21 Games Like Undertale

Games Like UndertaleOur selection of games like Undertale features unique RPG titles that focus on dark humour, story, puzzles and simple battle systems that are optional.

Spawning from the GameMaker engine, Undertale was released in late 2015. In this unique title players explore a fictional underground world as a human child. Within this strange underground area players encounter a vast array of different monsters. During your adventure to return to the surface you’ll have to make key decisions about killing or befriending those that you encounter which in turn affects the story outcome and dialogue.

Telling the story of Undertale through impressive writing and characters has allowed the title to receive countless praise. This writing is often sarcastic, ironic, dark and constantly breaks the fourth wall. A unique combat system is also present in the game which includes players attempting to use non-violent actions on the attacker and dodge bullet like attacks from enemies by moving their heart out of harm’s way.

The games like Undertale that you’ll find below offer similar experiences and mechanics to Undertale. These titles offer meta-fictional elements in both their story writing and gameplay, ensuring an ironic tale that use self-reflection to point out the relationship between fiction and reality. The collated options below also feature games with combat systems that are easy to learn, can be avoided entirely or do not require significant grinding.


Step into the strange and hand drawn world of Nepenthe, a game that pushes the fourth wall aside with inspiration from the likes of Earthbound and Undertale. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple graphics though as Nepenthe is anything but a straightforward game, hiding multiple layers of choice and endings. One of ...[Read More]

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OneShot is a simple free RPG Maker title that guarantees to mess with your head as you explore a dark game world as Niko. With emphasis on puzzles, exploration, permanent decisions and discovery can you lead the lost child Niko through a surreal journey? As the name implies players are intended to have only a single attempt...[Read More]

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OFF is a free French title that was created with RPG Maker, the game has since been translated into multiple languages (including English). Focused on store, setting, atmosphere, music and character design. Players start there adventure in Zone 0 in control of a mysterious being known only as The Batter. Soon after entering...[Read More]

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The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable offers a meta-fictional interactive adventure, what the game lacks in combat it makes up for with mind messing narration that will have you guessing video games and even your own existence in the real world. First born in 2011 as a free Half Life 2 modification this self reflecting experience saw a full ...[Read More]

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Antichamber is a first person puzzle game that will mess with the way you perceive video games and in order to succeed you’ll have to rid yourself of preconceived notions relating to games that you have played. Antichamber takes place in a fairly simple game world which allows you to concentrate on the experience rather tha...[Read More]

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Why Am I Dead At Sea

Imagine waking up to find yourself on a boat out at sea and subsequently discovering that you’re also dead? This is the scenario that Why Am I Dead At Sea explores with an intriguing murder mystery title that has you solving your own murder. As a ghost players abilities are limited to possessing other people on the bo...[Read More]

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Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble

Returning for a second adventure Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble serves as a prequel to the original popular (and free to play) Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt. Not finished with her learning at the Saturnian healing school players will need to rely on their healing abilities once again to defeat the large Boss T...[Read More]

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Set in a post apocalyptic world LISA is a quirky adventure that follows a depressing journey of one man and his search for his adopted daughter. For telling this story in a unique way (specifically dark humour) the title has received positive reviews. Your protagonist for this adventure is Brad Armstrong, a middle age drug ...[Read More]

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Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is the third title in the Paper Mario series, available for the Nintendo Wii this Mario themed action adventure lets players switch between 2D and 3D perspectives at a moments notice. Your main objective in this Maria world is to find and collect eight Pure Hearts in the eight game chapters. Each chapter s...[Read More]

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Shin Megami Tensei IV

Why fight demons when you can talk them down to joining your quest? This idea is one of the driving forces behind combat in Shin Megami Tensei IV with a number of refinements over the previous titles. Developed for Nintendo’s 3DS platform, Shin Megami Tensei IV (translated to True Goddess Reincarnation IV) is the fift...[Read More]

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Contact is a role playing title for the Nintendo DS handheld console. With an interesting story, good level mechanics and an enjoyable soundtrack it has the foundations of a quality adventure. The story of Contact starts with the Professor fleeing through space as he tries to lose a strange enemy known as the CosmoNOTs. Cra...[Read More]

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Pocket Mortys

Mix Pokemon gameplay with the hilarious Adult Swim adventures of Rick & Morty and you’ll get Pocket Mortys a simple collect them all RPG that has you collecting and battling your own various Mortys. The game kicks off in the popular TV show garage with Rick working on a unique MortyPad device that is able to track...[Read More]

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The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House is one of the many free to play horror games from a Japanese creator that was made using RPG Maker. Released in 2012 and brought to English thanks to vgperson the game is one of the highly praised game in this unique sub-genre. The plot for The Witch’s House focuses on Viola, a young girl who s...[Read More]

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To the Moon

To the Moon is an adventure game released in 2011 by Freebird Games who have developed a number of games in this niche (To the Moon being one of the most well received). Made with RPG Maker XP the game spans half a dozen hours. To the Moon uses a unique story premise that revolves around a technology that can create artific...[Read More]

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Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki comes from the Japanese developer Kikiyama thanks to RPG Maker 2003, while it has few actual RPG elements in the game it more than makes up for it with an intriguing surrealistic adventure. Since its original release a number of updated versions have also been released. The game follows a reclusive teen named Mad...[Read More]

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Anodyne is a fun adventure that will send you on a nostalgic trip back to the days of your Game Boy Colour. The game is a very Zelda style experience and features a unique world for players to explore. Anodyne was originally released at the start of 2013 on Windows and Mac with Android and iOS releases coming sometime after...[Read More]

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Space Funeral

Space Funeral sets a whole new standard in weird gaming with a surreal RPG that mixes horror and the strange into one. Mixing ghouls, ghosts, dark caves, freakish monsters, lions and even Dracula himself the mixture of content in Space Funeral is as vast as it is crazy. The game is free to play and made with RPG Maker. Spac...[Read More]

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Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt sees players stepping into the shoes of Remedy, a recent graduate from the healing school who now possesses the knowledge and powers of healing. With the appropriately named setting for the story of Hurtland your studied powers will be vital in saving those that call Hurtland home. With do...[Read More]

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Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth will definitely turn a few heads with its Earthbound like design, does it match up to the classic SNES title though? Available for a large range of platforms many gamers can get access to this humour orientated RPG adventure. Filled with pop culture references and many elements lifted right from the origin...[Read More]

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Earthbound Beginnings

Earthbound Beginnings brings the original Mother title to the Wii U with a localisation port allowing modern day English fans to get their hands on this classic game title. Following the strange story of Ninten, a young boy from the town of Podunk tasked with saving the entire planet from an evil race of aliens with psychic...[Read More]

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

With the release of Paper Mario: Sticker Star the Paper Mario franchise has reached its fourth game instalment and also marks the first on a handheld console. This classic fourth wall breaking franchise follows a similar formula to previous titles with a few small tweaks. Like the games that precede it Paper Mario: Sticker ...[Read More]

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