Gemini Lost

  • Simple with good pacing – Lots of research – Interesting tie in to Zodiac
  • Doesn't innovate anything

After a beam of light transfers you and your friends to a mysterious world players must pick up the pieces and find their way home. Along the way you’ll rebuild a civilization, conduct research, gather resources and keep your small community happy.


Gemini Lost is highly puzzle and goal orientated with players being given goals to guide their progress. From building a new structure to clearing an obstacle that blocks your path to more resources these are simple but keep your progress on track.

This list of objectives includes over 50 trophies, a small bunch of mini games, a dozen rare artifacts to return home and 20 puzzles that lead you to new abilities or tools for your settlement.

Your friends includes 3 girls and 3 boys which conveniently ties into one of the main game mechanics which involves the marriage of characters based on their zodiac symbol. This helps keep your community thriving as you’ll need multiple generations to complete the game. This completion objective is the aforementioned 12 artifacts that make up the teleporter that brought you here in the first place.


Management of your abducted people is how you’ll move forward by assigning them to tasks such as mining ore or collecting wood. Some of your villagers will also have a knack for scientific ventures that let you research new technology to help you advance.

While simple in design Gemini Lost is addicting and fun thanks to the huge list of things to tick off. The way the game slowly feeds you new locations and technology is also well paced to keep you interested.


  • Lead your small village to the 12 Zodiac artifacts and return home.
  • Large list of trophies and collectables to find.
  • Marry your settlers off based on their zodiac symbols.
  • Assign resource tasks and research new technology.
  • For Windows and Mac.

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Review Platform: PC

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