6 Games Like Yugioh

Games Like Yugioh This list of card based video games like Yugioh (Yu-Gi-Oh!) features titles that offer similar card duelling gameplay for your computer or mobile device.

The Yugioh franchise extends across manga, anime, physical cards and a number of video games which makes it one of the most well known in the collectible card genre. Central to all of these forms of media is intense card duelling that revolves around the use of monsters, traps and spell cards to defeat your enemy. Just like other card games your main objective is to take your opponent’s health down to zero by using a mixture of card types, strategy and luck.

Referred to commonly as the Duel Monsters card game each component of the franchise explores a different element from unique story to history and tournaments. This variety has also been represented in the various video game titles that have the Yugioh name. Focusing heavily on the duels with the collectible cards these games allow players to step into the role of their favourite characters or an entirely new hero as they battle darkness or enter card tournaments.

The games like Yugioh included below feature other high quality and intense card duelling options where you’ll be in charge of creating your perfect deck and taking it into battle against AI and human opponents on PC or your mobile device (iOS/Android).


Hearthstone (originally Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) is a free digital card game from Blizzard Entertainment which focuses on a simplification of the genre while retaining enough depth (in the right areas) to allow for a competitive scene to exist and thrive. Released originally in 2014 Hearthstone has continually been expanded with new expansion packs to broaden the range of cards and overall strategies that players can leverage while also maintaining an audience of players well into the mi...[Read Review]

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Pokémon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online brings the popular card game into the desktop and mobile space, allowing you to play the addicting Pokemon themed card game across your devices with players across the world. Becoming your own Pokemon Master has never been easier with an accessible experience that thanks to the reach of the franchise has maintained a strong community since original release. In terms of mechanics the game plays similar to the physical card game with players using Pokemon, energy cards and train...[Read Review]

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Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles links together the trading card game genre with tactical strategy to create a free to play title that has strategy challenge hiding in every match. Grab your digital cards, build a deck and place them carefully on the grid based map as you challenge other armies with your own selected faction. Set within a fantasy landscape Cards and Castles has a cartoon theme to its art style which while simple ensures players can easily recognise different cards and the broader situation for...[Read Review]

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Deck Heroes

Lead your heroes and creatures to victory in the deck based mobile title, Deck Heroes for Android and iOS. Featuring hundreds of collectible cards from one of the four game factions ensures plenty of deck variety and thus strategy within the palm of your hand. While including raids and competitions for players to challenge others in the PvP arena Deck Heroes is based on a foundation of single player quick play sessions. With this fast gameplay and single player focus the majority of your battles...[Read Review]

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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals offers a unique trading card game that can be played in your browser or on your mobile device (iOS and Android). Designed to be fast paced players will enjoy stylish battles that will last only a few minutes but still deliver a great strategy experience at the same time as players tweak their decks through the unlocking of new collectible cards. Urban Rivals like many titles before it seeks to remain casually approachable while retaining sufficient long term depth for the player bas...[Read Review]

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Magic: The Gathering Arena

Taking the wildly successful Magic: The Gathering franchise and adapting it to the digital world Magic: The Gathering Arena is a game that has been long awaited by countless die hard fans of the franchise with the wait finally coming to a close in September of 2018 when the game entered its open beta phase after a year in a closed beta state. Also known as MTG Arena or simply Arena the game follows the physical card game rules and design to the letter. To ensure complete newcomers aren’t l...[Read Review]

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