoyment) offered far exceeds these original titles. The basic formula of Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit is recognisable from game one with two factions alongside some neutral players each attempting to achieve their own obje...[Read Review]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is a mixture of visual novel and crime fighting and the fifth game in a much loved franchise. Featuring familiar faces from other Ace Attorney games players will once again solve crimes through a storyline structure. While originally released for the Nintendo 3DS the game was later ported to the Android platform allowing fans to reexperience Dual Destinies on mobile devices with an appropriate game port that shifts the game to a touch and tap p...[Read Review]

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The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Marking the third box of party games, The Jackbox Party Pack 3 was released in late 2016 and builds on the first releases with enhanced games, new games and more functionality than previous packs you’ll be able to experience the game locally on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and Windows/Mac/Linux as you attempt to outscore your friends. With new additions coming out regularly you’ll find all the Jackbox Party Packs offer a similar level of gameplay so consider browsing all of them and pic...[Read Review]

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Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire is a high quality murder mystery that utilises point and click gameplay and combines it with a wealth of impressive characters. It’s an amazing game of mystery, dialogue, detective work and lovable characters. The game serves as a reboot/sequel of a game with the same name that was released for free and playable on a number of online game websites (still online today). This serves as a great introduction to the sort of gameplay you’ll experience before taking the p...[Read Review]

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Exploring the more silent and devious side of being a spy is SpyParty with a competitive computer game that has you battling your friends in sneaky ways. Developed by Chris Hecker SpyParty is a unique game that sees players attempting to fool an opponent into thinking that they are just another AI controlled character amongst the crowd while the other attempts to snipe the player by identifying their actions that separate them from the AI. Accordingly SpyParty features two roles for players to c...[Read Review]

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The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship: Murder Party (and its HD remake The Ship: Remasted) are first person shooters orientated around the art of deception on a luxury ship. Set in the late 1920s on a fancy cruise ship each player is given a mark that they’ll have to hunt down and take out while defending themselves from the one hunting them that makes for a multi layered cat and mouse adventure which creates a complex challenge with human opponents. The game includes both single player and multiplayer game modes with both ...[Read Review]

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Building on the Mafia party game formula and bringing it online is EpicMafia. With a large community and millions of games played fans of the original Mafia can continue the fun in the online world. With the ease of access, range of game types and deep stat tracking any intermediate or pro Mafia player will feel at home in the community. Just like said original the game is predominately about deception where players join an available room, get assigned a role and attempt to defeat the mafia whil...[Read Review]

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