11 Games Like Trove

Games Like Trove This assembled list of games like Trove lists other action based open world voxel adventures where you’ll explore, quest and loot game worlds alone or with friends.

Attempting to capture the sandbox success of the games before it Trove aims to bring the genre beyond just single player or multiplayer options with an entire MMO world at your disposal. First released for Windows in 2015 Trove later expanded to consoles alongside broader game updates that enhanced the initial release of Trove. The foundation of your Trove adventure is the diverse selection of classes, crafting, building, loot and combat as you acquire levels and in game wealth.

Whether you play as a knight, gunslinger or pirate multiplayer is also at the heart of your Trove experience with its MMO centric game world designed you bring you and other players together naturally with gameplay. This includes diving into destructible dungeons together to fight bosses and their minions or building on the cornerstone plots around the game world.

The games like Trove found here offer other sandbox based adventures that let you explore randomly generated worlds alone and with friends while crafting countless items for use in battle. These titles also allow you to shape the world around you through destruction and creation.


Roblox is a free to play online game with a focus on building and user generated content that has exploded since its original release in 2005 to become the home of user created gaming. With thousands of worlds created by other players to experience alone, alongside friends and strangers the game targets primarily a teenager demographic with popular game modes such as battle royale, first person shooters, puzzles, mini games, role playing, survival games and tycoon games. Given the nature of the ...[Read Review]

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Lego Worlds

Pushing the ever increasing number of Lego games into a more sandbox environment, Lego Worlds gives you the goal of becoming a Master Builder as you explore a range of Lego themed worlds. This time around your Lego themed adventure is bigger than ever though with a mostly open world that is also procedurally generated with elements of building resulting in a Minecraft like experience. Lego Worlds starts your Master Builder adventure after a less than stellar landing into Pirate Playground where ...[Read Review]

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Cubic Castles

Embark on your own free to play cube adventure in Cubic Castles, in a game world built by players one custom cube at a time. Designed with community in mind Cubic Castles allows players to make friends, gather resources, farm, trade, build, quest and compete in platforming challenges within the 3D MMO inspired world of Cubic Castles. Cubic Castles is a sandbox multiplayer game that puts you in complete control of your cube adventure as you create an account and claim your own piece of the cube g...[Read Review]

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Cube World

Cube World aims to stand out in the saturated voxel based sandbox game market by focusing in on the RPG features and a diverse roster of mechanics to be a well rounded adventure. Following a long development cycle (which started in 2011) the game was eventually released in 2019 on Steam allowing players to create their own procedurally generated fantasy world of voxels full of challenges and co-operative gameplay. Describing itself as a a voxel-based action RPG with a focus on exploration your f...[Read Review]

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Kogama offers a social based building experience for your browser or Android device that encourages the player community to create their own virtual worlds to house adventures, games, chat, story and everything in between. Similar to Roblox, Kogama is built on this design your own level principle which are then made accessible to others in the community to experience. While not as popular as it’s popular rival of Roblox, Kogama has maintained a consistently strong audience of players and c...[Read Review]

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Wurm Online

Wurm Online is a sandbox style MMORPG that has a creative focus allowing you to create your own adventure in a medieval themed world. Players can play Wurm Online with a basic account for free but to remove some restrictions you will have to commit to a subscription based premium account. Following the initial 2012 release a stand alone paid version was launched in 2015 known as Wurm Unlimited gives players the toolkit they need to have their own single player adventure or host a multiplayer ser...[Read Review]

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Block Story

Block Story adds role playing elements to the sandbox and combat gameplay loop popularised by Minecraft and other building based block games. Available on Windows Block Story was one of the leading choices across these platforms on initial release surpassing many other games that had attempted to replicate the Minecraft formula at the time. Block Story is designed to give players complete control of the landscape before them with a freedom to build and battle across the block based lands. Which ...[Read Review]

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Portal Knights

Focusing on the adventure and survival elements as you explore a world separated by portals is Portal Knights a game that is available as both a single player and multiplayer adventure. Whether you fight alone or with friends you’ll select from one of the game classes, customise them for your preferred playstyle, craft items, fight boss monsters, destroy blocks and construct through a range of fantasy biomes. Portal Knights takes inspiration from the likes of Minecraft but implements a num...[Read Review]

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Dragon Quest Builders

Progressing the Dragon Quest franchise by blending new sandbox mechanics into the core satisfying adventure you’ll find a unique journey ahead on your PlayStation or Nintendo console. With a familiar game world to explore, enemies to defeat and a town waiting to be restored Dragon Quest Builders has a number of familiar design tropes from other popular titles. Dragon Quest Builders takes players back to Alefgard which is the world of the original Dragon Quest video game where the player ac...[Read Review]

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Offering a short ocean themed survival game FarSky explores what would happen if your submarine crashing into the bottom of the ocean. Playing as Nathan FarSky challenges players to survive through exploration, crafting and building necessary structures on the ocean floor. While a shorter gameplay loop than other sandbox survival games the randomly generated maps are designed to encourage players to continually challenge themselves with a new adventure. Diving into the ocean depths players will ...[Read Review]

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With a free price tag Creativerse takes the gameplay of Minecraft and pushes it into a more modern setting for Windows and Mac sandbox gameplay. Starting on Early Access through Steam in late 2014 the game was eventually turned into a full release in May 2017 and continues to receive game updates, seasonal events and tweaks years later. Despite using the Minecraft template Creativerse seeks to offer  more than the original Minecraft experience with your first taste of this being your character c...[Read Review]

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