Garden Defense

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  • Highly polished – Variety
  • Final levels will prove quite tough for casual gamers

Garden Defense is a casual tower game that takes place in the garden of a suburban house in Lindencroft. In order to survive you will have to plant a variety of plants to fight off the evil invading bugs.


The game is a step up from your normal casual experience so it creates a great balance for players who don’t want a casual game but don’t want something that is extremely taxing in terms of gameplay either.

Garden Defense is set in the suburb of Lindencroft which has recently come under attack by a serious bug problem. In order to stop the attacking bugs you and your home put up a final line of defence. You’ll use your lawn ornaments, bug fighting plants and a variety of other inventions to protect your flowers. The game also uses a research system so you can improve your favourite defences.

You will find the experience on offer from the popular Garden Defense to be reminiscent of looking after your own garden and will make you wish you had these handy game defences to protect your garden in real life. The game is finely tuned to provide a polished and fluid game experience that is complete with cutscenes, enjoyable voice-overs and a light hearted simple storyline.


The game plays out like your standard tower defence game with players setting up their chosen traps around a path which bugs and other enemies will travel along. Just like other games in the genre players tackle each level in waves of ever increasing numbers and intensity.

Garden Defense won’t land itself on the front of any gaming magazine anytime soon but it doesn’t try to. The game is a solid tower defence experience that has enough simplicity and depth to entertain all ages and skill levels.


  • A highly polished tower defence game.
  • Well priced for the amount of content.
  • Large variety of enemies with different stats.
  • Upgradable defences to hep you play the way you want to.
  • Good balance between casual and non casual gaming.



Review Platform: PC

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