11 Games Like WolfQuest

Games Like WolfQuest Our collection of games like WolfQuest offers other virtual wolf games where you can play as a wolf or other animals in social or quest focused adventures.

WolfQuest is a unique experience that simulates the life of a wolf and gives players insights into the world of these canines. The game has been around since 2007 and was originally developed to better educate people about the importance of wolves in the environment and the roles they fill within their habitat. Following this initial release WolfQuest expanded its mechanics with several releases across a number of years.

Gameplay in WolfQuest has players assuming the role of their own wolf and exploring the wide open world that the game offers with locations such as Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek and Lost River. WolfQuest allows players to customise their wolf to their liking with gender, fur and naming options available and players can then either explore this world by themselves or team up with some friends to create their own wolf pack. Objectives of WolfQuest are similar across these modes with an emphasis on survival as players hunt for food, locate a mate and avoid rival animals.

The games like WolfQuest on this page all let you play as an animal of some description with their own survival challenges with a mixture of single player and multiplayer adventures.


Okami is a critically acclaimed action adventure title where players control the wolf goddess Okami Amaterasu through a story of Japanese mythology. Originally for PlayStation 2 and Wii in 2008 the game was reborn through a HD remake that expanded the list of available platforms. With beautiful presentation and an equally beautiful storyline Okami offers a unique Zelda inspired adventure. Drawing heavily from the tales of Japanese folklore players control Amaterasu who is the goddess of the sun ...[Read Review]

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9.2 User Avg (28 votes)

Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle lets players take control of several different animals in an urban city environment inspired by Tokyo. The game is focused on survival requiring players to avoid predators and catch food while also unravelling the mysterious disappearance of the human race. Offering over 50 different animals species as playable characters your predators and food sources vary dramatically and have a direct impact on survival strategy. Tokyo Jungle is set in a modern day world where the human race has...[Read Review]

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Okamiden is set less than a year after the events of Okami and despite the best efforts of Amaterasu, evil did not stay locked away from the world for long which means a new round of younger adventurers will step forward with their Celestial Brush to rid the land of evil. Instead of the powerful Amatersasu players will adventure with the child Chibiterasu who shares many visual appearances although lacks the in overall power which also serves as a central plot theme. Just like the first adventur...[Read Review]

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The Endless Forest

In The Endless Forest players can explore a beautiful and peaceful game world as a deer while encountering and interacting with other players. The game is available as a free to play adventure through a small downloadable Windows client and while it lacks overarching goals or objectives The Endless Forest is a relaxing sandbox style experience. While it doesn’t support speech or text players are able to communicate through the Forest Action system which lets players complete basic actions to com...[Read Review]

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Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a virtual world for children that incorporates real animal and plant facts into fun storylines that are supported by National Geographic educational content. Ideal for the curious child gamer Animal Jam also offers a range of social and game mechanics within its virtual world locations to encourage engagement with a child, tween and even teenager audience. Given the audience in mind Animal Jam avoids offering outside advertising in its game experience supporting itself through prem...[Read Review]

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Feral Heart

Feral Heart is one of the few games around that lets you assume the role of an animal in a MMO style world. Paired with role playing elements that let you customise your character and explore a diverse world Feral Heart is a free to play adventure that lets players connect with others using their lion or wolf avatars. This MMO formula forms the foundation of your adventure with the world of Feral Heart open to players who will have plenty of fun as they make new friends, explore a large open wor...[Read Review]

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Shelter 2

Creating another survival journey Shelter 2 adopts the same fundamental gameplay and style of the original while offering you a whole new emotional adventure of survival. Swapping out the badger from the original game players in Shelter 2 will this time guide a mother lynx through the harsh environment with its own range of challenges and deadly encounters. This setup allows new players to experience the same emotional journey of survival as returning players who are already familiar with the Sh...[Read Review]

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Spore combines a number of genres together and ultimately unleashes players out to space after starting as a single cell organism. Giving you full control over how your species of creatures evolve throughout their development alongside their overall philosophy and technology Spore is a rare experience to shape the planet and the galaxy. The shining star of Spore though is the creation system that gives players a huge amount of options when creating their creatures which has led to plenty of crea...[Read Review]

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Proteus joins the ranks of other video games that aim to offer an artistic exploration experience rather than traditional gaming. Like others in this gaming niche though it still manages to offer an impressive, immersive and engaging adventure as you explore a randomly generated game world. With no other objective other than to take the time to enjoy your surroundings players can create their own stories from adventuring over hills or finding new unique biomes. If you enjoy going on exploration ...[Read Review]

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Shelter is a survival based game where players control a mother badger who attempts to protect her cubs through a journey of migration from one home to another. While the game is a simple experience for Windows and Mac it’s also a unique journey of survival and connection with nature. Shelter is set in a wilderness setting with a number of biomes with players assuming direct control over the mother badger who is accompanied by her 5 badger cubs. The journey of Shelter takes players from th...[Read Review]

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Nanosaur 2

In Nanosaur 2 (or Nanosaur: Hatchling) players get to fly around the game world as a pterodactyl on a mission to recover the stolen eggs from the different level landscapes. The game serves as the sequel to the similar 1998 dinosaur game and while Nanosaur 2 was originally slated for Windows and Mac it was eventually ported over to iOS and Android devices with additional functionality. Note that the Android version was retired soon after release and currently no longer available through official...[Read Review]

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