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  • Large number of maps, units and upgrades – Casual and light hearted
  • Leaves a lot of strategy untouched

Great Big War Game is a 3D turn based adventure for mobile devices and windows that offers 50 military focused campaign missions. With plenty of variety spread throughout these environments and the ability to jump into cross platform multiplayer this simple turn based game has become a winner in the casual strategy space.


Keeping things simple players will be assuming the role o f the blue army as they constantly battle against the red army for map domination. Commanding you forward is the ever ridiculous generalissimo as you take on the role of Jenkins, a blue lieutenant who takes the endless military orders.

These orders can range from taking over an enemy base, assassinating an enemy general or simply claim some new ground on behalf of the blue nation. The variety is pretty good in terms of level design and missions but the lack of core gameplay development does mean that your strategy doesn’t need to evolve much during the playthrough.

Gameplay is fairly typical of the genre with players controlling buildings that can build units to support you on the battlefield. You’ll then take turns commanding your troops to move into vacant squares or attack the enemy (who will then counter attack at reduced damage which gives the aggressor the advantage in most situations.

While there are nearly 30 different units spread across the land, air and sea the game always leans on its core units. These means that the game leaves a lot of untouched strategy on the table. This can potentially be compounded by the battle points system that lets you upgrade units to improve their strength.

Outside of this issue though Great Big War Game does a wonderful job of combining terrain elements into your strategy. Utilising the various map choke points and height advantages is key to winning the multiple campaigns.


Beyond the campaign is where you’ll find much of the game value with 70+ maps to skirmish against the AI or take on other players instead. This is particularly fun with friends but players short on people to play with will find a decent community size that keeps this online mode alive.

Great Big War Game doesn’t take itself too seriously which is exactly what makes it such an enjoyable casual option.


  • Multi platform action and multiplayer.
  • Tonne of different maps for skirmish and multiple.
  • Large number of units that you can use and upgrade.
  • Packed full of campaign hours.
  • A casual turn based strategy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.



Review Platform: PC

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