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  • Large customisable robots – Blend of exploration, crafting and action
  • Inventory management – Missing that goliath "oomph" sound

Goliath blends action adventure with sandbox crafting elements to create an interesting quest driven title that will have you stepping into your own robotic creations as you jump from fragment to fragment in the varied game world.


In Goliath players find themselves crash landing in an unknown environment. After making contact with your co-pilot who was flung out of the plane you realise that you might not even be on Earth anymore, instead you’re on a small piece of a fragmented world with its own dangers.

For protection players have the ability to create mighty giants from the various resources scattered throughout the world. These are vital to progress due to your combat abilities which are limited to a short invisibility skill and a revolver capable of stunning enemies for a quick escape.

This changes dramatically when you step into your crafted goliath which can be made from simple resources like wood or the highly sort after crystal. You’ve got several base models to choose from that each range in effectiveness depending on the enemy and area with further customisation available on an individual component level or with the likes of weapons which have their own rarity level and stats.

Progress is handled in a number of ways in Goliath, on the one hand you’ve got resource requirements for everything you build which must be scavenged from the environment, taken off slain enemies or traded from one of the available factions. Secondly, you’ve got the quest lines which slowly unlock new crafting recipes and finally a level system which sees you getting access to more powerful goliath moves amongst other things.


It’s easy to get lost as you explore the map of each location for hidden treasure chests, pummel various enemies and return to base for upgrades. Ultimately this creates an enjoyable game on the surface and that satisfying feeling of jumping into a large robot never disappears.

The game is not without a few minor nagging issues though with the likes of inventory management, camera angles, lack of powerful audio and conversations with NPCs making the game feel a little disjointed. With some injections of improvements by the developer team though these will no doubt be addressed as the game matures.


  • Collect resources to craft mighty goliath machines.
  • Complete quests and side with one of the game factions.
  • Upgrade your goliath piece by piece and craft rarity based weapons.
  • Solve the mystery behind this fragmented world.
  • Available for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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