12 Games Like Yandere Simulator

Games Like Yandere Simulator These games like Yandere Simulator feature stealth action gameplay where you gather information and silently eliminate enemies in unique settings.

Yandere Simulator follows the daily activities of schoolgirl Ayano Aishi, referred to as Yandere-chan. Central to the game is her obsession with a boy at her school nicknamed Senpai with a Senpai shrine of stolen items in your bedroom. Unfortunately for you Senpai is quite popular and over the course of 10 weeks you’ll have to eliminate your 10 rivals to prevent them from confessing their love to Senpai before you can.

Eliminating in Yandere Simulator includes murder, social sabotage and blackmail although all have to be secretly completed to maintain your innocent schoolgirl persona. If players are caught doing an activity they’ll lose reputation at school and a game over heart broken screen if caught committing a murder. While still under development the eventual game release will be a sandbox stealth title which allows players to alter their approach and achieve their rival elimination goals in multiple ways.

The games like Yandere Simulator selected here feature similar mechanics including sandbox design, stealth, unique settings and school simulation that require you to collect information, eliminate targets or explore school based game worlds.

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Thief: Deadly Shadows continues the high standard of stealth gameplay set by the previous games in the franchise and was released in 2004 for Windows and the Xbox (and eventually backwards compatible with Xbox 360). Marking the third game in the franchise you’ll find both a familiar and fresh stealth focused experience with the most notably improvement an open city available for exploration in between your core missions. One thing that is unchanged though is Garrett who makes a return as t...[Read Review]

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8.6 User Avg (17 votes)

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth game in the popular series of Hitman stealth video games and lets you jump into the shoes of Agent 47 once again as they tackle a broad range of assassination challenges. Released in 2006 for Windows, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 the game was later remastered in 2013 within the Hitman Trilogy collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 and once again in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One. Just like in previous iterations of the series players will accept a number of hits as Agent 47 that ...[Read Review]

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8.5 User Avg (13 votes)

High School Simulator GirlA

Explore the wide reaching school grounds and classrooms of High School Simulator GirlA in a mobile sandbox title that lets you control a high school student on both iOS devices. Spawning in your primary classroom High School Simulator GirlA has one of the most expansive worlds to explore when compared to similar titles in this niche genre. With the sandbox focus players are free to do anything although the primary intended objective revolves around players killing other students without being ca...[Read Review]

8.4 User Avg (7 votes)

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution is a stealth based game that belongs to the popular Hitman series and builds on the diverse stealth mechanics of the franchise to date. Like many of the Hitman titles before it this 2012 addition will have you slowly calculating your next move in a variety of assassination style missions that introduce different settings and objectives. The game world is set in the aftermath of the previous game (Hitman: Blood Money) where players will once play as Agent 47 as they hunt down t...[Read Review]

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8.4 User Avg (20 votes)

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully is a Rockstar Games classic of the action adventure genre and explores the unique setting of a school where players are given control of a rebel teenager. Released in 2006 for PlayStation 2 the game has seen several re-releases including a remastered version (Scholarship Edition) for various platforms and a mobile version (Anniversary Edition). In Bully players play as James (Jimmy) Hopkins who has a history of misbehaviour and has just been dumped at the boarding school Bullworth Academy ...[Read Review]

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8.3 User Avg (33 votes)


Playing as the son of the devil himself Lucius explores the darker side of gaming with a horror game revolving around stealth and psychological elements as you seek to cause pain to those around you. Serving as the first game in a series of horror titles this 2012 release for Windows gives players a world (and people) at their mercy. Stepping into the small shoes of Lucius, a 6 year old boy created by Lucifer your objective is to murder the members of the household by utilising stealth and plann...[Read Review]

8.2 User Avg (5 votes)

Thief (2014)

Thief revives the classic Thief series with a 2014 release in this stealth based franchise that seeks to return gamers to the roots of the series with Garrett taking centre stage once again in this sneaky adventure. With the wealth of hardware improvements since the original classic you’ll be welcomed with a familiar adventure that proves far more immersive, challenging and ultimately engaging for the stealth player. Just like the previous games in this Thief franchise you’ve got a dark fa...[Read Review]

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8 User Avg (20 votes)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Taking the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise further with the ninth core game in the stealth franchise players will lead the familiar mercenary of Snake through a campaign in Soviet occupied territory. Advancing the story nine years after the events of the previous game (Ground Zeroes) you’ll tie up a number of loose ends as you advance through the levels that offer greater player freedom than past titles. Mainly focused around the Afghanistan and Angola-Zaire border with Punished (Venom)...[Read Review]

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7.5 User Avg (21 votes)

The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship: Murder Party (and its HD remake The Ship: Remasted) are first person shooters orientated around the art of deception on a luxury ship. Set in the late 1920s on a fancy cruise ship each player is given a mark that they’ll have to hunt down and take out while defending themselves from the one hunting them that makes for a multi layered cat and mouse adventure which creates a complex challenge with human opponents. The game includes both single player and multiplayer game modes with both ...[Read Review]

7.5 User Avg (6 votes)

Lucius II

Lucius II aims to build on the original dark adventure while also exploring sandbox type elements which allow it to overcome the limits and constraints from the original title while still allowing you to play the bad guy in your own horror like movie design. This time around it sees Lucius exploring a massive give story hospital and even portions of the small town known as Ludlow. After being the sole survivor of the fire that consumed the manor in the first game, players are taken to St. Benedi...[Read Review]

7.4 User Avg (5 votes)

Velvet Assassin

In Velvet Assassin you play Violette Summer, a World War II British Assassin sent alone into German territory with no official backing to disrupt the Nazi plots and help the allies win the war from behind the scenes. Velvet Assassin is inspired by the true story of British secret agent Violette Szabo who was captured during World War II and deported to Germany from the German controlled territory she was captured. Velvet Assassin begins with you in a hospital bed, with morphine syringes scattere...[Read Review]

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7.3 User Avg (13 votes)

Party Hard

After a late night party wakes you up and renders you unable to return to sleep you decide to do what any reasonable person would do in a video game and opt to go on a rampage to silence the party. This strange setting is exactly what Party Hard throws you in as you play the role of serial killer, making sure all party goers are eliminated and allowing you to return to sleep. Originally released for computer gamers and later coming to the console environment Party Hard is a weird mixture of stea...[Read Review]

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