Goddess of War

  • Good graphics – More depth than most browser MMOs
  • Limited classes – Needs more optimisation

Goddess of War is a fresh browser action RPG with strong graphics and a depth that puts many other games in this genre to shame. If you’re a fan of the simplistic browser based games out there then Goddess of War is right up your alley.


Starting your Goddess of War adventure players will get to select from the two available classes within the game, the Paladin and Swordsman. Paladins are your traditional party based durable characters and also capable fighters. Swordsman on the other hand have a good range of magic available, strong sword abilities and weaker defences

Each class is limited to 5 skills so there isn’t a huge variety on offer, Goddess of War isn’t a game where you’ll be developing an ideal build with most characters ending up quite similar in the end.

After this selection players are thrown right into the war torn game world where you’ll gain experience, new items and embark on countless dungeon themed quests. Players are welcome to explore by themselves but will find the game has more depth when fighting with other party members.

The early game in particular is well fleshed out with story and lore elements for those that want to engage with them but for the most part breaks down to entering an area to kill a certain enemy and returning. Outside of the early game players will get to engage in a larger variety of tasks such as elite instances that rewards designs for equipment or the world boss, a powerful enemy that requires all players to fight under a single banner.

Unlike other browser based games this combat isn’t overly dull with flashy skills, good enemy variety and a smooth feel apart from the occasional frame drop in packed areas.


Players will quickly find themselves developing a character that can pack quite a punch through skill levels, passive virtues, upgraded equipment and even mounts. Everything in the game can be upgraded one way or another with multiple different consumables required to be collected from fallen foes.

Goddess of War is a strong browser based MMO that is definitely on the higher end of the genre. While it won’t convert people to make the switch to browser based games it is ideal for those that love this genre.


  • Select from two different classes (Paladin and Swordsman)
  • Explore the world, enter dungeons and complete quests.
  • Upgrade gear, skills, passives and your mount.
  • Plenty of difficult and party based instances to explore.
  • Play for free in your browser.

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Review Platform: Browser

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  1. this game is quite okay, and you dont need to have a Windows device or download anything! Seems fun so far, just joined. Graphics are pretty nice, and fighting is somewhat intense. I wish i was able to customize my avatar, but at least i can be a girl. You should come check it out tho!


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