Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition

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  • Strong base management elements – Great art style
  • Some grinding required

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition combines the original Halcyon 6 game with a host of additional game content, optimisation and enhanced features. Blending detailed crew management with space battles, story events that can change between playthroughs and randomised elements Halcyon is an intriguing mixture of game genres.


Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition pits players at the edge of human explored space and marks you as possibly the last hope that humans have for continued existence with pressure from a strange alien race. All told the game will take approximately 12 hours to complete in full which can alter between playthroughts due to the randomised elements of the game and story events driven by prerequisites. Many of these story arcs also feature player choice that is a key driver in future events.

Core gameplay sees you jumping into turn based combat against ships and creatures with your own ships and crew standing as opposition. These are surprisingly tactical as players use skills and attacks to create favourable outcomes for their team and progress further. Each battle supports up to 3 members on each side with several classes that play differently in combat which is expanded further with experience gained.


Outside of the combat though much of your time is spent in the galactic map where your grand strategy plays out in full view. A key element of this is the building of room modules in your starbase that offer different benefits to your wider campaign. This could include power or resource generation, research, morale, training and shop building among others.

Certain modules gain benefits when placed in proximity to each other which allows more optimal production. These rooms can also produce a range of random events to keep you coming back to manage affairs. With an expanded starbase players can turn their gaze to the rest of the galaxy where points can be explored for colonies to produce more resources, engage with enemies, find new alien species and plenty more.


  • Explore an entire galaxy in a story based adventure.
  • Fight in 3v3 turned based combat as crew members or ships.
  • Expand your starbase with useful modules for tech, research and more.
  • Randomised events and story progression allows for some replay value.
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux.



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