15 Games Like Township

Games like Township Build your dream city and farm crops in these games like Township which features mobile (Android/iOS) and PC games with city building and farming elements.

Township originally launched as Facebook game, despite the saturated market at the time it was able to capture a large and dedicated audience, which expanded further when it released on iOS and Android devices. In Township players create and manage their own virtual city while also visiting the cities of their friends. In typical freemium fashion players start with basic options but through experience gained can unlock options to build things like a port and even a zoo to turn your basic city into a thriving metropolis.

In order to acquire said experience players will take their starter town and develop it with crops and other buildings, ultimately selling their goods for experience, T-cash and coins. All of this is then reinvested back into your town to expand production or decorations to provide visual enhancement as you desire.

The games like Township selected for this list below offer a mixture of farming and town development gameplay. In these browser and mobile (Android/iOS) titles you’ll build up from nothing as you sell goods and services in the virtual world to expand your town and visit the towns of other players.

My Sunny Resort

Create your dream resort complete with sun, sand and palm trees in My Sunny Resort, a browser based management game from the Upjers team who are well known for their browser based experiences with a host of titles across genres and settings. My Sunny Resort is also available on Windows, Linux through Upjers Home or through Steam (Windows only). Taking the popular and successful formula from their other management games such as My Fantastic Park and My Free Zoo Upjers has changed up the setting w...[Read Review]

8.7 User Avg (69 votes)

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies allows you to create your own virtual farming village across computer and mobile platforms and joins the growing expansion of Upjer titles in the management genre. From placing fields to paths, choosing crops and animals it’s easy to create something to your liking in this farming adventure which offers a wealth of freedom to your farm design. My Little Farmies draws from an early industrial style era with players focusing on expanding their small village from simple farmland t...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (32 votes)


Farmerama is a farm simulation game from Bigpoint with millions of accounts and players across the world playing this socially based farming title with plenty of similarities to others in the genre. In Farmerama players can expect to experience the challenges of managing their own farm by harvesting crops, raising animals and completing various other farm chores. Along the way you’ll get to level up, socialise with the community and create a dream farm without actually getting your real hands di...[Read Review]

8.1 User Avg (18 votes)


Lead your stone age tribe in Stonies a free to play title available on a range of platforms that seeks to take you back to the dawn of human history as you face associated challenges of survival of the historic era. Available on either iOS, Android, browser or through Upjers Home (Windows/Linux) players of all preferences. Your Stonies adventure begins as any prehistoric journey does as you take stock of your current resources and small settlement in a deadly environment. With a low supply of fo...[Read Review]

7.4 User Avg (14 votes)


Set in the 19th century Uptasia mixes the genres of hidden object games and economic simulation together into a single free to play adventure. The result is  an interesting mix that you probably haven’t run into before and well worth trying if you are on the hunt for a game in either of these genres but want something different. Originally available in your browser (since retired) Uptasia is now available for Windows and Android. In Uptasia players are put in charge of developing their own econo...[Read Review]

7.1 User Avg (11 votes)

Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside brings the experience of operating your own family farm to your mobile touch device (iOS and Android) and joins a large list of similar titles on those platforms although with a slightly different take on the genre. While the core gameplay of harvest your crops, sell your produce for a handsome profit and care for a large range of animals is there you’ll find little touches of handcrafted design that makes it feel like your own homestead and not a generic farm, particul...[Read Review]

9.2 User Avg (3 votes)

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online (The Settlers Online: Castle Empire) is a free to play browser based strategy game that utilises familiar mechanics from the core Settlers franchise. The result is a mixture of popular modern strategy games and the MMO strategy genre. The Settlers Online offers an accessible challenge which features a familiar gameplay loop of building a sprawling city, raiding bandits, achieving objectives and in time gaining levels that unlock additional content to expand your strategy opti...[Read Review]

8.2 User Avg (92 votes)

Big Farm

Big Farm is a farming simulation title that gives players all the necessary tools to design your own farm on browser and mobile devices. With various farms available and a wealth of mission content to conquer Big Farm provides a diverse amount of gameplay to conquer for fans of this popular social genre. Like other exciting farm games Goodgame Big Farm is centred around players deciding on their favourite (and profitable crop) mixtures and tending to the fields carefully before harvesting them f...[Read Review]

7.9 User Avg (17 votes)

SimCity BuildIt

Bringing the exceedingly popular SimCity franchise to the mobile realm is SimCity BuildIt a title that offers up striking visuals for a mobile app as you expand your city lines from your town hall into the horizon. In true SimCity style you’ll have to balance this expansion against maximising the happiness of your residents and revenue for yourself to keep the expansion flowing. Originally released in 2014 SimCity BuildIt continues to receive constant updates into 2020 and can boast tens o...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (14 votes)

Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Opting to mix farming simulation within town management and adventure Klondike: The Lost Expedition offers this mix within your browser and mobile devices (under the name Klondike: Adventures). Klondike opens with players reading the last letter they received from their father informing them that the expedition intends to head further east but will return in spring. Unfortunately with spring now upon us with no sign of your father you opt to adventure inland to locate him for yourself. Starting ...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (12 votes)


Miramagia is a free to play game that combines farming simulation with a magical game world and role playing mechanics to create a unique blend. Originally available through your browser with Adobe Flash the adventure lives on with a downloadable Windows client. This unfortunately also saw the developer ceasing active development which limits players to the content that was available as at May 2020. While substantial in terms of content and promises hundreds of game hours with the content availa...[Read Review]

7.2 User Avg (20 votes)

My Free Farm

My Free Farm is one of Upjer’s popular tycoon and simulation games and takes the core mechanics from their other titles while adjusting it for a farm based theme. As a result My Free Farm is easy to get into and promises plenty of farm themed content as you gain levels, grow your farm and attract customers to create a profitable crop growing empire. My Free Farm has good appeal to both newcomers to this genre and long-time fans thanks to its simple design and good tutorial which is also paired w...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (11 votes)


If you’d prefer to take over the skies as opposed to the themes of various other tycoon management games on offer than Skyrama allows you to do just that. Starting from the most basic airport you’ll want to expand out to create a massive central airport hub which means greater profit and new tools to continue your expansion to be an airport tycoon. While originally a browser based title following the retirement of Adobe Flash Skyrama is now available through a client download on the ...[Read Review]

7 User Avg (19 votes)

My Free Farm 2

Farm until your hearts content in My Free Farm 2 the sequel to Upjer’s popular farming simulation game that expands on the original with improved graphics, more items and an expanded list of farmyard crops. Opting to make itself available across browser, PC (via Steam), iOS and Android you’ll be able to enjoy the experience regardless of platform and joins the genre with hundreds if not thousands of free multi-platform farming simulation games on the market. Like its predecessor you’ll find the ...[Read Review]

6.7 User Avg (9 votes)

Hay Day

Hay Day is one of the most popular farming simulation games on the market claiming over 100mil downloads on the Google Play store alone and regularly commanding an active user base within the millions. In such a competitive environment once dominated by the original FarmVille the track record and user base growth of Hay Day speaks for itself as to the production quality and general gameplay mechanics that it offers. In this mobile simulation game players will be overtaking the farm from their un...[Read Review]

5.6 User Avg (17 votes)