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  • Community size – Game apps – Mix of NPC and player villagers
  • Limited use of animations

Grepolis is a free to play strategic MMO that you can play in your browser or on your handheld device (iOS and Android). The game is one of the most popular in the genre with a large community following (tens of millions) which also means regular developer updates to keep the masses happy.


Grepolis takes place in an ancient Greek setting and follows a fairly standard strategy formula that will have you collecting resources, constructing buildings and eventually amassing an army to fight other players or NPC cities. The game world is split into a series of islands which the player will share with others and a few NPC cities. Grepolis even allows players to expand their empire by founding new cities on different islands. This is important because each island has a different resource gathering rate for the various resources.

Resources in Grepolis are focused around the 3 basic resources of wood, silver and stone which are harvested from your timber camp, silver mine and quarry respectively. In addition to these basic resources players must also generate divine favour and research points from the temple and academy. Divine Favour allows you to call upon dozens of powerful spells from the gods while research allows you to introduce a number of technologies into your civilization.


Grepolis gameplay is slightly different from other games and helps break down the huge learning curve of others games by splitting your control into a number of buildings. By visiting a particular building in your town you will be able to control actions associated with that building. For example the senate houses all your building information and build requests while the marketplace handles all trade negotiations.

The popularity of Grepolis is well deserved as it clearly beats out other games in the genre. It’s also one of the few to have iOS and Android apps so you can keep playing away from your computer.


  • Play in your browser or iOS/Android device.
  • Hugely popular with tens of millions of players.
  • Create multiple settlements across the islands in the game world.
  • Use powerful spells to give you the upper hand.
  • Plenty of different technologies to research.



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