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  • Simple – Multiplayer fun – Enjoyable bosses
  • Single player can get boring quickly

Hammerwatch is a fast paced and simple adventure set in a fantasy game world. The game was released in August 2013. Hammerwatch is all about the gameplay with its story being as minimalistic as possible. At the start of the game you’ll find that the bridge behind you is broken and so you adventure forward to find a way home.


You’ll have good control over the game difficulty in Hammerwatch with a number of modifiers available to players to create the challenge they want to experience. This includes the ability to set the number of lives your allowed which can really test you on the harder difficulties.

Players of Hammerwatch will also find an impressive number of options for modding tools which allows other players to easily create their own campaigns and maps to share with others which creates potentially endless replay value and fun (especially when paired with the four player multiplayer).

In the game players can select one of the four available classes (Warlock, Ranger, Wizard and Paladin) which each have a very different approach to gameplay and different skill opportunities. Each character comes with their own basic attack and special ability which spends mana. There is plenty of depth in each class to enjoy through unlocks, purchases and upgrades so you always feel like your power is increasing.


Puzzles and map secrets are a plenty in Hammerwatch which helps you keep an eye out in between each wave of enemies that you dispatch. The odd boss battle also breaks up the core gameplay and they each have interesting (and difficult) enough mechanics that it’s very likely you’ll fail on your first attempt.

Hammerwatch is about as simple as it comes which is especially evident in single player. The game definitely shines in the multiplayer environment so get some friends involved before making a purchase.


  • A hack and slash adventure chosen by the Steam community through Steam Greenlight.
  • Focus on gameplay and character development.
  • Supports up to 4 player multiplayer which is where the game thrives.
  • Puzzles and secret areas around every corner.
  • 4 different classes each with very different playstyles.



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