8 Games Like Transformice

Games like Transformice This assortment of games like Transformice offers unique multiplayer games that use physics, platform elements and score accumulation in unique ways.

Transformice (T4M or TFM) is a free to play multiplayer game that tasks players with collecting cheese across a diverse roster of game modes and maps. Players aren’t alone in their quest though and joined by dozens of other mice seeking the same goal and the powerful shaman mouse who can help or hinder the entire group. To achieve your objective players control their mouse avatar through the map using the arrow keys to overcome a number of obstacles and reach the cheese at the end.

Abilities include running and jumping which can be combined with more advanced techniques such as long and wall jumps. Once players make contact with the cheese they must return to the mouse hole they spawned from to claim points. These points accumulate over time with players achieving the rank of shaman once they have the highest score with cheese also unlocking customisable virtual clothing for players to separate themselves from others. While playing as the shaman offers unique benefits such as the ability to call in boxes, balloons, boards and various other items to assist mice in overcoming the obstacles.

The games like Transformice collated below use similar mechanics from building, score accumulation, platforming, physics and co-operation with other players.


StarBreak offers a unique 2D MMO experience by leveraging platforming mechanics and wrapping in into a science fiction universe with roguelike challenges. The result is a title that has MapleStory like elements while also having Metroidvania vibes and all the MMO staples of community, loot, quests and dungeons.In a universe where humans have been wiped out by the deadly Watcher you’ll be revived as a spark to seek revenge thanks to the powerful human developed AI prior to the extinction ev...[Read Review]

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Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer title that lets you challenge your friends to reaching the finish line first in a deadly environment of traps. In addition to the competitive gameplay players can also create their own game levels to create new personalised challenges for yourself, friends and others in the community. Chicken Horse supports up to 4 players online or through local play. While your core objective in Ultimate Chicken Horse remains the same in every match the wealth of le...[Read Review]

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Roblox is a free to play online game with a focus on building and user generated content that has exploded since its original release in 2005 to become the home of user created gaming. With thousands of worlds created by other players to experience alone, alongside friends and strangers the game targets primarily a teenager demographic with popular game modes such as battle royale, first person shooters, puzzles, mini games, role playing, survival games and tycoon games. Given the nature of the ...[Read Review]

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BattleBlock Theater

From the same development team that brought you the exceedingly popular Castle Crashers comes BattleBlock Theater which employs similar mechanics while being just as wacky in design. Originally for Xbox 360 the game was later released on Steam where it featured the same co-operative focused gameplay. The story of BattleBlock Theater is told predominately through stick puppets and begins with players boarding the S.S. Friendship which finds itself in a heavy storm and shipwrecked on a strange isl...[Read Review]

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Algodoo is a physics and simulation tool intended to offer a sandbox experience that straddles the line between learning, gaming, animation and even engineering. Alogdoo is the second iteration of the software and built on the success of a previous similar software under the name Phun. Around since late 2009 the only limit in Algodoo is your own imagination and curiosity with the game encouraging you (and providing all the requires tools) to create all sorts of fun inventions using realistic phy...[Read Review]

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Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod (GMod) is the ultimate physics sandbox game that lets you create anything and everything that you can think of with the available tools. Whatever you have in mind the experience is completely within your control with GMod, a title that is built on the Source game engine. Launching back in 2006 the game has seen steady success in that time selling millions of copies through the Steam platform. This success has enabled the game to live on a decade after the original release with a comm...[Read Review]

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Opting to take familiar platforming mechanics from other games but implanting 4 player competition is SpeedRunners, a title that is all about blasting through various levels with random players or friends in an attempt to be first across the finish line across the available game platforms. Supporting 4 players SpeedRunners features platforming with grappling hooks, an interactive environment and plenty of power-ups along the way as well as you dash past your opponents. With these mechanics and g...[Read Review]

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Bringing action and platform gaming to Xbox 360 and later the Xbox One Raskulls is a game of comedy and fast paced gameplay designed for a group of friends. While gameplay changes slightly depending on the game Raskulls is primarily about navigating through the various levels as you destroy blocks of all sorts on the way to the end of the level with a focus on reaching this point in the fastest manner possible. Taking place on the fictional home world of the Raskulls an evil race of space pirate...[Read Review]

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