Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley

  • Contextual actions – Shape the landscape
  • Slow pacing – Controls can be frustrating – No village

Winter is the only season left in The Lost Valley and it is up to players to bring back the remaining seasons. With a whole world at your disposal and the ability shape the landscape like never before the experience is definitely different from the other Harvest Moon experiences that you’ve fallen in love with.


The core idea of the game is similar to previous games in the franchise with players taking on main story quests to return the seasons while also helping out the inhabitants of the valley. Along the way players will be creating a farm, raising animals, altering the landscape and everything else that the franchise is known for.

The game streamlines much of this experience through a new contextual action feature that automatically will select the appropriate action for you. This does do away with swapping between items for when you want to water or fertilise your plants and overall makes the game less tedious and more natural. To simplify things even further you can call on a number of sprites that will complete a task for you from watering plants to letting your animals in and out of the barn to keep them happy and healthy.

Early gameplay in The Lost Valley moves along at a snail’s pace with very few mechanics unlocking during your first hour or so. While this pace is well suited to newcomers it is definitely frustrating for veterans.


Veterans will also be frustrated (and shocked) that there is a distinct lack of a village in The Lost Valley with NPCs wandering around your house and other locations at random. Much of their functionality is also removed (such as gifting) which leaves them as simple walking stores and quest givers with much less personality or connection.

While there are a number of welcomed changes in The Lost Valley such as the contextual controls and ability to alter the landscape, the lack of village, often fidgety controls and excessively slow early game progress definitely overshadow the game experience and tarnish the Harvest Moon name.


  • Contextual controls means less backpack management.
  • Bring back the seasons of spring, summer and autumn.
  • Change the landscape as you desire.
  • Hire helpful sprites to complete your daily chores.
  • Lots of quests and content variety packed into the game.

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