3 Games Like Vainglory

Games Like Vainglory This selection of mobile MOBA games like Vainglory features other available titles for iOS and Android devices from the popular strategy and action genre.

Launching in late 2014 on iOS and Android 6 months later Vainglory was one of the original mobile MOBA titles. Specialising in both the 3v3 and 5v5 variants of the MOBA franchise Vainglory has players battling for control of the enemy base by taking down turrets while also vying for control over control points outside of the core lanes for extra resources.

Just like the large PC based MOBAs that dominate the genre you’ll have a choice of many different unique heroes that each come with their own unique skills and playstyle. Battling against the AI controlled minions and enemy heroes Vainglory offers a wealth of short and long game modes for all tastes and available game time.

The games like Vainglory on this page are limited to MOBA style games that are available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and still in operation. Just like other MOBA games you'll select from roster of diverse heroes to tackle into a strategic arena battle.

Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes is a free to play mobile based MOBA experience available on the iOS and Android platforms which later expanded to Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms as a paid title. Opting to focus on quick 3v3 battles and bring the popular MOBA genre to a primarily mobile audience the title includes offline single player campaign content that allows players to access their favourite strategy game genre without considering monthly data limitations. While Legendary Heroes is far from the full...[Read Review]

7.9 User Avg (16 votes)

Heroes Evolved

Borrowing heavily from League of Legends is Heroes Evolved a mobile (iOS and Android) based MOBA title that focuses on offering a simple core experience. Launching in September 2016 with over 50 heroes those seeking a light weight alternative to the popular MOBA titles that they can play on the go. Like the countless MOBA options before it Heroes Evolved is focused solely on the epic battles between two opposing forces with your main focus to destroy the enemy base while achieving various side o...[Read Review]

7.8 User Avg (21 votes)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Enjoy 5v5 MOBA gameplay on your mobile device with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that seeks to offer one of the highest quality and most populated games in the mobile MOBA niche. Heavily inspired by the heavy weight of League of Legends players will find a familiar formula that has been transported from the PC realm into the mobile one with only some small tweaks to the experience. Allowing players to get into matches quickly Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is ideal for on the go MOBA fans that want an iO...[Read Review]

7.2 User Avg (18 votes)