Ghost Master

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  • Very unique – Plenty of strategy depth with human and ghost attributes
  • Not an overly hard game

Think you’d make a good ghost? Put that thought to the test in Ghost Master where you get to control a team of ghastly ghouls and attempt to scare people out of their homes. The game features puzzle and strategy elements and was released on multiple platforms starting in 2003.


At the start of every mission you’ll get to choose your ghost team (with more options becoming unlocked as you advance through the game and free restless spirits). Each ghost has their own abilities, talents and effectiveness in certain situations so putting together a team that works well together is a really important element to the gameplay. Players also have the option to choose a recommended team which guarantees you’ll have all the tools you need for each level.

Every level in the game takes place in a house which have good variety in them so you’ll have to constantly change up your core strategy. Within this house you’ll run into a number of different humans to scare.

Each of these humans is different with their own fears, level of belief and tolerance to terror which is important to consider before you go about scaring the house population. Once humans reach a certain level of terror they will run out of the house. Some special humans are introduced as the game progresses which are able to banish your ghosts to add another layer of difficulty.


In Ghost Masters you don’t simply place your ghosts right next to a human you have to be more cunning then that. Each ghost requires a different object to exist in the game world (known as a fetter). Each ghost has their own limitations on objects they can use to exist in the game world such as electronics, water or plants.

In order to limit your powers in the game world you’ll have to collect plasma by scaring residents. This plasma requires you to start small while you build plasma to summon more powerful ghosts and their stronger skills. At the end of every level players are ranked on how well they did which rewards Gold Plasm for ghost upgrades.


  • Drive away every resident using your team of ghosts.
  • Plenty of ghost variety in the game world.
  • Residents have their own fears to consider when scaring.
  • Gain new ghosts and upgrade old ones as you advance.
  • Enter the eyes of your victims to experience the scare yourself.



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